Amber, Dave and Rico Part 9

I sat in my car with my heart racing to the point I could hear it beating in my ears; I felt like I was going to throw up and my hands were sweaty as I held on to the steering wheel, trying to catch my breath. I was scared as shit to step foot in this hospital. But I was even more scared not to.
“God, I know I don’t talk to you often and somewhere in my life I gave up on even believing that you would hear me. So I’m probably the last person you want to hear from; but I need you, I need a sign. I know I created this fucked up situation, but I need your help. Something is telling me to run. But if I should walk into this hospital and own what I’ve done, please tell me.” I said out loud as I sat in my car outside the hospital.
This own thing had been a journey. It literally took me all night after Brandy left to convince myself to leave the hospital and get in my car and come here. Here I was, but I couldn’t get the nerve to get out of the car. What would I say when I walked in there? What would Dave say? I closed my eyes and put my head back on my headrest.
As I sat there with my eyes closed, there was a knock at the car door and then it flew open. I was so scared and in shock that I didn’t even get a good look at the person holding me tightly until Ms.Dorothea let me go from the hug she was giving me and she backed up and looked me in the eye.
The first words that rolled out my mouth as tears rolled down my face were “I’m scary... I...” before I could even continents Ms. Dorothea stop me. She put her hand up. “Baby it’s okay I’m just happy that you are here now and you are okay.” She said. “But...” she cut me off again. “Whatever it is, doesn’t matter right now. What matters is Dave and that we are here for him as the women in his life. So let’s go in here and see him. He’s going to need us both when I come clean and tell him everything I need him to know.” She said. I looked at her confused for a moment.
As I looked her in the eyes, I began to tear up because I realized how much my decision affected more than just me, more than just Dave, more than Rico. “I can’t... I can’t move...’’ I told her. Ms. Doreatha looked at me concerned “what do you mean, baby? Are you okay? Are you hurt?” She asked me. “I’m not hurt physically,” I told her. She still seemed confused. “I’m just stuck. I want to go in there and be by his side, but I can’t find the strength to move my feet. I’m scared to see him like that. He’s always been the strong one, the rock in the situation. Going in there and seeing him like that will make it all real that we might lose him.” I said to her.
Ms. Doroetha took my hand. “we aren’t even going to speak that into the air. I serve a God that has the final say, not these doctors. God has brought Dave and me this far; I will not start questioning him now. My son shall live and not die. This is only a test that will end up being a testimony for my son.
I said nothing. I just let tears fall down my face. I could only hope that the prayers of a believing mother would lead to the healing of an innocent man. But that also meant that it could be the ticket to my death sentence.
She took my hand and pulled me. “Come on here, girl. Get out of that car. Dave needs his ladies by his side.” She said to me. I got out of the car and dragged my feet. I knew If Ms. Doreatha only knew the truth everything would be different.
As we walked the halls of the hospital, Ms. Doreatha clenched my hand. As she looked forward she finally said, “so when were you going to tell him?” My eyes got big as I turned and looked at her. “Ma’am?” I responded. “What are you? 2 or 3 months?” She said to me as she looked at me. “How do you know?” I was a little relieved. “I know a soon be a mom when I see one. It’s a gift you get with age.” She said as a smile came over her face. “I was going to tell him, but then all this happened. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and they confirmed it, and I went to the grave to tell my mom. I sat up on the couch waiting to tell Dave and called him and fell asleep when I woke up I saw the news and all my missed calls and rushed here.” I said lying through my teeth. But hoping that Ms. Doreatha believed me. “Listen, that tiredness you get when you sleep is no joke.” She said in a joking manner.”
We got to Dave’s room and Ms. Doreatha walked in. I stopped at the doorway and looked at him lying in the bed. I couldn’t believe that I had done this. There he was laying in the hospital bed helpless with all types of tubes and cords coming off of him. Ms. Doreatha took my hand and brought me into the room and to Dave’s bedside. I looked at him for a moment before I took his hand. “I’m sorry... I’m so sorry” I cried out repeatedly as I planted my face into his lap. Ms. Doreatha rubbed my back to comfort me. I kicked off my shoes, and I climbed into the bed with Dave and laid next to him. “You got to pull through this. You just got to. I’m so sorry. You got to pull through this so we can raise this baby.” I said to him.
