Amber, Dave, and Rico Part 7

I left Amber’s motel room and kind of felt sorry for her. She seemed so scared and hurt. But we all had a price to pay for the shit we had done or was going to do, and right now, she was paying for her’s. It was kind of funny to me that the chick that had it all and deserved none of it was watching her world crumble before her eyes. It still blew me away that she shot Dave and Rico. I laughed a little as I got into my car. “Dumb bitch” I said once the door was closed.
I started my car, and before I pulled off, I put Amber’s gun in my glove box, and then I looked at the duffle bag. I counted the money, and then I stopped. “What the fuck?” I said out loud as I realized only the top layer of the money was hundreds; the rest were ones.
I took my phone out of my pocket and dialed a number. When the voice answered, I talked quickly. “We need to meet.” I said; the voice on the other side agreed. We hung up, and I looked in the bag again. “Fuck” I said as I zipped up the bag and then threw it in my back seat.
I turned on my music, lit a blunt, and finally back out of my parking spot to head home to change clothes. As I drove and relaxed my mind, my phone rang. I looked down at the caller ID and automatically got a knot in my throat. “Hello,” I answered. “You have a collect call from Charles, an inmate in the New York State correctional facility to accept the charges please press one.” I looked at the phone for a moment, then finally hit one.
“Hey bae,” I said. “Hows shit out there?” Chase asked me. “Well, damn hello?” I said to him with an attitude. “Man, you know these calls aren’t that long. I already said hello, good morning, and good afternoon to you in the three messages I sent your ass on JPay and you haven’t responded to none of them so what’s going on out there?” he said in his raspy voice. “Stuff is a little messy out here.” I said to him, softy. “What do you mean?” he asked me.
“Well, that project you gave me and Joc to do. Well, I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think it has been complete.” I said to him, trying to speak in code. “Completed how? Joc did what I told him?” he asked. “Nope,” I said back. “Then completed how Brandy?” he said, getting a little loud. “I'm not hundred percent sure. But I think the project is a wash.” I said. “How?” he asked, and I could tell he was pissed off. “I don't know all the details bae.” I pleaded to him.
Chase got silent on the phone. “Bae?” I said. “You better be glad they record these calls, so I can’t say what I really want to. But I'll tell you this. You and Jayden better figure out what the fuck is going on out there, and one of y’all better be up here in a few days to let me know. Or you two dumb ass, useless mutha fuckers will not like what happens next.” “but baby,” I said, and the call was dropped. I was sure it was because they heard chase indirectly threaten us. But shit, he didn’t care. He was doing 25 to life if the story Rico told them about the murder Chase did stuck.
I sat my phone down and shook my head. I could have only imagined how that call would have gone had I also told him we didn’t even have a portion of the money he told us to get from Rico. I picked my blunt back up from the ashtray and took another hit. “Why the fuck did I get myself into this shit.” I asked.
I shortly arrived at my apartment. It was nothing like how my sister lives. I was still in the projects and stepped over crack heads strung out on Chase’s drugs all the time. But when you’re a drug dealer’s side-chick, you don’t get moved out the hood like your sister that got with a drug dealer turned lawyer.
I rushed into my apartment. Stashed the duffle bag and the gun, then jumped in the shower, changed clothes into a lovely sexy dress and heels. I sent a text of where we were meeting and headed back out the door.
In no time, I was at my favorite restaurant sipping a long island ice tea and checking out the room just in case this meeting didn’t go as I planned. And I had a feeling it wasn’t going to when Jayden walked in, and it was written all over his face that he was pissed. “Yo shit getting out of hand.” Jayden said as soon as his body hit the chair. “Want a drink?” I asked calmly, ignoring the statement he just made. “What?” he said. “Henny and red bull?” I asked. “Are you seriously talking about a drink right now when shit is getting real out here?” he said.
“Maybe if you have a drink, you will calm the fuck down”, I said to him. The server made her way over. Can I take your drink order, sir." she asked. “Yes, he’ll take a Henny and red bull,” I told her, and she nodded her head and then walked off.
I took a sip of my drink as Jayden looked at me. “So chase called,” I said, “what did he say?” Jayden asked, sounding like a scared kid. “He wants to know what the fuck is going on and so do I?” I said, still with a low tone. “What’s going on is that fucking hoe of a sister of yours has fucked up everything and I’m a kill her and I put that on my kids.” he said.
I sat my drink down on the table. “First off, lower your tone before someone in here hears you and thinks you are serious. Second off, watch your mouth about my sister.” I told him. “First off, I am serious Im a kill that bitch and secondly don’t act like you love your dear old sister now.” he said to me. “You know nothing about how I feel about my sister.” I said to him. “I know you wanted your sister to suffer, that's why you put the idea in Rico’s head to get the money from her.” he said to me. “You right, I wanted her to suffer. I want to be alone and sad the same way I was when she left me with our abusive ass mom when I was 12 and the same way she left me after our mom killed herself. But I never, ever said I wanted her killed. I wanted Dave to leave her ass.” I told him.
“Well, that bitch killed Rico and shot Dave. the nigga she was supposed to be true to is fighting for his life. And now everything Chase wanted us to do is fucked and who telling that nigga that shit.” Jayden said to me. “How do you know she shot Dave and killed Rico?” I asked him. “My gut is telling me she did. That’s why she is hiding.
It was at that moment that I felt my loyalty was being tested. I had my feelings towards my sister. I hated her because she left at 16, and I was stuck with no one to save me from my mom. I ended up running to the streets, and that is how I met Chase. When my mom killed herself, Chase gave me the money to bury her and stood by me through it all. That’s why I was still here rocking with him even though he was locked up, and if we had to be honest, he didn’t treat me that well.
Jayden didn’t know what happened to Dave and Rico. He was jumping to conclusions because he was in his feelings. No one but Amber and I knew she shot them, nor about the money, and I had the gun she did it with. So for the first in my life, I was in control of how the game was going to be played.
“Listen, let's go back to my apartment. You can help me out of this dress and then once I help you relieve all them emotions you got going on we can figure out what we going to tell Chase because he wants one of us to come see him.” I said in a sexy tone. “When are you going to tell him about us, Brandy?” Jayden asked. “When you tell your baby mother. Now lets go.” I said to him as I grabbed my purse, threw someone’s money on the table, and got up.

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