Monica Part 7

“Momma…. Momma....” my eyes opened to see a little girl standing over me. “Momma, you gotta get up so you can take me to school.” she said “huh?” I said as I got sat up on the couch. “Momma,” the girl said as she stood looking at me. “I think you got the wrong person, little girl.” I said. “Yeah, okay momma…” the little girl laughed. “Who are you?” I said to the girl, confused. “It’s me, your daughter Promyse…” the girl said with her hands on her hips and a smile on her face. “Promyse?” I said, looking at the little girl up and down and taking in her beauty, “that’s what you named me,” the little girl responded. “How are you here?” I asked her. “You and my daddy made me.” she told me. “Your daddy?” I asked. “Baby girl, what are you still doing here you should be at school.” I turned and saw Terryl walking in. “I know daddy, I’m waiting on momma.” Promise said. “How…” before I could say anything, there was a knock at the door.
Boom, boom, boom, the hard knocks at the door took me from my dream and brought me to reality. I sat up on the couch and looked around. “Erica, you home?” I yelled out, but there was no answer. I heard the knocking at the door again. I got up and went to the door. “Erica, that’s you.” I said while standing at the door. But there was no answer, just more knocking.
I opened the door, and Toy rushed in “yo is my brother here.” she said, looking around. “No, he better not be after that shit he pulled last night.” I told her. “What happened last night?” she said, stopping in her tracks. “His ass put his hands on my sister while we were in the club.” I told her, “oh,” she said as if that didn’t surprise her. “Oh?” I told her. “Listen, I don’t get involved in they shit. That him and Erica. He went upside her head and vise verse.” she said. “And you let your brother put his hands on my sister.” I said, getting loud and stepping to Toy. “First off, relax because I promise this ain’t what you want. Second, I don’t let my brother shit I got in his ass the first few times. Even told Erica to leave his ass because she was worth more than this. But they make their decisions and I stay out.” she said to me.
I could feel my jaw tightening. “Listen, I need to figure out where my brother is.” she said. “Well, he ain’t here. Go check his place, “I said back to her. “I did, and the funeral home. And everywhere else I could think of. He’s not there, and there’s an emergency going on.” she said with this look in her eyes. I got a little nervous at the good seriousness on her face. And if she didn’t know where her brother, that meanest Erica was M.I.A too. I walked over to the couch and picked up my phone, and I dialed Terryl’s number.
“Hello Terryl speaking,” he said when he answered. “Terryl is Moe.” I said into the phone. “Good morning, beautiful. Did you think about what we talked about last night.” he asked me. “We can talk about that at another time. I am actually calling because Toy is over here and she’s looking for Delray she said she went to his house and stuff and he is nowhere to be found.” I said. “I talked to him last night when I was closing up the club.” Terry said. “Terryl talked to him last night.” I said to Toy. “Can I talk to him?” Toy asked with her hand out. I handed her my phone. “Hey Terryl…” she said to him. I tried to listen hard to what Terryl was speaking on the other end. “I haven’t talked to him since he walked me out of the club last night. I had gotten a few messages from him when I woke up this morning but Siera called me D.J. in the hospital and this nigga not answering my calls or hers.” she said.
“Dj?” Said to myself. Toy looked at me. “Delray Jr, my nephew,” she said boldly. He got a baby, I screamed out in my head. Terryl and Toy kept talking until the front door opened. Erica and Delray walked in smiling from ear to ear, holding hands. “Here this nigga is!” Toy said on the phone. “What’s wrong with yall, “Erica said as she looked at Toy and I face. “Yeah, what’s wrong with y’all. Delray asked as he wrapped his arms around from behind her. “Yo, what the fuck is wrong with your phone? I have been blowing your shit up all morning.” Toy said to him. “I was busy,” Delray said back to her. “So you were too fucking busy to answer your damn phone.” Toy said. “We were getting Engaged!” Erica screamed with excitement as she pulled her hand out and showed us the wrong.
“I know you fucking lying,” I said, throwing my hand up. “Yes, I love her, and we are getting married.” Delray butted in and said. “Nigga don’t talk to me I’m still hot on your ass.” I told him. “Man, fuck all that right now. D.J. in the hospital, Sierra and I have been calling you.” she said. “Why didn’t you say that when I came through the door what hospital he was at,” Delray said with his entire demeanor changing. “You should have just answer your fucking phone instead of sending me on a manhunt for your ass.” Toy said. “Man….. bae, I got to go. I will be back.” he said to my sister. “Oaky bae go handle your business.” Erica said.
Delray took off out of the house, and Toy followed behind him, hot on his tail, still talking shit. I looked at my sister and shook my head before walking off to my room. Erica followed behind me. “So that’s it, you got nothing to say,” she said behind me. “What do you want me to say?” I said to her as I stopped in my track and turned around and looked at her, “how about congratulation, Im happy for you sis anything.” she said to me. “I’d be lying if I said that,” I told her. “What is your issue, Moe.” she said. “Nothing,” I said as I walked away to my room. “No, tell me because for someone that just got home you have been tripping.” she said to me.
“I’ve been tripping? Me? Are you serious?” I said to her. “Yes,” she told me. “When did you become this person?” I asked her. “What are you talking about?” she asked me. “this, this person in front of me when you become her.” I said. “While you were doing you bid.” she answered back real boldly. I nodded my head at the low blow she took. “What!” she yelled.
“So you really going to marry him?” I asked her. “Yes, I love, why wouldn’t I?” she said to me. “Because you 're not a fucking punching bag. That nigga just put his hands on you last night public and now y’all engaged are you fucking kidding me. And from what I hear this, not even the first time the nigga did the shit.” I said to her. “For one, that’s my business you made last night worse than it had to be.” she said to me. “I made it worse? Trying to protect you made it worse, “I said to her. “I didn’t ask you to protect me. I am a grown ass woman. I don’t need you to protect me.” she said. “You’re a grown ass woman making kid mistakes.” I yelled. “Better than letting my kid grow up thinking they were a mistake because I gave them away.”
I slapped Erica with all the might I had in me. She turned back to me, holding her face. “That man don’t love you dumb ass. You told me he had no kids, but yet he just ran out of here for his son. So either he lying to you or you lying to me, but, either way, I don’t like the woman he is making you into.” I said to her. “I lied to you. And this is why, because no matter what, you would not like him. You met him and were looking for reasons not to like him. So had I told you he had a kid or that we get a little physical, sometimes you would have flipped your shit.” she said. “Had you told me that, I would have told you, you could do better,” I told her. “Better than a man that makes six figures,” Erica said. “So that’s what this is all about? The money Erica, there are more men out here with money; he is not the one. I said to him. “Why because he got a kid? Because you don’t like how he treats me…. Because…” “because I fucked him.” I interrupted her.
Erica looked at me with a blank stare. “He told me you would say that. He told me you hate him so much and didn’t want to see me with him so badly that you would go to the extreme of ruining our relationship to make sure me and him weren’t together.” she said to me. “Are you serious, Erica?” I told her. “Yes, that man is all I need and more. I fucked up at the club, not him. I know he gets jealous, so I should have been dancing with someone else. But even with all that. He still took me to a beautiful hotel that he already had set up and asked me to be his wife.” she said to me. “Erica, did you hear what I said I fuck him. My first night home. In the bathroom of that bar we were at.” I said to her. “Sis, I know what you are trying to do and I will not allow it. Stop the lies and just be happy for me.” she said. “I’m not lying to you, I am telling you the truth.” I scream, pulling on my hair. “Then why did you wait to now to say it, why didn’t you tell me then,” Erica question left me stuck

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