About Author Breanna J.

Breanna J. is an award-winning author in the urban fiction literary world signed under her own publishing company Epic Dynasty Publishing. Born in November of 1992 in Rochester, NY, she is the eldest of 5 siblings. At the early age of 7 years old Breanna developed a love for writing poetry. She later in life accepted her talent as a gifted writer and became a published author. She released her first novel entitled "In the Name of Love" January 2018 and the sequel in July of 2018. In November of 2018, she released her 3rd book The Cost of Love which hit #24 on the Amazon Kindle book store charts.

In May of 2018 with her love for literature, Breanna launched her own radio show called For the Love of Words which aired weekly on Tuesdays from 1 pm - 2 pm on 100.9fm wxir where she interviews other authors like Corey T, Author Obsession and others. She spreads the word and knowledge of other authors while also still blessing her Facebook audience with her short stories that brought her career to the light and working on her own future books.

She has appeared on multiple radio shows such as All Things Community, Rhythm and Groove on wxir and the list goes on, along with being a featured author at multiple expos and events like Lyrical Read and Rhythm.

In February of 2019, she won her first award as Author of the year at the Roc awards in Rochester New York. She then followed that accomplishment with releasing her first magazine article in the Spring 19 in BreakThru Magazine called Breakthru’s Book Club with Breanna J.
Breanna wears other hats outside of being an Author that she also explores she is a Freelance make-up artist and owner of "enhanced divas” where her mission statement is “to never change an individual's look from who they are; but to enhance the beauty they already have, so they can shine brightly as the diva they are.” Enhanced Divas made its debut to the world in 2017 and since has appeared at a few fashion show aside from some fantastic designers, photo shoots and recently on the set of Break Thru Magazine Shoot providing clients with makeup services, lipsticks from her collection and mink lashes.

There are no signs of Breanna slowing down anytime soon she plans to dive head first into giving back to her community by starting a nonprofit organization called “she so classy” which will focus on helping young ladies from the ages of 14-18 with character building, exposing their talents and following their dreams in the future. What is next for Breanna J?