Part 4: Sabrina and Chance

The next morning when I got home all I wanted to do was a shower. I was so happy that about time I got there Terrence was already gone on his Saturday workshop. I felt like if I scrubbed hard enough I could wash away the feeling, and the smell of chance on me. I stood in that shower and scrubbed until my skin was sore. when I got out the shower my phone was ringing. when I looked at the caller ID it was Chance. I let the call go to voicemail and then I blocked his number. after that, I went to the mirror and stared at myself. “Who are you? you about to lose everything that is important to you over some dick. you are acting like your father. your mother would turn over in her grave right now if she only knew that after all the years you watched her suffer through your dad cheating on her you turn around and did the same thing to your husband. you can’t blame no one but yourself.” I said punched the mirror causing the mirror to shatter and my hand to bleed. all I could do was sit there and cry not from the physical pain I felt but from the violation I felt from Chance last night.

   when I finally pulled myself together, got dress and wrapped my hand I decide to go downstairs and make a big dinner for Terrence. As I started to take the food out the fridge there was a knock at the door. I went to the door and it was Cassie. I opened the door and she started in on me nice and loud “you got something you want to tell me?” she asked as she followed me to the kitchen. “what are you talking about?” I asked her sounding really drained. “why did Terrence come to my house looking for you this morning and don’t act stupid because I know he not here so you can tell me the truth.” she said. I rubbed my hand over my face. “Sabrina what the fuck happen to your hand.” she said when she saw the bandage. “its nothing I cut my hand cleaning up some glass. But what did you tell Terrence when he came to your house?” I said to her. “Bitch I covered for you as friends do. I told him that he had just missed you and that you were on your way home. But next time I sure would like a heads up that you have done put me in your shit.” Cassie said. “man it wasn't even supposed to be like this I feel like everything is just getting out of control.” I said to fight back tears.

   Cassie walked up and hugged me. “what the fuck is going on you were just so happy yesterday now your a totally different person.” she said. “because yesterday my situation was different.” I said to her. “what the fuck happens.” she said. “Bitch I don't know if when I sucked Chance dick it unlocked his crazy box or what but first he started telling me I should leave Terrence for him and that he loved me,” I said. Cassie gave me a look like she smelled something nasty and said “love? didn’t you say its only been two months?” I nodded my head. “exactly. then we fucked last night and I fell asleep at his house when I woke up it was 3:30 am and Terrence was blowing up my phone so I told him that I had got drunk and fell asleep on your couch that why he came to your house this morning. I wanted to go home last night but Chance wouldn’t let me.” I said. “what you mean he wouldn’t let you what type of kinky stuff was Y'all doing.” she said. “well before I called Terrence to let him know what was going on and that I was on my way home Chance was in the bed sleep. In mid conversation with Terrence Chance appeared in his living room with me. Then Terrence told me it was okay to just stay cause you know he thought I was at your house. when I hung up I turn around and got slap because I told Terrence I loved him in front of Chance.” Cassie interrupted me “he slapped you? oh hell no, where he lives?” Cassie said. “after that, I tried to leave and he blocked me, then he forced me to have sex with him.” I said.

   Cassie stood there with her mouth open. “did you go to the police?” she said. “police for what?” I asked her. “because Sabrina you were raped.” she said. “how am I suppose to explain that to the police, that I went over there to have sex with him but after having sex twice I decide I didn’t want to anymore.” I said with a sarcastic voice. “that's exactly what you tell them, that mother fucker is crazy and I hope this was an eye-opener for you to get rid of his ass. But you need to call the police Sabrina when he decided to keep you against your will that's against the law and when you said no that made it rape.” Cassie said. “I’m not calling the police because then I will have to tell Terrence what happens. All I want to do at this point is act like nothing ever happen and go back to loving my husband and the life I live. that was my consequences for what I did. I dealt with it now I am moving on. I am going to make my man dinner and enjoy the rest of this weekend with him.” I said.

   Cassie shook her head. “ I want you to know that I am against this I think you should call the police even if that means you have to come clean to Terrence. But Chance needs to pay for what he did to you. But as a friend I will respect your wishes.” she said. “thank you very much. Now you want to drink while I cook.” I said to her. “sure as long as I get a plate.” Cassie said.

Cassie and I talked until I finished cooking then she left. once she was gone I got the house and myself nice and sexy for Terrence’s arrival. When Terrence arrived I had all the light down low, soft music playing, candlelight and I was sitting at the dinner table dressed in lingerie waiting for him. “wow” he said when he saw me. I smirked, “I hope that's a good wow.” I said. “that definitely a good wow, you look fantastic,” he said. I stood up and smiled “thank you. have a seat I have the whole night planned out for us.” I said as I walked into the kitchen to grab his plate and wine. I came back out and sat his plate in from of him. “this looks so good babe. what made you do all this.” he asked. I was silent for a moment and then I said: “I just wanted to show you how much I appreciated you and that I was sorry.”  “sorry for what?” Terrence asked looking confused. “Everything…. you know not coming home last night and stuff.” I said trying to smile. “well bae you are definitely forgiven.” he said as he dug into his plate. I went back into the kitchen took a deep breath as I grabbed my plate and then put the biggest smile on my face as I walked back out to join my husband at the table.

I spent the whole night catering to him. after dinner we laid on the couch and he laid across my lap and I feed him strawberries while he read me a book in between each strawberry. From a cough we went to the bedroom and I let Terrence have sex with me in any way he wanted to I could care less that it was same old routine that I knew off the back of my hand I moaned and made my king feel just like that like a king, because with all I had done behind his back I definitely did not deserve him at all.

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