Toxic (Paperback)

Toxic (Paperback)

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“What the Fuck!” I screamed as I looked around my house and pulled out my phone. The walls were bare where pictures and TVs used to hang. There were marks on the floors from where my furniture used to be. "Daddy!" I cried out into the phone when he answered. "Yes, honey." He said, sounding half-asleep. "Daddy I got robbed," I said, sounding like a rich spoiled white child instead of the grown-ass black woman I was. I could hear my dad moving around in bed and now all the tiredness was gone from his voice. "Alex what the hell do you mean you got robbed. Where the fuck was your gun? Where the hell are you." He asked, sounding so serious it was scary. "I'm home," I said to him. "Stay right there I'm on the way." He said. “should  I call the cops?." I asked "hell no, when the fuck would I ever advise you to do that?" he said back and then quickly hung up on me. 

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  I was standing in an empty house like it was move-in day. Thousands of dollars I had put into this place over the years and it was all gone. I couldn't believe someone would do this to me. Matter of fact I couldn’t believe someone was bold enough to do this to me. “Who the fuck would do this?” I asked myself. I walked upstairs  and even my room was even empty. they have got me for everything down to my California king size bed. All my jewelry was gone. I opened the closet and noticed that they took all my name brand purses but left my clothes. Clearly, it was a man that did this because a woman would have taken that too. As I looked at the other side of the closet all of Cameron’s stuff was gone. Something instantly clicked.

  I unlocked my phone and called another number. "What's Up?" Cameron answered. "Do you have something to tell me?" I asked him boldly. "What?" He asked. "If this is some type of joke or your way of saying fuck me just tell me," I said. "Alex, what are you talking about?" He said. "You got to be a real low down ass nigga to do this to the mother of your child,” I said to him and he still asked in a confused voice “what I was talking about.” “Cameron, where is my shit,” I yelled. “What shit?” he said to me. “So I tell you to get your shit and get out this morning and you clear out my whole damn house," I screamed. "What!" He yelled back at me.  “You heard me,” I said to him.

“Man i ain't take shit I don't know what you talking about?” he said to me. By the sound of his voice, I realize he wasn't playing dumb he really had no idea what I was talking about. I took a deep breath and explained it to him. "Listen, I just walked in the house and EVERYTHING is gone," I said. “What do you mean by everything?” he asked. “Like nigga you ain't got no more jordans?" I said to him. Yo what the fuck!” I heard him say. “Was that too much daddy?” I heard a female say. I pulled the phone away from my ear and looked at it and then put it back “Cameron is that a bitch?” I yelled getting madder. “ Alex listen I promise I didn't do anything after our argument this morning you left and I took a shower and got dressed and left too. I figured I would just leave for the day and come back while you sleep and we could talk everything out in the morning." He said. “So You left and went and got up under a new bitch,” I yelled. 

I shook my head “this is unbelievable my house was robbed and this nigga cheating AGAIN.'' I said out loud. "Alex no one is cheating.” he said “I heard the bitch” I screamed. The doorbell started to ring while Cameron was talking. “I gotta go my dad here,” I said, not giving two fucks about whatever Cameron was saying. The last thing I heard Cameron say as I hung up was  "Alex I'm on my way home. Don't tell your dad shit!"

I hung up and walked downstairs. I got to the front door and opened in and my dad walked in at high speed not saying two words. I could see as he walked through the house he was checking things out. I followed him through the house and down to the basement.  We walked past the pool table and things in the man cave I had set up for Cameron as a birthday gift and went into the bathroom. 

My dad walked up to the lining closet in the bathroom where I kept the extra towels and tissue. He kneeled down on the floor and moved all the stuff that was blocking the back wall. He removed the fake plaster and opened the safe that was behind it. 

The site of the empty safe made my stomach drop because I knew this had just gone from something that could be simply resolved to someone losing a body part or their life. “Alex, who's been in your house?” he asked me. “No one. Just me and Cameron.” I said to him. “did you check the security cameras?” he said in the angriest voice. I felt dumb because I was so busy with Cameron that it never crossed my mind to check the security. 

I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and pulled up that app. And I was surprised at what I saw. “This can’t be right,” I said out loud.  My dad stood up and looked over my shoulder “it says that the alarm was disabled at 2:45 pm but then all the cameras went down a minute later.” I said. My dad stepped away with a thinking face then he finally said “where the fuck is that nigga that got you pregnant.” my dad asked. “I called him and he's on his way here,” I said. “Good, he better get here quickly. Because there's no way a stranger did this shit.”  my dad said. 

We went upstairs and waited for Cameron to arrive. It was only about ten minutes before he walked into the house, My dad and I were standing in the kitchen. Cameron came rushing in trying to grab me but my dad put his arm out. Cameron looked him up and down. “Alex what's going on?” he said looking at me. “What's going on is that everything is pointing to you.” my dad said, “what's pointing to me?” Cameron asked.  “This robbery,” my dad said. “Why would I rob my own house?” Cameron asked. “Because you ain't got shit and you living off my fuckn daughter.” My dad responded. “Daddy,'' I said. “So that's what you out here telling your dad?”  Cameron said looking at my dad with an attitude. “She ain't gotta tell me shit I’m old. I know the game. I see it. I just don’t speak on everything I see because it's her life. But I stay ready for little niggas like you to cut up with mine.” my dad. Cameron stood there with his chest all puffed out and breathing heavy. 

 “You Took everything out my daughter's house including my money and my drugs, that's a fucking problem,” my dad said. “Alex gets your dad,” he said. I stood there silent. “Get me for what? You the only one that would know what time to get everything up and out of here. The code to set off the alarms and where the cameras were to disable them. Not to mention where everything was stashed!” my dad listed. “I didn’t do shit,” Cameron said. “I'm saying this one time and one time only you light skin green-eyed mutha fucka because I'm only talking to you about this out of respect for my daughter and my grandchild otherwise I would have put a nice bullet in your ass. WHERE IS MY SHIT?” my dad said real stern. “I don't have your shit.” Cameron yelled.

Everything moved quickly from that moment. My dad had punched Cameron in the month and knocked him on the floor and he pulled his gun out and put it in Cameron’s face. “Daddy!” I screamed as I pulled him off, Cameron. My dad snatched away from me. Cameron wiped the blood from his mouth and I kneel down to help him. But he moved away from me. “I'm hit the streets and they're gonna tell me who got my shit and where they got it from. You better pray to God they don’t say you. Because I put it on everything I love if you are behind this shit my grandchild will be fatherless because I’m going to kill you.” my dad said before he walked away and left.