Part 4 Laila and Christian

“Lala i need to talk to you.” I heard from behind me as i got dressed. “Okay.” I answered. “ I don’t know how to say this to you.” “Say what bae?” I asked Christian cheerfully. “Well I need you to pack your stuff in the next few days and find somewhere else to move.” He said. I got excited “I can finally start looking for us a bigger house?” i asked. “You can find you a bigger house if that’s what your heart desires.” He said. I stopped what I was doing and looked at him confused. “Christian what the hell are you saying to me?” I asked.
“Laila I need you out of my house.” I started to laugh. “What house?” I asked because clearly, I was having a rough time hearing this morning. “this house. My house” he said with a straight face. “Yeah I know you playing with me right now. Good joke.” I said letting my smile return. “Nothing about this is a joke. We are both well accomplished in our careers. But we aren't happy together. we both have too much money and life to live to keep settling and be miserable.”
“So I make you miserable and feel like you're settling? All these year I invested into you. All these years I loved you and now your unhappy and miserable?” I yelled.”Lala there is no reason to get mad. this marriage was a business deal and we are established business wise. So I think its a good time to end it. We both walk way with everything we originally wanted.” he said
I stood there with tears in my eyes wanting to throw the high heel shoe I had in my hand at him. Finally, I took a deep breath; “you know what fuck you. If you that miserable and settling you leave but I'm not leaving shit that got my name attached to it. so you can be in here with some random bitch.” I told him. “She’s not some random bitch.” he said. “What?” I said to him with an attitude. “Its not some random bitch I’m leaving you for its Sierra.”
“Oh hell no.” I said popping up. The darkness of the room let me know that it was all a dream. I let out a deep sigh as I laid back in bed. Two days had passed and while everyone else was going on with their lives everything in me was mixed with different emotions. I was pissed off and wanted to fuck up Christian and sierra's asses. But at the same time, I was crushed that they'd do me like this. Sierra was my sister and no matter how we ended up in this relationship Christia was my man.
Everything I had worked for was about to be fucked up because of Christian. I couldn’t stand the sight of him. I wasn’t sleeping in the same bed as him let alone the same room. He wasn’t bothered by it. I could still hear him coming and going, laughing on the phone, etc. Here was broken and not sure what was going to happen next for us. But he was still going on with life like nothing was going on.
I hadn’t been to my boutique or even bothered to answer my phone. Every time it rang my heart dropped and I expected someone to be calling to say the news of Christian and Sierra was now viral and i wasn’t ready to face that.
I knew I probably looked a mess. No matter how much I slept I didn't feel rested at all. My phone rung and I slowly rolled over in bed to get it off the nightstand. When i looked at the caller ID and saw my mother's name I put the phone back. “Not today ma.” I said as laid back down.
The bedroom door opened and I instantly heard my mother’s voice. “So at least i know for sure now that you ignoring me,” she said. I sat up in the bed and looked at her as she walked in and closed the door behind her. “Momma, what are you doing here?” I asked “well I’ve been reaching out to check on you since what happened between you and your sister a few days ago and you hadn’t answered so I figured that meant you wanted to see me in person.” she said to me. “Momma I’ve just needed some time. I was going to pay the taxes on your house.” I said. “Did I ask you to?” she said back to me. “If I don't who will?” I asked. “Lala I am over 50 years old. I didn't have children for y'all to take care of me. What y'all do willingly I appreciate but just like I made things happen before I had you and once I had y'all that woman in me still remains.”
I looked away and momma took a seat on the bed. “So what's going on wit you?” she asked. “Nothing” I answered quickly. “Lala I’m not stupid don’t tell me nothing when its 11am on a tuesday and you sitting in a room in the dark, looking and smelling like who did it and what for?”
I smelled myself and the blankets. My emotions had me trapped in this bed to the point i wasn’t thinking about showering. “Momma im abut to lose everything I worked hard for.” I said to her ready to cry. “And why is that?” she asked and I looked at her confused. “Are you serious? Your daughter! Shes going to tell the whole world she been separating her legs for my husband and paint him out to be this monster. People are going to judge us and not want to work with him nor me anymore.” I said. “And the storm will pass.” she said calmly. “What?” i said to her.
“Yor going through a storm right now and you might not see the light at the end of the tunnel but i can promise you will,” she said. “I wouldn’t be going through this storm if it wasn’t for your daughter.” I fussed. “One thing I know about sex is when both parties are willing to participate you can’t just blame one. They are both wrong,” she said. “But she’s my sister. She owes me….” momma interrupted me. “And that's the mistake right there. She owes you nothing. Yes, she’s your sister but doesn’t assume because of that she owes you loyalty or trust. That is something people pick and choose who they are willing to give it to.
“So what she did was okay?” i asked angrily. “I never said that. What Sierra did was completely wrong. And i told her that. She was even wrong for bringing my situation into. But you can’t forget that the same way you get a man is the same way you lose him.” she said. “I didn’t sleep with Christian while he was with someone else.” I said in defense. “So you didnt know about him and your sisters relationship before you agreed to marry him?” she asked as she looked me in the eye.”i knew they had slept together but he said it was nothing and he choice me.” i answered.
“But did you discuss it with your sister? Did you feel like you owed it to her to see how she felt about the situation.” I sat there quietly. “Here i brought you some comfort food.” she said as she handed me a bowl of mac n cheese, yams, ham, and a piece of cornbread. I smiled as i smell of the food hit my nose.
I took a bite of the food and enjoy every moment of chewing. “Momma,” i said. “Yes?” she answered. “What do I do now?” i asked her. “Live” she answered with no question. “But my husband feels like he settled for me.” I said. “I didn’t raise you to be anyones 2nd or last choice. If he is unhappy and don’t see your value. Let him go. We don’t keep no man that don’t want to be kept and you darn sure don’t let him play in your face like your a toy.” she told me with a straight face.

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