Amber, Dave, and Rico Part 8

Brandy and I had only been fucking for about three or four months now since they had locked Chase up. I had been trying to figure out for a while I was going to get her, and it happened when I least expected it. But I had to admit everything I was risking for her and all the time I had to wait to get her; she made it completely worth it every time we got together. The sex was fucking crazy. With everything that was going on today alone, I needed this so I could relax. My mind was going a million miles per hour with a million questions:
What the fuck happened at that house that had Dave and Rico in these situations?
Was Amber tied up in this?
Could I have done anything to prevent this?
Where the fuck was Amber?
What the fuck was I going to tell Chase?
Was Rico’s death going to help Chase, or did this just fuck him up more?
Why didn’t Brandy seem more concerned?
But with all the questions I had in my mind, I also couldn’t help but feel like this was about to get way more fucked up before getting close to getting better.
We got to Brandy’s apartment, and she was all over me before the door was even closed. I was up against the door, and Brandy was sucking me off, giving me head that had my mouth wide open as I watched her. It was something about her that made my body desire her. She never gave me head without making eye contact with me.
Every time I fucked Brandy, I realized why Chase was fucking her, even though he had a whole legal wife at home with a body that he paid for. Shit, I had a baby momma at home, and I loved the shit out of Crystal, and she was dope. But it was something about how Brandy put it down that I loved.
As Brandy sucked on my suck, the thoughts that were going through my head made me smile. I loved the idea of knowing I was fucking that bitch Amber’s little sister. It was just my little secret that once upon a time; I was trying to kick it to Amber. I felt like she matched me down to a tee, and I was willing to throw everything I had with the mother of my children to be with her. But that money-hungry bitch wanted Dave because he was a fucking lawyer. Not knowing I had multiple businesses well established and making more revenue than Dave made, I just kept it low-key and remained humble. Dave was flashy with the little money he had because he wanted to impress the white people he worked with.
When I saw Brandy for the first time, I thought she was so damn pretty, and her little brown skin ass had an attitude on her to match all that ass she had. She was actually more appealing than Amber to me. She was thick as fuck, her stomach wasn’t completely flat like Ambers, but that pug on her with that milk chocolate skin was a sexy as mix. And them thighs were nice and thick; they kept me warm every time I dived into the pussy.
Brandy was a bad bitch. I didn’t hit on her until Chase connected us when he got bagged, and I saw her in action about Chase. Brandy reminded me of Keisha from Belly, and I fucking loved Keisha from Belly.
We went to the bedroom from the living room, and a trail of our clothes followed us. We got to the bedroom; Brandy stopped and looked at me. “Pick me up,” she said in a demanding voice. I followed exactly what she said and picked her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist. “Now put him in me.” she said in a sexy voice as she looked me square on in the eye. I placed her back on the nearest wall and gave her what she asked for. I took my already stiff dick in her. She put her head back and let out a soft moan.
Brandy grinded her hips while I hit her with the deep stroke. I was damn near ready to do her like Melvin was doing Jody’s mom Juanita in the movie baby boy. Brandy had this thing when she tightened her pussy muscle around my dick, and it felt so good. She did, and I took her breast into my mouth, and she grabbed my head. I let go of her breast, I pounded harder. Brandy pressed her chest against mine and held on tighter as she licked on my neck and sucked on her earlobe. When Brandy’s legs started to shake, I put her down on the beat. But I didn’t stop. I led her legs in my hand, and I stroked her pussy, taking out every bit of frustration, anger, and emotion I had in me. I watched Brandy’s facial expression as I satisfied her. She bit on her bottom lip and grabbed the sheets. Damn, this girl was the shit.
Brandy and I went about three more rounds before I finally put her ass to sleep. And as relaxed as I was, I laid in her bed looking at the ceiling as all my thoughts made their way back to my head. I rolled over and looked at Brandy; then I got out of the bed. I went into Brandy’s bathroom and sat on the toilet, and dialed Ms. Doreatha’s number.
“Hello,” she answered. “Hey Mama Doreatha.” I said. “Hey Jayden.” she said, still sounding down and out. “Any update?” I asked her. “No, he’s still in a coma, Jayden, have you figured anything out about who did this to my baby?” she asked me. I moved the phone from my ear and looked up at the ceiling to take a deep breath. When I opened my eyes, I saw a bag strap hanging from the fan vent. “Jayden,” I heard Ms. Doreatha say on the phone. “No, ma’am not yet but I promise I’m going to. I just wanted to check on you. I’ll be back to the hospital soon.” I told her before she told me okay and hung up.
I opened the bathroom door and peeked into Brandy’s room. She was still sound asleep. I went back into the bathroom. I closed the door and climbed up on the toilet. I opened the vent and pulled down the bag. I sat on the toilet and opened it. The first thing I saw was a gun. I took a paper towel and moved the gun I almost wondered where the fuck Brandy got all this money until I realized that only the top layer was hundreds and the rest were ones.
I laughed, figuring that this must have been Brandy’s little stash of money that all bitches had that they thought men didn’t know about. I began to close the bag back when I noticed the name on the tag. “David?” I said in the whisper, looking at the door. My mind raced. Did Brandy? No, she couldn’t have. Did Chase tell her to? No, he wouldn’t; he would have had me... But….
I put the bag back and closed the vent. “I gotta get out of here right now,” I said to myself. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. When I opened the bathroom door, Brandy was standing there. “You were in there for a while.” brandy said as she stood in the dark looking at me. “I had to go to the bathroom and call Dave’s mom,” I told her. ‘Mmhm," she said to me. “Well, I got to go. Dave still not doing good, and I got to check on him.” I told her as I walked around her and into her bedroom.
Brandy followed behind me and sat in the bed. I could feel her watching me as I got dressed. “So what are we going to tell Chase?” she asked me. “I don't know right now I’ll figure it out and then call you.” I told her not to look at her. “Okay, so does that mean you going to see him?” she asked. “Yeah, I can.” I told her and then headed out of the room. She followed me to the door. I turned around and looked at her. She kissed me. I placed my hand on the back of her head and looked her in the eyes. “Brandy…” I said. “Yes?” she answered. “Did Chase give you any other instructions other than what you know?” I asked her. “No, bae.” she said. I looked at her, trying to figure out if she was lying. Then finally I turned away and opened the door and walked out.

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