Monica Part 4

It's not until you can't do something or don't have access to something that you miss the simple things, like the peace of taking a shower alone in a private bathroom. It felt amazing to be in a shower with good water pressure and temperature and not have to worry about wearing shoes or having a bunch of bitches surrounding you. I scrubbed my body clean like I was trying to get to a new layer of skin. The feeling of dove soap on my skin and its smell in the air gave my body such excitement.
As I took the fancy shower head down that Erica had set up to rinse off my body, I let out a sigh of relief as the water flowed down my body, rinsing off the soap. It sent me into shock when I brought the showerhead down my body, and the pressure hit my pussy. It sent a tingle up my spine that was very relieving. I looked at the showerhead in amazement, finally figuring out what all of them fancy bitches were talking about in those magazines I used to read about their particular time with their showerheads. I lifted my legs and rested them onto the edge of the tub and then eased the showerhead back down, thinking I had a few moments to get myself right and take the edge off from everything that had happened.
I rubbed my free hand across my breast and played with my nipples between my fingers. I closed my eyes, visualizing someone else touching on me. The idea my imagination was giving me of someone giving me a slow, steady head in the shower as I rested one of my legs on their shoulders mixed with the feeling of this shower head was getting me right where I needed to be. Until my own imagination revealed it had me fucked up when my secret someone rose from between my legs to kiss my other lips, and I could see it was Delray. I damn near ripped the shower curtain down when I jumped from my fantasy and quickly turned off and put the showerhead away.
This shit was wrong. I mean, the head the nigga gave me was terrific, and he was packing a good amount of dick with a good stroke game. So I figured what he gave me in the bathroom was only a sample, and it got better. But I couldn't be thinking of him in that way; he was Erica’s man. I had to tell her what happened, or this hit was going to eat me up. I was hoping and praying she would understand. I mean, how was I supposed to know about him when she never mentioned him when we did our daily calls.
I got out of the shower and got dressed. Because I was into the natural and straightforward stuff, it only took me a few minutes to throw on some fitted jeans, a white tee and threw my hair up in a ponytail. Erica was still in her room when I stepped out of my room, so I figured I'd see what was in the kitchen. As I walked through the house, I looked at the pictures Erica had hanging around to decorate her home. There were so many of her and Nicole that it made me a little sad. From family photos to prom to graduation. The images were like a reminder of all I had missed in my own life and in Erica's.
I grabbed some orange from the fridge and headed to the living room to drink it and watch a little tv while I waited on Erica. As I entered the living room, I noticed the table Erica had behind the couch with more pictures on it. I went over to the table to take a look. As I skimmed over the photos, I stopped and picked up one frame in the back, "Young Moe and Young E," I heard Erica say from behind me.
"Damn, who would have thought this would be our last photo together." I said, looking at the photo. "Yeah, but now we can take more because I hate only having one picture of you in my house and I want you to feel at home too." Erics said cheerfully. I smiled at her as she hugged me a little. "You ready?" she asked. "yeah "I said, putting the photo back where I found it. We grabbed our purse and headed out the door.
About forty-five minutes later, we were sitting in bathrobes without hair wrapped up in towels getting pedicures. I looked around the spa, taking in how nice it was and all the white women surrounding us. "E, this place is nice. But you know you don't have to spend all your hard earned money on me." I said to her. "Girl relax, this is all on Delray. He sends me here all the time to have a day of pampering. He wanted to treat us since I told him how crazy last night was once we got home. He just wanted us to feel better." she said, smiling.
I instantly became bothered. It was bad enough this man knew my privates I could never take back, but now he knew my business. I quickly tried to pull my face together. "So what else have you told Delray about me." I asked her. "Well, he now knows what you look like since he got to meet you last night, even though you were giving him the cold shoulder. He knows you have been to jail, but he never asks for how long or for what. Most of all he knows I love you with all my heart so he loves you with all of his because he loves me so I need you to be nice to him Moe." she said.
"Mmhm," I said to her, "seriously Moe, he is a good guy to get to know him. I know you're my big sister and you're protective of me. But you don't have to protect me from him." Erica said. "Well, tell me about him then. Since you like him so much but yet didn't mention him to me, not once. Which is odd because we are best friends and talk about anything," I said? "I do really like him, Moe. I might even love him. We've been talking for six months and every day has been so perfect with him. He opens me up to stuff I have never experienced before. He takes me places and shows me off. He makes me feel like a woman and satisfies my needs and wants without me asking him to or telling him to. He is the man I've been dreaming of," she said with this look on her face.
"Is that so? Has he met Nicole?" I asked. "Yeah, they met; she loves me, but he feels like she is no good," Erica said. "Well, at least we know he has common sense," I said. "Yes, he does, sis; he's damn near perfect. We met one night when I was out with some of my coworkers. I was so used to them thug niggas that I had been telling you about when we talked on the phone. But he came up to me, introduced himself, and he sat down and we talked, and he held a conversation with me that never once turned sexual. He told me how he owned a funeral home and that he was 28 and divorced with no kids. He had married his high school sweetheart, and she cheated on him with his best friend. At the end of the night, we exchanged numbers, and the rest is history." she said. "Damn, so you met your prince charming six months ago, and big sis is just now finding out. I said. "We were focused on your release. I didn't want to take away from that. But believe me, he's a great guy," Erica said.
