Part 4 Micha and Dawn

The next morning I woke up at my nail salon in my office on my couch. I sat up looking around. Was hard to believe i was here, i had a home that I had made perfectly but yet I let my anger of what I would do to this man run me up and out of it. I put my hands on my head because my head was pounding once i sat up straight. This was a normal side effect of when i got angry, that's why i tried to avoid it, i picked up my purse from the floor and felt around inside for my headache medicine. My fingertips hit the cold metal of my gun and i pulled it out.
I looked at it for a few minutes thinking how differently today could be had i just pulled the trigger last night. Everything in me still wanted to take Micha's last breath away. I didn’t like to be hurt. I didn’t like to be the butt of any joke. Or anyone's stepping stone for them to get to where they wanted to be and that's exactly how Micha had me feeling and I was trying my hardest not to react but to think every one of my next movements out. But the fact of the matter was if i that last night Micha would have still won because i would still lose everything i worked so hard for.
I got up and walked over to my desk and took a seat. I bent over and opened my safe. I sat the gun inside and then looked at the money that was stacked up inside. Thoughts raced through my head. Do I relocate the money? Take a part of it and get settled into a new home away from Micha. Then i told myself no. I wasn’t going against my original plans I already knew what Micha ending goal was and what my goal was, now it was time for big fish to put little fish back in their places.
I got up from my desk and walked back over to the couch. I grabbed my purse and brought it over to my desk. I poured everything over my purse that i had inside including my wallet. I stuffed all the money init. Then i set my purse on top of the desk. And picked up my phone to see what time it was. It was already 9:45 am. I still needed to send a notification out that the grand opening was canceled, along with going to see Russell and being back by 2 pm to meet the security company. In other words, i had no time to feel like what I was going through.
I looked around my office trying to piece a schedule into my head. I grabbed my purse to head out and then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. “Damn i need cothes.” i said looking around my office. I didn't have an extra shirt, hoodie, or anything laying around; all i had was some toothpaste, a toothbrush, and some mouth wash in the top draw of my desk. I damn sure wasn’t going back home so i had to figure something out. As i stood there I remember when i moved in that it was another black girl that came in and introduced herself to me. She told me she had a boutique in the same plaza and i told her I would come in one day and check it out and support her. I guess this was a great time to keep my word.
I quickly headed down there. Amora’s boutique was nice. The owner called her self A guess she thought no one could pronounce AMora. I looked around and she had a few nice pieces I liked but I was on the move so i had to be quick. I grabbed a sweatsuit; paid and told her I would definitely be back. I headed back to my shop. I freshened up and got a dress. Thank god i was one of them girls that kept extra shoes in her car because i was able to find a pair of Jordan's in my back seat to go with my sweatsuit.
Once i was done getting dressed a call came through on my phone i picked it up to see who it was and it was Micha. He must have just woken up and realized i wasn’t there. I rolled my eyes and put my phone back down on my desk. I tied my sneakers and checked to make sure i had everything I needed before i left. I locked the shop up and doubled check to make sure it was locked. Even though i had all the money on me. I still didn't want to take the risk of someone being in my shop again.
As i drove to Russell’s house a text from Micha came through; hey babe I didn’t hear you leave this morning. I'm sure you're handling everything for the shop. But I just wanted you to know I love you, be careful and I’ll see you later. I rolled my eyes and started to make some calls in regards to my shop and the grand opening. By the time I pulled up to Russell’s front door i was wrapping up my call with ADT to push my appointment back to 4 pm instead of 2 pm and then ensure they knew what i needed to be installed.
I parked my car and got out. I knocked on Russell's door and a big black guy opened it. “What's up Dawn.” he said going from super serious to a huge smile. “Hey Walt, Russell’s expecting me. “I responded. “Yeah i know he told me.” he said as he let me step inside the house and closed the door behind me.
