Keyz Chapter 1

I pulled up in front of the house, my nerves on edge. I had been replaying the upcoming scenario in my mind on a loop as I drove there, I pondered what this moment would reveal about the man I truly was. I couldn't deny that I felt unprepared for what was to come, but with a resigned sense of determination, I parked the car and got out.
Approaching the door, my nerves only intensified. I raised my hand to knock, and almost instantly, the door swung open to reveal Ms. Ruby's welcoming smile. "Keyz, it's always a pleasure to see your handsome self," she greeted me warmly, ushering me. “You know I always love to see you too, Ms. Ruby," I responded as I entered, positioning myself to undergo the routine security check.
"Mr. Scott decided to give the boys a break tonight," she remarked knowingly, sensing my anticipation as I waited for someone to check me. "Oh, I see," I replied, trying to mask my disappointment. "Is everything alright, boy? You seem a bit off," she inquired, her concern evident in her voice. "I'm fine, just preoccupied with a few things on my mind," I reassured her.
"Alright, stay put for a moment. I'll inform Mr. Scott that you're here," she instructed before disappearing down the hallway. As she walked away, I nervously wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans and pushed my dreads back from my face, glancing around the house.
Each visit to this place served as a reminder that the dream house I once envisioned was not just a fantasy but a possibility. Ms. Ruby returned promptly, breaking my reverie. "Follow me," she stated, leading the way to where Mr. Scott awaited.
As we approached the office door, my palms grew even sweatier with each step. Without a chance for Ms. Ruby to knock, a voice from inside commanded, "Let him in." She swiftly opened the door, ushering me in before closing it behind me.
Inside, my gaze locked onto the dark-skinned man seated behind his desk, engrossed in writing. His eyes met mine as he spoke, " take a seat, my man." Gesturing towards the chairs arranged in front of him. With a determined expression, I suppressed the whirlwind of emotions swirling within me and strode slowly towards the chair, my jaw clenched tightly as I maintained unflinching eye contact with him.
“So, what brings you here, Keyz? The boys mentioned you re-uped just two days ago. Your crew's solid, but I highly doubt you're here tonight because you've run out already," he observed with a knowing look. Despite my racing heart, I maintained a composed facade, concealing my inner anger. This moment had been a long time coming, and I wasn't about to let nerves get the best of me.
"Nah, this isn't about the product. I need to discuss some serious matters with you," I asserted, determined to steer the conversation in a different direction. "Alright, go ahead," he replied, leaning back in his chair. "Over the past year, I've dedicated myself to your empire, proving my loyalty and demonstrating that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to secure the bag," I began, laying my cards on the table.
"You've put in serious work over the past year, and I acknowledge and value your dedication. You're a resilient leader," he commended, acknowledging my efforts and commitment to our shared goals.
"Yet in a year, you still haven't grasped who I truly am," I asserted, prompting a quizzical raise of Cliff's eyebrow. "What do you mean by that?" he inquired, clearly perplexed by my statement. "Do you really know who I am?" I pressed, seeking a deeper understanding of our dynamic.
"What kind of 'Family Feud' question is that? You're Keyz, one of my top performers. We just went over this. I know exactly who you are," he responded with a hint of exasperation in his voice. Undeterred, I persisted, my voice rising slightly as I couldn't help but notice the gun sitting prominently on Cliff's desk.
"So you're sticking to that narrative?" I challenged, my tone growing more intense as my eyes flicked towards the firearm. "I know exactly who the fuck you are. Why do you keep harping on this dumb ass question? You're starting to piss me off. Get to the point. Are you feeling underappreciated or something? Have I not given you enough recognition? Because let me make it clear—I'm not here to stroke your ego," Cliff retorted sternly, his words laced with frustration and impatience.
Leaning forward on the edge of my seat, I couldn't contain the flood of emotions welling up inside me any longer. "You've never truly acknowledged me. I'm your own flesh and blood, your son—the one who never got to carry the Scott name because of my different mother," I revealed, the weight of years of unspoken truths finally coming to light.
"Is that what all of this is about?" Cliff's expression remained composed as he absorbed my revelation. "I've known you were my son long before you became a part of the organization. That's why I extended my hand to you, provided you with opportunities, welcomed you into my home, and shared meals with you. I didn't do those things simply because you moved my drugs. The money you earn is inconsequential in that regard. I did it because you're family," he explained, his words carrying a weight of sincerity and history.
Anger surged through me like a wave, my body temperature rising with each passing moment. "So you knew all along, and yet you chose to stay silent," I yelled, struggling to contain the mix of betrayal and hurt swirling within me.
“Throughout my life, I've pondered about you endlessly. Do I resemble you? Do I act like you? Did you ever think of me, care for me, or wonder about my well-being? What kind of life did you lead? Were you even alive? And yet, for a whole year, you let me serve under you, knowing all along that I was your own flesh and blood, your son, and you stayed silent. Why? Was it because you didn't want your other sons and wife to find out? Or did you fear I would come seeking handouts?”
"I kept silent because there was no purpose in revealing the truth. You approached me as a man seeking opportunities to make money, not as a lost boy yearning for his father. You weren't the only one who grew up without a father figure in your life. Things happen, circumstances unfold," Cliff explained, his voice steady but carrying a weight of regret. "When I observed you and witnessed the man you had become, I realized there was no need to disclose the truth. You didn't need that burden."
"Who gave you the right to decide what I needed to fucking know or not?" I exclaimed, my voice tinged with frustration. "The man whose business it concerned," he retorted calmly. "That's unfair, and you know it. Your other children got to know you, but I was left in the dark," I countered, my emotions raw and unfiltered.
"I allowed you to live. I could have easily taken care of that situation when your mother informed me she was pregnant. Instead, I distanced myself. She understood the circumstances. I was married and had my own responsibilities to attend to. She made her choice to keep you," Cliff explained, revealing a part of the past that had long been silence.
"What the hell are you saying?" I questioned, my head swiveling to the side in disbelief. "You heard me, Keyz. Now how you choose to deal with this is your problem. But I did what I had to do," he stated firmly. "You did your part? By granting me a seat at a table I rightfully belonged to?" I demanded, feeling a surge of unresolved emotions bubbling to the surface.
"This isn't a movie; there are no fairy tale endings here. I wasn't there for you, so what? I'm not looking to play daddy now. I'm your connect, plain and simple. You're a grown man, and I'm not about to coddle you. I messed up, but I can't change the past. So, what's your move now?" Cliff's words were blunt.
"The realest thing you've said is that there are no fairy tale endings. You strut around claiming to be a real man, but you're nothing but a coward and a backstabber. You may have brought me into this world, but I'll be the one to take you out," I retorted, my voice laced with a mix of anger and determination. Swiftly, I drew my gun with the silencer attached and fired two shots into his chest, ending the twisted chapter that had unfolded between us.
I swiftly rose from the desk, quietly closing the office door behind me as if nothing had occurred. Stepping down the hallway, my heart raced. I got to the livingroom Ms.Ruby was sitting with her back to me. “I’m sorry.” I whispered as I pulled the trigger and put a bullet into her head. I headed to the door and quickly made my way to my car.
I hadn't anticipated this encounter going this way at all. Knowing I had little time before they discovered the bodies. I inserted the key and the engine roared to life. My heart sank not knowing what would happen next.

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