Part 7: Adrianna, Brian and Stefan

What the fuck was going on. In a matter of hours, my life had gone from ordinary to extraordinary, to a little crazy, to unbelieve in an excellent way to crazy again. It was like I was on a roller coaster with no damn end in sight. Brian had clearly lost his mind, Stefan was clueless, and Tisha had walked out on me when I needed her the most.
It seemed like all I could do was pace back and forth in my bedroom and call Tisha over and over again from my broken phone. The way I was frantic and crying, you would have thought I cheated on her, and she walked out on me. But the fact of the matter was I was scared, and I felt alone. I need someone in my corner. But no matter how many times I called Tisha's phone, she wouldn't answer, not even to say stop calling.
I sat down on the bed because I was starting to feel light-headed. My legs shook uncontrollably, and my mouth began to feel watery, as if I had to throw up. I grabbed my phone and rushed to the bathroom. i got my head over the toilet in just enough time. Once i got the vomit under control, I sat on the floor in front of the toilet. I looked at my phone, and Brian was still sending me messages and calling. How the fuck was it that the one person I didn't want to talk to was doing everything in power to speak to me, and the person I needed to speak to was ignoring me.
My phone started to ring, and it was a number I didn't know. Against my better judgment, I answered 'hello" i answered. "Why aren't you answering my calls." Brian's voice came through the phone. "Because i got stuff going on." I said to him. "Stuff like what Adrianna? Did you tell that nigga what we talked about?' Brian asked me. "No," I snapped at him. "Why not?" he said, sounding angry. "Because I just didn't," I told him. "Because you was too busy fuckin him after I told you not to?" He said. "He's my husband," I barked at him. "I don't care. How many times do I need to tell you that." Brain said. "Listen we got to stop. The phone calls need to end. All this just has to stop." I said in almost a begging tone. "Stop? Ain't no stop, i love you girl. Now tell him or I will." he said. "I'm not telling him that." I said. "Okay no problem then I'll tell him. Do you think he'll drop one of these big ass boxes he's carrying off his trunk into Walmart when I tell him." Briain said with a little laugh. "Are you following him?" I asked. "Maybe," Brain said. "Leave him alone." I screamed into the phone. "48 hours that's all you got. Tell him or I will. Now you have a good night. See you soon." Brain said and then hung up.

I looked at my phone and then called Tisha again. I needed someone to help me... But just like before, she ignored me. And at this point, I was becoming frustrated with the way Tisha was treating me and decided to send her a text.
I can't believe you and the way that you are acting. We have been friends for years, and I have stuck with you through all the bull shit that you have done. But when I need you, you turn your back on me and want to be so concerned about Stefan, but what about me. What about how I feel. What about how I am supposed to handle this issue. I am your best fucking friend. You are supposed to be in my corner, giving me a shoulder to cry on. But I get it; it's fuck me. Because I'm just this horrible person. I would never do that to you. But it's okay; you're gonna need me.
I put my phone back down, thinking I had to throw up again, but nothing came out. I was at an all-time low. I sat back against the wall and re-read the message I sent Tisha. "What are you doing Adrianna?" I asked myself. I was being a selfish bitch. The fact of the matter was my selfish behavior had gotten me into this situation, and it wasn't anything that Tisha could do to get me out. I was taking out my situation on her when she had done everything she could for me as a friend. She was here for me while I took the test and told me I was dead ass wrong for what I did like a real friend is supposed to. It was now time for me to face the fact that ready or not, I was carrying a baby, and I needed to figure out what the hell I was going to do.
I got myself off the floor and stood at the sink. I looked at the pregnancy test that still laid on the counter. I decided I was going to apologize to Tisha, but as I started to type another text, one came in from her.
You know what, Adrianna, you better be glad I respect our friendship, and I love you like a sister because if I didn't, this would be going left. But I am going to tell you this. Grow up. You're selfish, and you are in this situation because you are selfish. Me being in your corner is not going to change what you did, and that you need to handle it. And you damn sure don't need a shoulder to cry on. You need to get that same energy you had when you were cheating and use it to figure out what the hell you're going to do and stop blowing up my phone because my name Bennett and I ain't in it.
I read the message, and then I replied, you are right. And I am sorry for what I said. I am scared, that's all, but I'm going to figure it out. The bubble popped up, letting me know Tisha was responding, and then her message finally appeared. I hope you do because your unborn child needs you, and it's you at your best.
I grabbed the pregnancy test and looked at it, and rubbed my stomach. "I'm a be mom." I said out loud. I took the test back in the bedroom with me, and I sat on the bed. Shit was about to hit the fan, and all I could do was accept whatever happened to her. First, I needed to tell Stefan. I picked up my phone and called him. But there was no answer. So I sent him a text. Baby, when you get this, give me a call. We got something important to talk about.
I was going to have to tell Stefan i cheated and hoped that his Christian heart and the thought that this could be his baby would make him stay and work it out with me. But I also needed to prepare for if he left. Whether it was now or when the baby got here, and a DNA test showed that the baby wasn't his. I needed to be able to say that I and mine were still going to be good.
Next, I needed to figure out how to get rid of Brian. I didn't care if this was his baby or not. I wasn't telling him, and I damn sure wasn't going to agree to marry him. I got up and went over to the laundry bin, and pulled out the hoodie I had on. I reached in the pocket and pulled out the ring Brian had given me. I was going to have to give this back. Apologize for misleading him and hope that he was a decent enough person to understand because I didn't want to walk around for the rest of my life looking over my shoulder.
I laid on the bed with the ring and the pregnancy test next to me, and a tear rolled down my face. I wasn't sure what was about to happen next. Tears rolled down my face as I covered my mouth to keep from letting the sound of my cry pour out.

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