Part 8 Adrianna, Brian and Stefan

My bedroom was dark, and I wasn't sure how long I had even been asleep. But I had to admit I felt a sense of relief. I began to scratch in bed before checking my phone, but I was shocked to feel Stefan on the other side of the bed. I looked at the clock and then rolled over. "Bae when did you get home? Did you get my text?" I asked in a sweet and soft voice. But to my surprise, it wasn't Stefan's voice that I heard respond to me.
"When did you text me?" Brian said as he rolled over and faced me. I backed up away from him with a confused look on my face. "Why are you in my bed? Where is Stefan?" I asked. "Who?" Brian said as if the name was foreign to him. "Where is my Husband?" I said boldly, "I am your husband" Brian answered me back with the same energy. "No! You; you aren't my husband. Stefan is my husband." I said to him.
Brian wrapped his hand around my neck, tight enough to put fear in me but then slowly and gently started to move his finger to let me know he was being nice. "Now Adrianna you know WE don't mention his name in this house. You already know what I did to be here with you." he said, looking me straight in the eye.
"What did you do?" I asked him with my voice shaking. "You know what I did," he answered. "No what did you do?" I repeated as tears started to form in my eyes. "I solved our issue." he said with this look in his eyes. "Stefan wasn't my issue. You are. So what did you do?" I said now with tears rolling down my face and my body shaking. "I did what i…" I cut him off and screamed, "what did you do?" "I killed him! You wanna hear me say it, there you go." he screamed back.
I jumped out of my dream, grabbing my chest and breathing hard. I looked around the room and at the bed. That dream felt so real. "You good?" I heard a voice say from the doorway of the bedroom. I looked over at the door, and Brian was leaning against the door frame. "What are you doing in my house?" I asked him. "What's the issue with me being here. It's not like i havent been here before." he said to me. "You were a welcomes guest then." I told him. "And I'm not now?" he asked me as he stepped into the room.
"Brian why are you here?" I asked him, ignoring his question. "I told you I'd see you later I was just keeping my word," he said, smiling. "But who said I wanted to see you right now?" I asked him, "you did," he said. "No I didn't," I said back with an attitude. "Yes you did. Before i brought you home this morning you said that you'd be all mine tonight once that nigga was gone." I sat in bed thinking back and realizing I did say that.
"Brian you got to go before Stefan got home. He will be here anymintue." I said to him. "A stop fucking playing with me you Know I was following that nigga and I know he is no where near on his way back here. And B even if he was I don't care Im not scare of that nigga. He should be scared of me. Now come give me some sugar." Brian said, getting closer to the bed.
"Nah you need to go." I said as I pulled back the covers and got out of bed. Something hit the floor, and I looked down, thinking it was my phone. It was actually my phone, the pregnancy test, and Brian's ring. I stood there stuck for a moment, scared to pick up either one. Brian walked over and picked up the pregnancy test and the ring leaving my phone. He read the results, and then he stared at me.
Finally, he broke the silence when he asked. "When were you going to tell me." I said nothing; I just looked at him. He waved the test at me and asked again. "I dont know I just found out." I yelled. "Is it mine?" he asked me. "I dont know," I said real low. Brian nodded his head and then started to laugh. "We both know its my baby that nigga don't put it down like I do." I looked at Brian like he was crazy.
Brian grabbed my hand. "See this is god working things out for us and showing you need to leave that lame ass nigga. God is giving me back everything I lost. He knew after Savanha got killed in that drive by shooting all I wanted was a chance to be a better man and a better father. He had taken my first born from me so I figured me and god were even at that point for all of the shit I had done in my past. Now he's giving me blessing after blessing." he said to me, then tried to kiss my hand.
I pulled my hand back. "Brain what are you talking about? Who is Savanha?" I asked him, "My daughter baby." he answered. "But you just said Savanha is dead? You told me penty of times that you were going to spend time with your daughter." I said, looking at him. "She is; and I do. I always go to her grave sight to spend time with her." he said. My heart was racing for some reason. "Brian how was Savanha killed?" I asked him.
Brian was silent for a moment, then he said, "She was with me hanging out. We were having fun at the park playing. I looked away for two seconds and a car came by and airred out the park. But that doesn't matter we can talk about that later when we go see Savanha and tell her about her new brother or sister." "I'm not even sure if this is your child Brian I was sleeping with my husband too. And I have to be honest with you. I want this to be Stefan's baby. I want to save my marriage. You are a really good guy. But my heart still belongs to my husband, and if h say we can get past this then that what I am do with him." I said in a really calm voice
Brian's head turned to the side as he looked at me. His hand wrapped around my neck, and he slowly lifted me off the ground. My feet swung back and forth, and I tried to get free. "I love you, Adrianna. I love you enough to kill you. I'm not going to let you just move on and leave me and go live the life you were supposed to live with me with some nigga that don't deserve you. I deserve you. I love you. After losing my baby girl, I have become a pro at loving the dead. Please don't become one of the people.
"Let me go,'' I said as I gasped for air. "You know i love you right?" he said as if he was going to cry. "You are hurting me?" I said, still gasping for air. "And you hurt me everyitime you bring him up or try to make it as if I am beneath him." the more Brian held on to me, the more I felt like I was going to pass out. And I had to do something.
I took my nails and Doug them into Brian's face, and he dropped me to the ground. I grabbed my phone and ran to the bathroom while he held his face. I locked the bathroom door and crawled in a ball on the floor. I dialed Tisha's number, but she still wasn't answering me. I called Stefan, and his phone went straight to voicemail. Brain started to bang out the door. "Adrianna baby came out here. I am sorry. I didnt mean to hurt you. I snapped for a moment but I'm back and I'm sorry." he said. "Brain you need to go." I yelled. The banging got louder. I sent Tisha a text. Please help me someone in the house, and I'm locked in the bathroom. Brain kept banging. "Brain you need to go before I call the police." I screamed and then covered my ears and tucked my head into my lap.

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