Part 9: Adrianna, Brian and Stefan

I sat in the bathroom rocking and crying as Brian banged on the door. My phone started to ring. "Hello," I answered quickly. "Adrianna what do you mean someone is in your house." Tisha said. "He's here." I said in a scared voice. "Who is he?" she said. "Brian he broke into the house and now Im locked in the bathroom and he banging on the door trying to get in." I told her. "I'm on the way and I'm calling Stefan," she said to me. "Please don't just come and help me. If your here he'll leave," I said to her. "I will be ther shortly," she said as I could hear her getting in the car.
"Adrianna baby. just come out here and talk to me. I'm not going to hurt you. If I hurt you I hurt the baby." he said to me. "Brian please just leave me alone and get out my house." I told him. "Adrianna you know I love you." he said to me. "I dont love you, I dont want to be with you. I just want you to leave me alone." I said to him.
Brian hit the door so hard I thought it was going to come off the hinges. "Brian stop." I said to him. "Its bitches like you that make it hard for me like me. All I want to do is love you ungrateful ass and give you a better life and you treating me like I am the worst man on the earth. Now I'm not being nice about the shit; you're going to be with me and I'm not asking you I'm telling you." Brain said.
"NO I'M NOT I said. And the next thing I know, the sound of a gun was going off, and there were holes in the door. Brian Shot at the door until the door handle fell off. I sat there ducking and hiding in complete fear. I wanted to call the police. But I didn't want to see Brian go to jail when in all, actually he was here because of me.
The door fell open, and there was a rage in Brians's eyes as he walked towards me. "Brian please. DOn't hurt me." I cried out. "I just want to love you." he said to me. I didn't say anything, tears rolled down my face. "You love me don't you." he asked me. I still didn't speak. "You love me dont you." he said again, louder this time. I still said nothing. "Answer me," he said in a forceful tone, making me jump. "No Brain I dont love you." I answered. "Then you will die because if you dont love me you won't love anyone else." he said as he wrapped his hands back around my neck, this time way tighter and pushing his thumb on the front of my throat.
I clawed at his hands. But he wouldn't release me. And the more I struggle, the hard it was becoming for me to breathe and the blurrier my vision was getting. I finally saw a figure behind Brian, and then his body fell on top of me. "Get up. Get up." Tisha said, pulling on me. I stepped over Brain's body and hugged Tisha. She had the bat in her hand that we kept near the door. "We need to get the hell out of here. I called the police. They should be here soon."
I turned back and looked at Brian's body. "We can't just leave him here like this." I said to her. "What?" she said, looking at me confused. "He doesn't deserve to go to jail." I told her. "Bitch! Do you see the door with bullet holes in it? Or remember just a hot second ago he was choking your ass to death let whatever happens to his ass happen." she said as she tried to pull me toward the front door.
I pulled away from her. "I can't just leave him at the head of the day he's here because of me." I said to her. "Girl we can talk about this outside where its safe lets get the fuck out of dodge." Tisha said. "Tisha, I can't at the end of the day I have to start correcting my mistakes. This is the man I was having an affair with. He's only here because he loves me. And although I don't love him the same I dont want to see his life any more fucked up then I have probably already made it." I said to her. "Your crazy, lets go Adrianna that nigga was trying to kill you." Tisha said.
But as the words rolled off her tongue, her eyes got big. And then I heard Brian's voice. "She's not going anywhere," he said. Then I felt the cold melt to my head, and his hand wrapped around my neck. "Listen Brian I get it she fuck your life Up I get it. But you gotta let her go. The cops should be here any moment now." Tisha tried to plead with him. "Bitch mind your business and get the hell up and out of here. This has nothing to do with you. This is between Adrianna and I." Brian said as I stood there shaking. "And Adrianna is my best friend." Tisha said back. "Tisha just go." I told her. "What hell no I'm not leaving you here." she said. "You heard what she said." Brian said.
Tisha looked at me, and there was fear all over his face. "Its okay Tisha, tell Stefan I love him." I said to her in a real soft voice. Tisha nodded her head real slow and walked away. "It's just me and you now Brian you can put the gun down." I said to him. "I told you, I told you don't play with me. Don't make me be the person I didn't want to be. But you didn't take the warning. You just had to try me." he said to me.
Before i could respond, i heard Tisha's voice again. "I'll say this one more time. Let her go." when Tisha came around the corner, she was holding a gun with both hands. I looked at her. I never even knew she owned a gun. Brian's gun went from resting on my head to pointing directly at Tisha. "Brain baby listen you dont got to do this." I tried to plead as he still held on to my neck. "Tell her to put the gun down." he commanded. "Im not putting shit down until you let her go and get the fuck up out of here." Tisha responded.
"Lets all put the guns down," I said. "Hell no and then he will kill the both of us." Tisha said. "He won't kill me. He wont kill the babuy." I told her. Tisha gave me a look. "Put the fucking gun down." Brian yelled. "Nigga no." Tisha said.
I started to hear the cops in the far. "Brian baby the police are coming. Just put down the gun and get out of here." I said to him. "No fuck that now this nigga aint leaving," Tisha said. "Tisha," I said, "what? I'm not playing nice. You let his ass go he is not going to stop he is going to keep fucking with you and im not going to keep coming back to help you." she said back. "Bitch shut up." Brian said, letting off his gun but missing. Tisha let off her weapon, and Brian let me go as my body fell to the ground.

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