Part 5 Taylor and Stephanie

Silence came over the room as we all sat there clearly i wasn’t the only one effect by what i had seen. The silence was broken by the sound of Taylor's phone ringing. “I got to take this call.” She said after looking down at her phone than walking off into the kitchen. “You okay?” my mom asked me in a really sweet voice. “Yeahjust probably need some sleep.” i told her. “We all need sleep. But before you do that I need to talk to you and your sister about something so can you hold on.” she said. “Yeah what's up?” i asked “let's wait until Taylor gets off the phone that way I only have to say this once.” she said
Taylor came back into the living room and put her phone in her back pocket. “So we are good. My police connection said no one called in anything in this area about gunshot or anything. So unc you can go ahead and go handle get that shit cleared up down staies and get that fool out of here.” Taylor said, “cool someone let me in the garage that way I can have my car righ there and no one sees me putting him in there.” Uncle Matthew said. “Just hit the button on the wall in the garage you should be able to back right in on the empty side.” my mom told him. “Alright,” he said as he got up and went and handled his business.
“Mom, I'm staying here with you tonight since that window is broken and then in the morning I’ll get a rush on getting it repaired.” Taylor went back to talking. “ I think it's a good idea if you both stay here tonight because we have a meeting in the morning. Y'all rooms are still set up and ready for you.” my mom said. “Who we got a meeting with? The connects in town? You really think we should be meeting with them after this?” Taylor asked. “We’re meeting with the itlatins” my mom answered.
“Why?” Taylor asked. “Becuase Stephaine was right that nigga we killed is one of theirs and if someone got it out for me I rather them tell me and we handle it face to face then sending people to fuck with my peace.” my mom said. “You really think then white men gonna tell you they got a problem with you momma.” I asked. “They gonna tell me something.” my mom said real forceful. I looked over at Taylor who had taken a seat on the arm of the couch and she looked at me.
“what ?” my mom said. “Nothing” we both answered quickly. “Nah y'all lying. Fuck that Ive been raising y'all ass for twenty five years I know when y'all give eacother them looks it some twin communion shit that y'all dont wan me to know so somebody better get to talking.” she demanded. “Its nothing,” Taylor said back as i sat quietly. My mom gave her the look and then looked over at me. “stephaine “ she said I quickly turned away from her. “Huh?” i answered back sounding like a little kid. “What's going on?” she asked as i could feel her burning a hole into the side of my head. I looked over at Taylor who was now refusing to make eye contact with me. “Answer me girl” my mom commanded. “Ma it's not even my business to tell. Now can I go to bed.” I said getting up from the couch.
“Sit down,” my mom said. Taylor threw her hands up in the air and yelled out “nigga”. My mom quickly turned back to Taylor. “What did you do and you better tell me right damn now.” she said “ma it was nothing,” Taylor said. “Lies! Don’t have me going to sit down with these fuckers and then they bull some bull shit out on me and have me looking dumb founded.” she said.
Taylor sighed and rolled her eyes. “We were out playing poker tonight at the spot before coming here. The little italian dude Nick was in there getting real crazy at the mouth calling us bitches and shit so as we were leaving to come check on you I made sure to make an example of him.” Taylor said the real boss was talking to one of our workers. My mom’s eyes got big as she repeated herself this time putting more messing behind each word. “What did you do?” “ma i just shot at him. Nothing major. Not one bullet hit him.” Taylor said.
My mom shook her head. “Are you fucking serious! It doesn't matter if you shot him or not, they take that shit seriously. Your damn hot headed ass don’t fucking learn. And where the fuck was you when she was doing this shit.” my mom said to me. “I told her not to do it but you know your daughter she does what she wants.” I said in a defense mood. “Yeah I know both of my daughters very damn well and I know your ass will normally make sure shit like that dont happen so what the fuck had your ass distracted.” she said “torrence,” Taylor said.
I damn near snapped my neck from the way I whipped it around to look at Taylor. “What?” my mom said looking at both of us confused. “Some get money nigga from out of town name TOrrence walked in and all her attention went to him.” Taylor said. “We not even about to do that. Because your ass was ready to air the place out before he got there and I told you to chill. But i stil had my hand in my purse on my piece ready to have your back just in case.” I said defending myself.
Taylor went to say something and momma screamed for both of us to shut up and stop. “So both of y'all just out here saying fuck the rules.” momma said as she walked into the dining room and poured a drink at the bar in there. “Mom, I didn't break any rules,” I said to her.