As I laid there with Dave, I heard Brandy’s voice. “Sis, he's going to make it through” I turned and looked at her. She had her hand resting on my shoulder. She stood there dressed in all black like Dave was already dead. I looked her up and down and then rolled back to Dave. Ms. Doreatha took a seat and Brandy stood by my side. She laid her head on my shoulder with her face towards my ear and whispered. “If the bull shit you did don’t get you sent to hell this show you putting on damn sure will.”
I said nothing in response. I just laid there. Until I jumped when I heard. “What the hell are you doing here?” All three of us turned and looked at the door and said nothing as Jayden stood there. “Jayden, what’s wrong with you?” Ms. Doreatha asked. “She needs to go.” He said. “What?” Ms. Doreatha said back to him. “She needs to go. She is not welcomed here.” She said. I looked at him and gave her the death stare. “Look, I know you don’t like me but me and Dave are a family so I am going to be here.” I told him. “Not you. Her!” He said, looking at Brandy. Brandy looked around, confused. “What me?” She said. “You know what you did, how could you dare show your face around here?” He asked.
“Jayden, I don’t know what you talking about but my sister is here for me and I need her so she’s not going nowhere.” I told her. Brandy was giving Jayden his look that I couldn’t explain. “She got to go.” Jayden yelled. “Jayden, not today come in and sit down and behave or you can go.” Ms. Dorothea said. “But momma...” he said, and she cut him off and threw up her hand.
“Excuse me,” the doctor said as he walked into our mess. “Yes?” Ms. Dorothea said, and I sat up on the edge of the bed and looked at him. “I’m the doctor here for David. Are you his family?” we all gave the doctor the stupid face for even asking that question. “Yes, I’m his mother.” Ms. Dorothea answered. “And I’m His wife.” I answered. “Fiance,” Jayden said. I looked over at him. “Well, I just wanted to give you an update that David is doing fine. He is still in coma but can come out at any time.” He said. “Than you god.” Ms. Dorothea said. “Yes, but I do have to make you aware that the David we get back when he comes out of a comma might not be the same David.” The doctor said. “what do you mean?” I asked him. “Because of the moment of time he bled out. The hit to the head took when he hit the floor and the amount of oxygen that his brain went without. We can not guarantee what he will and won’t recall. Short-term memory is normally affected. So he might not remember what happened to him the day he was shot of stuff leading up to that moment. But his long-term memories should be fine.” He said.
My heart jumped on the inside. There was a chance for me. Dave was clearly the live person they were talking about on the news, so that meant Rico was gone. And if he doesn’t remember what happened, we could go on with our lives. I nodded my head at the doctor. “David in any way is better than no David. So I’m okay with that as long as my son is alive.” Ms. Doreatha said. The doctor nodded his head. “We will be back around to check on him.” He informed us before walking out.
“Thank you God.” Ms. Doreatha said as she hugged Jayden. But Jayden had a look on his face that was far from excitement. When Ms. Doreatha let him go, he just stared at Dave. Then finally said, “Yo Amber, can I talk to you out in the hallway.” “Can it wait?” I asked him. “I’d really like to talk to you now.” He said. I looked up at Brandy and she was giving him the death stare.
I got up and walked out into the hallway and Jayden followed me. We walked away from the room door and once we were far enough away; he said. “Brandy got to go.” “Yo, I know you didn’t call me out here to have this debate with me again. No, she is not going anywhere. That’s my damn sister” I said to him and walked away. Jayden grabbed my arm. “Jayden let me go.” I said as I looked at his hand and then up at him in the eye. “She needs to go.” He repeated. “No,” I said to him and snatched away and started walking away. “She killed Rico and shot Dave.” He said. I froze in my tracks. “What did you say?” I asked him as I turned back towards him. “I believe she did this.” He said to me. “How do you know,” I asked him. “I got some reason, but I am checking all my facts.” He said. “You realize that’s my sister you are accusing of this shit, right? So before you say something stupid. Make sure you get all your facts.” I said to him with anger in my voice and then I walked off with my mind racing. if Jayden thought Brandy did this, Brandy was in danger and didn’t even know it.

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