Part 9 Monica

I walked out of the guest room, entirely in rage. I knew Stone was an asshole, but Terryl was looking just as shady as his friend, and I wasn’t feeling that at all. Terryl sweet-talked me, made me believe him and wanted to see the best in him, and all along he was playing right alongside Stone. as I followed the sound of his voice to the living room. I could hear Terryl quickly wrapping up the call. By the time he hit the end button, I was standing behind him.
When Terryl spun around, I gave him a death stare as I stood with my arms crossed. “How'd You sleep?” he tried to say cheerfully. “Who was on the phone?” I said back to him, completely ignoring the irrelevant question he just asked me. Terryl looked at his phone and then back at me. Well?" I asked him. “Clearly, you heard me, so I will not lie. It was Stone,” Terry answered. I nodded my head. “Take me home, please,” I said to him.
“Wait? Why what’s wrong? Let's talk about Moe?” he said to me. “Nah, lets not I am all talked the fuck out. Just take me home.” I said to him, ``Okay, well, before I take you home. Let me talk and you listen Please,” he said, “why can you lie to me some more?” I asked him, feeling stupid. “Moe, I never once lied to you about anything.” he said to me in a still stern tone. “Then what was last night? You gassed me up and told me exactly what you knew I wanted to hear. That you’d protect me, you’d protect Erica; but from what I see and hear it looks like you and your homeboy think it’s okay to play games with me and my sisters live. And I’m not with that, nor will I let that happen,” I snapped at him.
“None of it was a lie and I’m too old to be playing with you.” Terry said. “Then what changed? Because that conversation on the phone and the conversation you had with me last night sounded really different,” I yelled. “Nothing changed Monica, what are you talking about? The conversations sounded different because they were between different people.” he said to me as he walked towards me “a lot has changed if you ask me. I was just too blind to see it before, but now I do. You 're not about to make me feel like you 're saving me. I don’t need to be saved, I'm good. I saw you before for what I wanted to see. I wanted to see that little boy from across the hall and nothing more. I saw you as that safe place we once were for each other because in my head it made it easier and okay to let my guard down with you.” I told him.
Terryl got closer and held my hand. “You can, Moe. you really can,” he said. I quickly pulled my hand away from him. “I can’t; now stop touching me before I become a woman I don’t want to be and spit on you.” I told him. “Monica, okay, cut the tough girl shit. Calm the hell down and, as a woman, listen to me. Have a seat so we can talk.” he said, pointing to the couch. I had to admit the control he was trying to show in this situation was sexy and turned me on a little. But I refused to let him know that, so with my arms still crossed, I walked over to my chair and had a seat.
“You want the truth?” Terry asked, as he took a seat next to me. I rolled my eyes. “Nah, I want you to lie to me, Terryl; what kind of fucking question is that?” I said to him, “Moe, do you know I’ve loved you since we were kids? You were always my peace in the middle of hell. When you went away, my heart broke into pieces. I hated ya mom for what she did to you. And I also felt like I failed to save you, just like I could not save my mom. Because I failed you in that way, I made it my business to make sure I kept an eye out on her, and Stone met me in my club, and although he was my boy, I put the bro code aside and told Erica everything. I told her he was married with a son, that he had a dirty past from some shit he and his sister had done in the past. I even told her he was known for getting aggressive with his wife fuck that; not aggressive. He beats Kay, and she stays. But Erica told me okay, and the following week she and Stone were back at my club on a date. Since talking to Erica didn’t work, I stepped to Stone and told him to leave Erica alone so that she didn’t need to be involved in any of his games and bull shit. That turned into a big argument and put our friendship on ice.
I sat on the couch in disbelief. I shook my head as I looked at Terryl, and finally, I let the words roll off my tongue. “You tried to protect her?” I asked. “Why wouldn’t I? It’s like you said. We lived across the street from each other for years. Erica is like a sister to me. And with you being gone, I wanted to make sure someone was looking out for her the same way you would have if you were home.” he said to me. “I’m sorry,” I said to him with tears in my eyes. “No need for all that I understand. That you want nothing but the best for your sister, but you have to put yourself first,” he said to me. “No, Terryl, I have to apologize. I really thought that you were trying to play with my sister and me. But you had our best interest at heart even when I was going through my stuff, and I wasn’t around. I said to him, “It might sound corny, but in my head, I always knew if I looked out for Erica and kept a relationship with her, that would be my way of getting you.” I blushed at Terryl’s words.
“So you really want me?” I asked him. “Hell yeah, more than you know. The bond and relationship I have with you I haven’t had with anyone else in my life, not even the mother of my child. I will do anything for you. And if you let me, I will spend the rest of my life providing that.” he said to me.