"You must be talking about that brother of mine," a caramel-complexion girl said as she came up and took a seat at the pedicure station on the other side of Erica. "Hey Toy girl i didn't know you were coming here today I would have swung by and picked you up." Erica said, "yeah Delray hit me up and told me he paid for me a spot and I was to drive my new 2021 Audi A8 plus im assuming its so me and you could spend some time together. You know how he is about family." Toy said. "Well me, you and my sister Moe." Erica said, bringing me into the conversation.
I gave a wave as Toy looked down the row at me. "Damn, I never knew you had a sister. Nice to meet you." Toy said, "yeah she just got home." Erica said. Toy looked me up and down, then nodded her head. "Welcome home. So are y'all coming out to the club tonight?" Toy said. "You know it," Erica said. "Not me, I'm a sit tonight out." I said, "don't be like that come on out that way I can get to know you more. Seeing that we are all going to be family, anyway." Toy said, giving me this look that i had experienced one-to-many times while locked up. "I'll think about it." I said. I sat back while Toy and Erica kept chit-chatting.
After pedicures, massages, manicures, waxes, etc. I left the spa looking and feeling like a new woman. This silk press Erica convinced me to get since I was against the weave, had my hair down my back and just a little spice the stylist threw in some dirty brown highlights in there too. I was completely feeling myself. After all their talking, I let Toy and Erica convenience me to go out tonight.
I stood in the hallway, looking myself over. I had let Erica pick out my outfit and do my makeup. Now here I stood with what she called a natural beat, and lashes on that drew attention to my eyes with a pop of red on my lips. She paired it with a multi-colored earth tone long sleeve maxi dress that hugged all my curves in all the right places. "Damn you look good." Erica said. "Thank you. You look damn good yourself." I told her, smiling as she spun around in the mustard yellow short dress with a deep cut v neck showing her breast. "let's head out. Toy and Delray are waiting on us." she said. "E before you go. I have to say that Delray…" Erica stopped me. "Delray is a nice guy and I want you to get to know him because I love him Moe." she said. I looked at my little sister with my mind racing. All I wanted to do was tell her my mistake, but she was making it damn hard.
We got to the club and bypassed the line. Clearly, Erica came here a lot because she knew the bouncer and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek on the way in. We walked through the club full of people until we finally made it to the VIP section Delray and To were sitting in. They both stood up, and Delray extended his hand to me again like he did the night before when we met. I looked over at Erica, who was looking at me, and then took his hand. I went to give Toy a handshake too, but she pulled me in. "I'm a hugger," she said as I felt her hand ease its way down my back to the top of my round ass. I backed up and looked her in the eyes, and she smiled "sit," she instructed.
Erica and I joined them. Erica quickly put her attention on Delray as Toy grilled me. "So how long were you in?" she asked "eight years." I said with an attitude as I pulled my phone out to find something to put my attention on. "Where are you working?" she asked. "I haven't started looking yet but Monday I'll be anywhere that will hire someone like me with a record." I said. "Bae, you should Moe a job at the funeral home." Erica said excitedly. "Nah, I'm good," I said before Delray answered. "I got some opening at my nail salon," Toy said. "I know nothing about doing nail. But thanks," I said to her quickly. "Oh, believe me, I can find something for you to do." she said, looking me up and down, licking her lips.
Before I could say anything, I heard. "The Matthew sisters are in the building." I turned and looked at this fine ass chocolate man in a full suit. Delray stood up, and he and the new guest slapped up. I kept staring at the new guy, trying to realize why something about him seemed so familiar. "Still haven't figured it out yet, Moe? I mean, a nigga get his clothes together, teeth straighten and contacts, and now you don't know me. I looked a little closer. "OMG, Terryl," I said, jumping out of my seat to hug the blast from my past.
Terryl smelled so good. And the feeling I got as he wrapped his arm around me made me want to melt in his arms. He came a long way from the four eyes nobody that used to next door from us. I thought he was cute back then and always thought it would be him I would lose my virginity to. But he was fine now.
"Damn girl, you are looking good," he said to me, and I blushed. "You are not looking too bad yourself," I told him. "Bro, you know her?" Delray asked. "Hell yeah, Moe and I go back," Terryl answered, still looking at me. "Bae Terryl and Moe you to be a thing when we were kids. Maybe we can double date. Since you and Terryl are best friends," Erica said, smiling from ear to ear. "We were just good friends," I said. "Well, can a good friend take you to the bar and get you a drink?" Terry asked. I looked over at Toy, who was grilling the hell out of Terryl and me. "Yeah, let's see what you can afford," I said in a joking manner. "Seeing that I own the club, I think I can afford everything in here," Terryl said in a cocky way. "Well, then" let head over to the bar," I said, wrapping my arm around his.
Terryl walked me through the coward to the bar, and I stood there waiting as he went behind the bar to make my drink himself. As I watched Terryl, I heard a voice on the side of me. "So that's what we doing now, you fuck me last night and on to my best friend." I looked Delray up and down and then laughed a little. "Im know you play." I said. "So I can only hit it once and that it? I know you didn't tell Erica because she would have said something." Delray said with this evil smirk on his face. I looked him up and down, not seeing the same attractive guy I did once before. "Hell no, you can't hit this again. But I will give you a pick you want me to fuck your sister to make you and Erica even or make your best friend love me so you can watch it."

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