I followed Walt down the hall to his office. He knocked and Russell told us to enter. The guard let me in and once stepped far enough inside he closed the door behind me. So Russell and I could talk. “Well, you're a lovely site this morning,” Russell said as I took a seat. “Thank you,” i said smiling at him. “So what up Dawn? It's not even noon and you here.” Russell said. I dawg in my purse and started to pull out the money. “What's this?’ Russell asked as I stacked the money upon his desk. “I'm done,” i told him with a straight face as I sat back in my chair. “What you mean you done?’ Russell said as he got out of his seat and came around the desk and got close to me. “I'm not in the game no more. I'm done working for you. This is everything i owe you plus a little more.” i told him.
Russell nodded his head as he ran his hand across the mone. “Damn… you always told me that this was only temporary for you. But i never thought you was serious or that I was really going to lose one of my best sellers.” he said. “Well you are.” i said. “So what you going to do now, go legit?” he asked. “Yeah, i got my salon up and running.” i told him. Russell looked at me for a moment before asking “then why don’t you seem happy about it” he said.
I said nothing but instead, i turned and looked the other way. “Dawn tell e the truth; what going on? Cause this was a crazy move.” he asked. I looked at him in his eyes but i couldn’t open my mouth to say anything. So i turned away again. Russell put his hand under my chin and turned my head back to him. “Tell me Dawn. Cause i know you aint send me no text yesterday to meet with me t give me some money i could have sent someone to come pick up from you when the month was over.”
I looked in Russell's brown eyes again and it was something about him that made me feel safe, something that made me feel like i could tell him anyway. “I got a problem going on and I didn’t feel like your money would be safe until the end of the month.” i told him. “I’m listening,” he told me leaning back on his desk. “So…” “so what?” he asked “so… Micha is trying to get over on me,” i said. “Expain,” Russell said with a different tone of voice. “Hes trying to get that money and anything else he can take from me. I heard from on the phone last night. He thought I was in the shower but I had stepped out to get something. And when I did i heard from downstairs talking to someone talking about how this fake robbery they set up at my shop didnt go as planned because i pulled a gun.” i explained. “And who was he talkin to?” Russell asked. “The bitch he trying to take my shit and run off with.” i said angrily. “Oh hell nah.” Russell said standing up and pacing. “Yup I was so upset i slept at my hop last night because I wanted to blow that nigga brains out.” i said “you should have, I told you that little nigga was not the one for you. I tld his ass was weak and wasn’t to fold someway somehow.” Russell said. “Yeah but you also said that after i told you we couldn’t make love no more because o was taking my relationship with him more serious.” I reminded Russell.
“Man don’t say it like i was hating on the little nigga becase we both know I wasn’t. No matter how good your pussy was or how much of a dope ass cick i thought you were i was going to beg you or force you to see what i seen. I just knew what I seen in him but i also knew you were a smart girl and you was going to have to figure it out on you own. That's why i still kept supply you with product to sell for me. “ Russell said.
I bit down on my lip and nodded my head trying to fight back the tears. “Dawn listen dont cry. You know i got you forever and alway. When i found you working at that car wash i promised you i would always be here for you and that promise sill remains the same.” Russell said as he wiped my tears. “Thank you,” i said looking at him. “No need. Just tell me how you want to handle this because you know i can have that nigga picked up and dealth with today. Same way we did you mom’s boyfriend in the past” Russell said.
“Nah this shit is personal i want to be the one to get this nigga. He wants to take everythign I have and you know how i feel about that i work my ass off to be where I am today so Im not taking this shit lightly. “ “i know baby girl,” Russell told me. “Not to mention that bitch ass nigga played with my heart now i wont be happy to him and that bitch who ever she is aren’t breathing.” i said almost yelling.
“So be it queen, you know my boys are at your use and they will do whatever for you. You lead and they will follow. But in the mean time bring your fine ass over here and lets me work in mending that heart.” Russell said as he lends in and we kissed.

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