Remy and Morris

Men Complain all the time about their baby mommas. But we don't complain half as much as we could about these raddegy ass baby daddy's God give us. We just learn to figure it out and do whatever we have to for our children and that's what I do my son Morris jr every time I speak with his father Morris Sr.

“Hey” I said when the phone stopped ringing and I heard the music in the back ground. “What you want?” Morris said. “To speak to my child?” I said trying to pull back the attitude that came out in my response. Morris sucked his teeth and then I heard moving around the music faded. Moments later my heart filled with joy when i heard my baby’s sweet little voice come through the phone. “Hello” he said. “Hey baby” I responded with a smile coming across my face.

“Hey momma how are you?” he asked. “I am doing good.” I told him. “Are you sure?” he asked and I laughed. Morris Jr had become so us to it being just us that he was like the man of our house and he made it his business to make sure his momma was good. Even this last year that he had been with his dad not one day went by that we didn't speak. “Yes baby I am fine baby. How are you?” I asked “im good just really ready to come home. It’s different here. Do you know they eat fish and spaghetti as a meal.” He said to me. I laughed knowing that my new york baby knew nothing about that country eating.

“Yes baby” I said to him. “That is different momma fish goes with French fries or grits not spaghetti!” He said. All I could do was laugh. “So when are you coming to get me?” He asked boldly and my heart wanted to scream now. A year without him had been hell. “Once we are done talking I’ll speak with your father and we will get everything arranged.” I said to him. “Well I’m done talking” Morris jr said. “Huh?” I said confused. “I’m done talking that way you and daddy can talk and I can come home!” He told him. I laughed at him “Okay baby” I said to him.

I heard the silence and then the musical background started to appear again followed by Morris Sr voice. “Yeah?” He said as if I was bothering him. “Hey so I figured we should discuss me coming to get him. That way I can get him back up here and ready for school.” I said as nicely as I could. “Nah” Morris Sr said. “Nah what?” I responded. “We not discussing that.” He said to me. “Why not?” I asked him “because he’s not coming back there Remy.” Morris said to me.

“What?” I heard Morris jr say in the back ground. “Morris what the hell are you talking about?” I asked. “MJ go play” I heard Morris Sr say. “But daddy I’m ready to go back home to momma.” I heard my child crying out and my heart broke. “I said go play” Morris yelled.
“First off stop yelling at my child he has every right to voice what he wants.” I said to him. “That might work in your house Remy but in my house children do as I say and that’s it.” Morris barked. “That’s that military bull shit.” I said. “No it’s called structure and that what he needs that’s why I’m not sending him back to you he needs to be here with me.”

“Morris don’t play with me” I said to him. “Girl ain’t no body playing with you” he said. Clearly you are or you just got me really fucked up if you think I’m a let you keep my damn child. The agreement was for him to stay a year with you so he didn’t have to see me battle cancer. Now I’m good and he’s ready to come back.” I said. “Remy I said what I said” Morris rebuttal. “Morris you didn’t even want anything to do with him. Ever! Nine years and this is the longest amount of time you have ever spent with your son and it wasn’t because you wanted to. when I asked you about him staying with you. You acted like taking care of your child was too much to do because you pay $25 in child support.” I said to him. “$25 that you still got every week while he’s been gone this last year.” Morris said. “Boy go to hell that nine year old boy can eat through $100 a month by his damn self. You not doing nothing with that. Ya ass in the military it should be more.” I said. “But you know I will break your face if you take my back to court again.” He said.

I pulled the phone away from my ear and looked at it. “Morris listen at the end of they day I have full custody of Lil Mo and it’s time for him to come home.” I said to him. “He is home not get off my phone.” Morris said and then hung up.

Tears started to stream down my face. I dialed a number on my phone again. “Hello” my momma voice came through. I couldn’t even say anything I just cried. “Baby what’s wrong?” She asked. “He won’t give him back” I said crying like I just got a whooping. “Remy I need you to relax and tell me what’s you are talking about” she said. I took a deep breath and then exhaled and pulled myself together. “I just talked to Morris and he said he’s not sending lil Mo back.” I told her. “Okay baby no need to cry he don’t have to send him back we can go get him.” She said. “No momma he’s saying that he’s not letting Morris go at all.” I explained.

My moms voice changed “that boy gets on my nerves you tell his big headed ass that he ain’t got no other choice you have custody so lil Mo is coming home.” She said. “I did he still ssid no” I told her “then call the cops on him.” She ssid mom he’s on a military base they don’t answer to the cops.” I told her. “Then Remy figure it out but my grandson is coming home. This why I told you that you shouldn’t have sent hom there.” She said. “Momma I was dealing with cancer no child needs to see that.” I said. “Your a mother you don’t give up on your child you should of did what a real mother does and figure it out” she said. “So now I’m not a good mom because I tried to save my son’s innocence” I said. “Remy you need…” because she could say anything else I cut her off you know what mom never mind I got to go and figure out how I’m a get my son back.

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