Monica Part 6

The site of my baby sister leaving with that sorry excuse for a man completely took everything out of me. I felt like I was back in jail watching them hand Promise over to my mother. I had failed to protect my child, and now I felt like I could not defend my sister.
Terryl took me back into the club and back to his office. All I could do was sit in silence and stare at the wall in front of me behind Terry’s desk. “You good?” Terry asked as he poured two cups of Jack Daniels and brought me one. “Do you think I’m okay?” That nigga just manhandled my damn sister, and she left with him." I said to him. “She decided,” he responded. “And your ass didn’t even try to do anything to help her. What kind of man are you? We grew up with you. We lived right next door to you. How many times did we open our door for you when your dad beat your momma’s ass? What happened to Erica should have bothered you. You should have jumped in and protected her.” I said to him.
Terryl nodded his head. “I didn’t jump in because I know Stone and I know Erica. And I know them for the adults that they are.” he said to me. “What the fuck does that mean?” I said, annoyed. “It means that, that shit between them. It’s a lifestyle they are deciding to live and clearly they like it.” he said to me. “Are you telling me that nigga has done this shit before?” I asked, looking at Terryl, and he sat on the edge of his desk in front of me. Terry looked at him. “I'll kill him.” I scream. “Relax.” Terryl told me.
I looked at him sideways “so let me get this straight you saw no reason to step in when a grown man was putting his hands on a woman.” I asked because I couldn’t understand how this was not a big deal to Terryl. His dad used to beat his mom's ass when he was drunk. He abused her so bad one time she had to get her mouth wired." I saw no reason to step into two grown people situations, especially seeing that they both were under the influence. Cause the situation would have gotten worse." he said to me. “Or you feared you friend,” I said.
“One, I fear no man. Not even my own daddy. I just move differently because I got shit to lose. I could have stepped in and fucked up Stone, which would have caused the club to get crazy. Then the police have to call and unlock even me bull shit to have to deal with. Or I could have stepped in and then Stone and Erica gang up on me. Or thirdly when I step in someone gets hurt and then we all wake up with regrets in the morning but they will still be together.” he said to me.
I sucked my teeth and rolled my eyes. I was trying to hear none of what he was saying. Terryl didn’t want to go head up with his friend. In my head, I felt like as a man, he should have handled the situation before I even had to step in. And because he didn’t, he wasn’t sexy to me anymore; he was a weak ass nigga.
Terryl finished his drink and set the empty cup on his desk. “Im a go out here and help them close up. Once I'm done, I will take you home. “he said to me as he walked towards the door. “Nah, I want to go wherever he takes my sister. So get on your phone while your out there and call up your little friend and find out where he is with my sister.” I said. Terryl stopped in his tracks. “Moe!” he said. “What?” I said back to him, not sure why the fuck he was yelling my name like that. “Did you not hear your sister before they pulled off she got this she doesn’t want your help.” he said to me. “She doesn’t know what she wants.” I yelled at him. “She grew enough to figure it out, Moe. Let her make her own mistakes and figure it out her own way.” he told me. “I will, but I will also protect her.” I said to him. “You realize when it comes to grown people you can’t save them or protect them from the things they want and aren’t ready to leave.” a tear rolled down my cheek. Terryl must have felt like his words had gotten through to me because he opened the office door and walked out.
I got up out of my chair and walked over to the couch Terryl had in his office. One of the bottle girls had brought me my purse from the table, and it was laying on the couch. I walked over and pulled my cell phone out. I called Erica a few times, and it went to voicemail. I sat there thinking to myself. Why the fuck was Erica is allowing this.
I kept calling Erica over and over. Her phone went from ringing to eventually just going straight to voicemail. I don’t know how long I was in that office, but I dozed off, and Terryl woke me up. “You ready?” he asked me. “You find my sister?” I asked him. “Yup and she said to take you home.” he said, walking towards the door and holding it open. I grabbed my purse and walked out of the office.
We walked down a back hallway to a door. When Terryl opened the door, a black Cadillac Escalade was parked right at the door. I walked out, and Terryl followed me. He locked the door and then unlocked the truck. I climb in. And so did she. “So you take me to my sister.” I asked as he pulled off. “I am taking you home.” he answers real plain and straightforwardly. I got quiet, and I sat back and crossed my arms.
The car was silent for a few minutes. I was looking at my phone until Terryl asked. “What do you want?” “to go to my sister,” I answered back quickly. “No, like out of life.” he said, looking over at me. “I want a lot that don't mean I'm a get it.” I told him. “Why not?” he asked me. I rolled my eyes. “You know why,” I said to him. “No, I don't so explain.” he said, looking straight ahead. “I just got out of jail. No matter what I want or dream about that don't matter because my record will always stand in the way.” I told him. “Well, what do you want?” he said.
I sat there quietly for a moment because, in all honesty, it was the first time someone had asked me what I wanted. I was so used to people telling me what they wanted me to do or what I was going to do, from my mom to the prison system. “Well?” Terry said. “I want to be happy. I want to be free. I want to stand on my own and not need to depend on anyone. I want to own a business and I want to find my daughter.” I said to him. “Okay, so lets make it happen.” Terry said. “What?” I asked him. “Let's make it happen.” he said back to me. “Make what happen?” i told dumbfounded.
We pulled up in front of the house, and Terryl parked and turned off the car. I grabbed the car door to get out quickly. But Terryl held my hand and stopped me. “I want to help you get everything you want. I want you to see that your past does not have to stand in the way of your future. I meant what I said in the club tonight you are going to be mine and I will do anything to make sure your good with or without me.” he said. Terryl’s words were sweet. “Sounds nice, but after seeing your reaction to stuff tonight, I am not sure how I feel towards you.” I said to him. “And I respect your honesty. But I tell you this. I may have dropped the ball tonight. But I promise to never do that again. I want to protect you the way you are determined to protect Erica and if that means protecting Erica as well, I will do that to I promise. I want to give you a far shot at life before the hand you was dealt was fucked up Moe and your worth so much more than that.” I looked at Terryl, and tears came to my eyes. “Don't make promises you can’t keep.” I said to him. “I promise to make sure you 're happy. I promise to protect you and everything and everyone you love. I promise to support you and help you build the business you want. I promise to give you the moon and the stars.” “can you promise to get me my daughter back?” I said, interrupting him. “I will damn sure give my last breath trying. All I need is for you to trust me and let me in.” Terryl said back to me.
I sat back in my seat. Everything was happening so quickly. I turned and looked at Terryl. And just like that, he was back to the attractive man he was before me. The idea of him wanting to be my knight in shining armor made me speechless. Finally, I said to him, “can I have some time just to take all this in. Tonight has been a lot. And for now I just want to make sure Erica is good.” I told him. “Of course,” Terryl said, taking my phone out of my hand. “Here my number, I am always a call or text away for you.” he said to me. “Thank you,” I said with a smile as I took my phone back.
Terryl got out of the car and walked around to my side. He opened the door, and I stepped out. He walked me to the door. We got there and stood for a moment. “You go in there and get you some rest’ he said. “I will,” I said to him as I turned and opened the door. Before I could step in, Terryl pulled me back to him and kissed me. Apart from me, I wanted to push him away, but the other part of me took control and melted in his arms. “I got you,” he said as he looked me in my eyes with his hand on my chin once we separated. I pulled away and stepped inside and wished him a good night. When I closed the door, I placed my back against it and let out a deep exhale.

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