Part 5: Adrianna, Brian and Stefan

“I want you to take your time with me” i said to Stefan. “Okay, baby” he said . “suck on my toes.” I told him. Without another word Stefan put my right foot to his mouth kissing up and down my foot before sucking on each of my toes. With his eyes closed. He supported my foot with one hand and with the free one he rubbed up and down my leg and thigh. When he felt like my right foot had gotten another attention he did the same to the left one.
I closed my eyes and my mind began to race. There were so many differences in Brian and Stefan this was just another case of it. Both had aimed to please me for my birthday. Brian gave me what he felt I wanted and needed while Stefan gave me complete control but asking me and letting me guide him.
My eyes opened as Stefan put down my foot and then asked what next. “Kiss my body. Slowly and passionately. Explore my body as if you are looking for a prize” I told him. Stefan said nothing. Instead he came up to my face and kissed my lips, the kiss turned from simple to passionate as his tongue entered my mouth and our tondue tangled together with our eyes closed. Stefan followed my direction to a T kissing every t making sure not to miss not one part of my body, outlining every stretch mark with his tongue and kissing every beauty mark. As he traveled down my leg and back up the other I seductively said to him. “Now that you're down there get to know her. Be gentle with her, take your time with her, make her react to you.” I said.
Stefan spread my leg apart and placed them on his shoulders. He tongue kissed my other lips just as gently and passionate as he kissed the ones on my face until my lips separated and gave him access to the pearl of my flower. I moaned out and he gently sucked on her. I placed my head on his head and looked down at him. “Damn” I said then biting my bottom lip. Stefan looked up at me. I put my head back and closed my eyes. He took me on an oral ride like he had never done before. He licked, sucked and every now and again tongue fucked me. I did everything I could to hold my juice in because I didn’t want this to be over quick.
As I was about to release I opened my eyes and looked back down at Stefan to admire me and his work. But it was Brian's face I saw instead. I jumped up and Stefan smirked at me. “That's new” he said “huh?” i said back to him as i wiped my face and his face reappeared. “You’ve never run from me like that before.” Stefan said proudly. “Because that was amazing” I said trying to pull myself together and not kill the moment. I crawled to where Stefan was on the bed and kissed him. “Now let me return the favor.” I said as I tried to push him back to lay down on the bed. “Nah this is no favor for favor type of day. This is about you.” he said to me as he moved my hands.
I sat back and looked at him. “Why are you so good to me?” I asked him. “Because i made a promise before God and everyone that loves us that I would be the husband you deserve for better or worse, sick and in health, richer or poor.” Stefan answered. “Tears started to form in my eyes and one even ran down my face. Stefan wiped it away. “Why are you crying? `` he asked. “Because I love you.” I told him. But the real answer was the guilt was eatting me up inside. How could i have bee so selfish, so stupid, how could I break my vow.
Stefan pulled me into his arms. “I love you more baby.” He said and then kissed me. I laid back on the bed pulling Stefan on top of me and we kissed. I felt Stefan remove his towel and how hard his dick was and it rubbed against me. “Baby can you just hold me?'' I asked him. “Is that all you want?” he asked me. “That's all I need.” I told him and he looked hurt as if I was denying him. “Bae I would love to have sex with you but the sex isn’t what I miss most when you aren’t here its the abilit to lay in your arm with my heart on your chest and listen to how our hearts beat as one.” I told him. Stefan nodded his head. “If that's what you want then that's what you will get, he said to me.
Stefan laid down and I laid on his chest. My smile went away when he no longer could see my face and a look of worry came over me. I couldn’t believe fuck my husband even though I wanted to and he deserved it for all the work and effort he was putting in because I fear that after sleeping with him and Brian last night with no condoms on he would notice that it didn’t feel the same. I was playing it way too close.
As I laid there Stefan ran his hand through my hair and then I heard him say my name real softly. “Adrianna?” “yes” I answered. “So when are you going to tell me?” he asked. My heart started to race to the point it felt like i could hear it in my damn hear. I tired to keep my cool as i answered. “Tell you what?” Stefan readjusted me so we could be eye to eye. “Tell me that your pregnant” he said with a real serious face. I sense of relief came over me because for a moment I thought my husband knew my secret. I laughed a little. “Pregnant? Why would you assume that?” i asked him. I've been with you for 8 years you menstrual comes after the 19th of each month faithfully. During that time is when I make sure to have all your favorite food and snacks in the house, I reup on ibuprofen and even put up extra time at work because i know you like you quiet and to be alone. But for the last two month your period has come at all there hasn’t been not one pad wrapper in the trash and you are eating the snacks all month long.
“You know when my period comes?” I asked him, shocked. “I know you, you are my wife. I pay attention to the little things about you because just like our hearts beat together our lives flow together.” he said to me. “Im not pregnant.” I said to him. “Are you sure?” he asked. “Yes I’ve just been a little stressed home in this house alone and stuff.” I told him. Stefan looked at me and said nothing. I place my head back on his shoulders and in my head tired to put things in order and determine if my husband could be right and who the father could possibly be.

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