I smiled and kissed Terryl as I straddled him. “How about you start by showing me now?” I said to him, “It would be my pleasure, how would you like me to?” he said back. I leaned in and kissed him as I closed my eyes. Terryl cupped my ass and pulled me closer to him. And just the feeling of his hands on my body made my pussy get wet and desire him.
We separated from our kiss, and I pulled Terryl’s black shirt off. Relieving his six-pack abs and tattoo that I should have never expected him to have all over his chest and stomach. I ran my hand across their body, taking in and admiring every tattoo and every bit of his chocolate skin. Terryl lifted my head and looked me in my eyes for a few moments before kissing me again. “Do you want this?” he asked me, this time when we separated. I nodded my head and tried to go back in for another kiss. “Nah, do you do this… as in us?” he asked. “Yes,” I said this time.
Terryl lifted off the couch, and I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he carried me through the house. This time, instead of taking me to the guest bedroom, he took me into his bedroom. He gently laid me across his king-size bed that was covered in an all-black bed set. And he took off my shirt, kissing every bit of skin that was relieved. Once he had me in just my bra, he made his way down to my pants, taking me out of my shoes and then out my leggings.
The kisses he planted on my thighs and legs. Were like nothing I ever felt before, and I could help but to watch him. Once I was in nothing but my bra and panties. Terry took a few moments to strip out of his pants and boxers. He stood before me with his adulthood hanging, and it was Teryl was far a little boy, and he damn sure had a package that hung low.
Terry moved me further onto the bed. “Lift,” he said as his hand rested and the seams of my panties. And as he requested, I lifted my bottom off up, and he pulled down my panties. With nothing between him and my happy place, Terryl kissed up my left leg and all over my thigh; he planted soft kisses on my pussy and then back down my right leg and thigh. And I like soft moans. This time, instead of kissing, he runs his tongue up my leg and thigh across my pussy and backs down the other leg and thigh. He sent chills through my body.
I was expecting Terryl to keep playing and tease me, but he went straight in for it this time. His tongues kissed my pussy lips until they separated from him and gave him full access to my clit. Once my clit and his tongue met, he soft sucked on her while still massaging her with his tongue. His actions made my breathing heavy, and my eyes rolled back in my head as I tried to make sure that my heart didn’t beat out of my chest. “Oh, my god what are you doing to me?” I asked him. As I looked down at him, he looked up at me with his mouth still on my pussy but a slight smirk showing. I ground my hip on his face, and he held on to my hips, making sure that I didn’t have to get too far away from him.
Before I knew it, I grabbed one of Terryl’s pillows and covered my face, and I came without giving him a warning. Terryl cleaned up everything on his planet and did not leave anything behind. When he was done, I laid there trying to catch my breath; he pulled the pillow from covering my face and looked down at me. “You taste real good, he said” I smiled at him. “Thank you,” I said, “but don’t do that again.” he told me. “Do what?” I asked, confused. “Cover your face with a pillow. When I make you cum, I want to see your face.” he said to me.
Before I could answer, I felt Terryl’s dick slide into me, and my ability to talk left me. He placed my legs on his shoulders as he gave me nice, slower, deep strokes. Nothing about this was anything like what Stone and I had done. This was passionate and made me feel like it was just for me. Terryl paid attention to every way my body was reacting to each stroke he gave me. He let my legs down and got chest to chest with me. “I want to hear you moan in my ear,” he said, then pushing his dick as far as it could go, and I let out a moan that made my back arch.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist because whatever spot he had just discovered in my walls; I wanted him to keep hitting it repeatedly as the sounds of our body filled the room with music.
Terryl pulled out and laid on the bed next to me. “Get on time Moe.” he instructed, and although I knew nothing about riding, I did as he said. He grabbed my hips and helped me get the rhythm, and once I figured out that riding gave me a feeling of penetration and stimulation on my clit. I no longer needed Terryl’s help, and I was riding him like a pro. To where he had released my breast from my bra and was holding on to them with his eyes closed and licking on my nipples every so often. “I’m about to cum again, baby,” I said to him as I pulled him in tightly. “Me too, baby,” he said back. And as I felt Terryl’s dick pulsate, I let go. Terryl fell backward, and I laid on top of him. He gave me a simple forehead kiss. “I hope you know pussy is mine now.” he said as he slapped me on the ass. And I laughed a little. We both laid there relaxed, and Terry wrapped me in his arm. “I love you Moe.” he said to me. And although I wasn’t ready to say the words back just yet, I lifted my head and kissed his lips just to let him know I acknowledge what he said.

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  • These were great short stories. Keep them coming. Would love to read more about monica.


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