Part 5 Green Eyed Devil

After the conversation with my mom I stormed out the house before the house turned into a battlefield. She was messing with me. So she waited all this time to tell me this was a set up between her and my father. Why didn’t she say that before? Why didn't she prepare me. From where I was it didn’t look like Von was going with the plan.
I got in my car and screamed. My mind was on a million with questions and thoughts. I closed my eyes and held my head and all I could see was the shocked look that appeared on Von’s face when he saw me for the first time and that same look was on his face as his lifeless body laid on the ground after I shot him.
I was sorry that I fucked up their plan. But that was then and this is now. I hadn’t been working this hard for her not to give me the company, this shit was my birthright, it was the only thing I wanted in life. At this point if she wasn’t going to give it to me I was going to have to take the empire from her because There was no denying that I was a boss.
I looked down at my cup holder and saw Onyx card and picked it up. Now that I didn't have liquor in my system I had a lot of questions about him. Like where did he come from and why not once did he ask my name while we were talking but called me it as I was leaving. I was going to have to do some research on him, especially with the way he had me feeling.
I looked up from the card and seen my mom standing in the front window glaring at me. i put the card down and threw my car in reverse and head towards my office before she decided to come outside to finished talking.
I decided to turn on some music to change my mood. The one thing I always tried to do was keep Green eyed Lauren’s life separate from hazel eyed Laurens life. So I was going to have to leave that shit with my mom back at the house.
Inayah’s song Level was playing through my speakers When I pulled up to my office and noticed my assistant Renee sitting in her car. I parked and grabbed my purse and headed to her car. “Renee I don't pay you to be sitting in your car on my time…” I said as I approached her car. She looked up at me with her make-up messed up and tears rolling down her face.
“What happened?” I asked her. “Nothing Ms. Lauren I'm sorry I will be right in.” she told me in a panic. I took a closer look and noticed the bruises on her arms and chest. I also seen that she had clothes and more in her car. I walked around to the passenger side of the car and got in it. She looked at me scared when I took a seat in her little Nissan Altima. “Renee what happened?” I asked her again.
The tears started to fall down her face faster. “Talk girl damn.” I yelled. “He put me out.” she said. “Who? And put you out of what?” I asked her. “Justin! I came home last night from work and he was there with some bitch talking about how she was pregnant. Told me that they were going to be a family and I needed to leave.” she said crying. “Leave what?” I asked her with my eyebrow raised. “The house.” she said back to me.
“Hold on, you let a nigga with a 500 credit score put you out the house that you own. The one I helped you get. The one your name is on the mortgage for?” I asked her. “I didn't let him Lauren they jumped me.” she said. “Who jumped you?” I asked. “Him and the baby momma. When I refused to leave they both jumped on me and it all ended with me being dragged out. When I got ready to call the police the girl said she would press charges for child endangerment because I was swinging back.” Renee told me as she wiped off her makeup showing me her black eye and more marks on her face.
“Put this bitch in drive.” I told her as I checked my purse for my gun. “Huh, where are we going?” she asked. “To your house”I told her as I sat back. Renee looked very nervous. And I could tell that although she was very book smart, street smarts was not her thing. And that was okay, not all of us could have both like me.
When we pulled up in front of Renee’s house I pulled my gun from my purse. Her eyes got big. “Let's go.” I told her as I got out of the car. Renee opened the front door but I lead the way. We looked around the house as we made our way up to the bedroom. When we got there you could hear the sound of sex. I looked at Renee and she was covering her mouth as more tears rolled down her face.
I pulled her by her arm into the guest room. “Straighten the fuck up.” I told her. “But hes really in there fucking her in my bed.” “and that is exactly why you straighten up. Once a aint shit nigga always a aint shit nigga and aint no bitch crying over aint shit niggas. Now you go in there an claim your fucking house back. I got you.” I told her. Renee wiped her face as she looked me in the eyes. I gave her the nod to go.
We walked back into the hallway but this time she had a different confidence as she walked. She swung the bedroom door open and it hit the wall causing Justin and his bitch to stop and look at us. “Didn't I put you the fuck out last night.” Justin yelled as his bitch covered herself. “Shut the fuck up and get your shit and get out.” Renee said as she approached the side of the bed Justin was on and it made me look at her with a smile.
“What? Bitch I aint going no where now get the fuck out before I get out this bed.” he said. “You and that bitch leaving up and out of here today.” I chimed in as I pointed my gun. Justin reached for the night stand but Renee grabbed the draw and pulled the gun he was reaching for. “So I'm supposed to be scared of two bitches with guns?” he said as his bitch sat there shaking “justin lets just go momma will let us stay with her.” she said to him.
“You better go ahead.” Renee said. “Im not going no fucking where.” he answered. “You not going nowhere?” Renee asked as she looked at him and stepped out her shoes.”no fucking where” Justin said. “Okay “ Renee said as she nodded her head and started to walk away. When she got to the door I grabbed her arm. “We are not about to let them run you out your shit.” I told her. “I know” she said to me with this look in her eyes and then kept walking. I stood with my gun still pointed at them. “You better follow your friend and leave .” Justin said.
“Nigga I'm not her. And I’m already having a fucked up day. I would love to take it all out on you. I will kill you and not feel no way about it. I will show up to your funeral and hug your mother. Your best bet is to leave.” I said. “Nah Lauren he ain't got to leave.” I heard Renee say from behind me.
She entered the room with a gasoline container and started to pour the gas on the bed. “He wants this house for him and his bitch; the only way they can have it is in ashes.” she screamed. Justin’s new bitch jumped up. She grabbed what she could and ran out but that wasn’t before I punched the hell out of her as she passed me.
“Renee what the fuck are you doing” Justin yelled. “No nothing baby, just giving you what you wanted.” she answered. “You crazy bitch” he yelled. “Yup you right I'm crazy, you made me this way and i've had enough!” she said she flicked the lighter and fear finally appeared on justin's face. “Okay. Okay I’m on leave.” he said, jumping out of the bed. “Hurry the fuck up” I todl him as he struggled to grab stuff.
When he ran out of the room and we heard the front door slam we both went to the window to see him hop into the girls car and pull off. I looked at Renee and she looked at me. We burst out laughing. “Girl you were really going to burn this bitch down?” I said to her, “After what you said to me something clicked and that was the only way they were getting this place.
I looked at Renee and instantly got an idea. “Im a buy you a new bed and send in a cleaning crew for you.” I told her. “Thank you boss I dont want nothing left from that nigga or that bitch.” she told me. “Well what do you want?” I asked her. “My house cleaned” she answered, not understanding my question. “No, what do you really want Renee? what do you want out of life? Do you want that same power you just had? Respect from people to the point that no one will try you? Do you want the check you get from me at the office to be play money for you?” I asked.
“Shit hell yeah.” she answered. “Good, let's get out of here. I got an idea.” I told her.

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