“Stephaine then whos this nigga ya sister talking about.?” she said. “I just met him tonight mom. It's nothing major, he said he remembers you and dad from back when he was a kid and y'all used to hang out at the spot.” I said. “He remembers me and your dad? Hell nah.” my mom said. “What?” i said. “ you know god damn well me nor your dad would approve of you fucking with no get money nigga. I want you two to be happy and I want grandkids but not in this way where generation after generation getting deeper and deeper tied to this life. “ my mom said. “I dont even know if he a get money nigga mommy Taylor just jumping to conclusion to take the heat off her.” i said trying to defend a man I didn’t even know. “Was he at the poker game with peopl connected to the drug instudry? Didn’t he say he knew me and your dad back when we use to be at the same spot? Was he dressed like a get money nigga. Stephaine you too smart to be sumb baby if it walk like a duck and talk like a duck its a duck baby” she said.
“Mom he wasn’t even dressed like a get money nigga. He had on a button up and slacks. He was looking real fly. Shit he matches my fly.” I said to her. My mom rolled her eyes like I had said the dumbest shit in the world. “Get money niggas come in different formed baby girls. Depending on their level in the game not all of the walk around with big ass sagging clothes. The ones that come dress up with the thousand dollar watches, jewerly, top shelf cologne and name brand clothes and the main ones you worry about. Them niggas got a taste of real money and will do anything to get more of it.” my mom said to me. I rolled my eyes. My mom thought she was schooling me but I knew the game and I could tell the game from a mile away and that wasn’t Torrence. And shit it was pointless to have this discussion over a man I probably wasn’t going to see again. “Be smart Stephaine that's all I'm saying.” my mom said. “I am mom. I didn’t do nothing other then look at the man.” I said “well dont even do that sometimes all they need is a sign of attention.” she said to me.
Taylor was cracking up. “And i dont know why your hot headed ass over there laughing. Stop doing dumb shit that me and your sister have to go behind you and fix. Your too old for that shit and you know better. Now i will admit that I dont think what happened here tonight has to do with the shit you did. But I'm pretty sure by time we get to the table tomorrow it will be a topic for discussion. So your ass better be prepared to aplogize.” my mom said. “No im not.” Taylor said. “No you not what?” i mom said as if she didn’t hear Taylor clearly. “I'm not aplogzing,” Taylor said real bold. “Yes the fuck you are.” my mom told her. “Why?” Taylor asked “because I fuckn said so and we dont need no beef with them. Nicks dad might not be in charge but you think he not going to call his brother and tell him what happened to his son? Them white men love their nieces and nephew like they are their own children. So before this turns into something it doesn’t even have to be your going to aplogizw.” my mom said. “So what! I dont care. Im not aplogizing for some shit I meant. If they want beef we can do that. I'm not scared of no one. But I'm always going to demand my respect.” Taylor said
“You can make no one respect you. Respect is honored not just given away.” my mom told her. “I have honored it.” Taylor said “How?” my mom yelled. “I run thisempire. I make shit happen” Taylor said real bold with her chest poked out.
It was at that moment I knew Taylor had fucked up. My mom's head went to the side and her eye squinted just a little. “A no one person runs this empire. When I was in control I did it with your dad because I didn’t want to be like you stomping around trying to make people respect me when in reality Im fucking up my life. B you dont run shit I put you and your sister in control together because you by yourself would destory everything because you dont think before reacting. And just so we clear little girls I still run this. I may have stepped back but shit doesn't move without me knowing and approving. I am still thehead bitch in charge and will be until y'all put me in the ground. Know that and respect that. The real bosses out here dont come see y'all they call my phone. Remember that and humble your damn self. Now take ya asses to bed.” my mom said, making me feel like a kid again.
Taylor opened her mouth to call my mom's name and she put her hand up as she sipped her drink. I could tell my mom had hit a nerve with Taylor. “Just let it go Taylor we all need to just sleep tonight off.'' I said Taylor looked at me and then over at our mother. “Fuck it,” she said and walked off going upstairs. “And y'all going to watch uall mouth. The heat of the moment is over. Y'all grown but not that damn grown to be doing all that cussing in my damn house.” she yelled. I kept walking up the stairs behind Taylor. We went to our childhood bedrooms and closed the doors.

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