Part 4: Kayden, Kiara, and London

Everything with Erica and I was going perfectly lately. It was like a breath of fresh air to be with someone who not only wanted me but actually loved me. Ever since seeing Kayden and London we hadn’t seen or heard anything from London. Erica and I were really enjoying each other now that there was no one bothering and interrupting our lives. I was excited about the memories we were making. For instance tonight Erica had a special date night planned for us. I was extremely excited. I had been waiting all day to see what she had in store. I was literally counting down the minutes until i was leaving work. As of right now, I was about tens mins away from being able to run out of this office and being on my way home.
When those ten minutes were up I raced out of the office and to my car. When I pulled up to my house I was so excited I left all my stuff in the car and just locked the doors. When I walked up to the door there was a note stuck to the door with my name on it. I opened it and read: Come inside and get undress. I’ve laid some lingerie out for you and a glass of wine. Get comfortable and then place the blindfold that I have out for you on. Then wait, I will be there to serve you.
I went into the house and followed every step that she had laid out for me. In the living room was a massage table, across it, laid the lingerie and the blindfold. There was also a sticky note on the massage table that said lay here. I got changed right there in the middle of the living room and then I got up on the massage table. The last thing I did was put on the blindfold. I laid there and listened to some music that started to play and then some movement in the kitchen. I laid on the table for a little while and then I said: “baby I’m in here waiting for you.”
Erica said nothing but a few moments later I felt fingers coming up my thighs. Then I was greeted with a kiss that sent a chill through my body and a smile on my face from ear to ear. After that, I felt warm oils landing on my body. Then the hands came back and started massaging my body starting at my feet, then up to my left side to my thighs to my breast and not missing a spot in between. she massaged all the way to the top of my head and then back down to the bottom of my right foot.
From my foot, she worked her way back up to my inner thigh and massage there. She worked her way up teasing me every inch of the way. When she got close to my vagina I felt her climbing on top of the massage table with me. She moved my lingerie up so she could have perfect access to my full body. She started to suck on my breast which I expected because she knew how much that turned me on. She sucked on each one sometimes taking them in her mouth and using her tongue to play with my nipples. As she played with my breast my vagina got wetter and wetter. While Erica played and sucked on my boobs she rubbed on my clit, turning me on even more.
I moaned as she gently rubbed on my clit. As she rubbed I began to move my hips. She went from sucking on my breast to kissing down my stomach finally greeting my vagina with her tongue. Although we had sex on the regular something was different about this it was passionate, it was steamy, it was a different type of turn on. The pleasure she was giving me made me reach down and grab her head looking for that slicked back ponytail with the puff that she normally had when we made love. She grabbed my hands and moved them out the way and went back to doing what she was doing. When it got good I grabbed her head again. Not thinking much of the fact that it wasn’t normal that she would have her hair down during sex.
She completely stopped this time and I felt her move off the table. I wasn’t sure if she was mad or what because I couldn’t see with the blindfold on. But all I could do was hope I hadn’t messed up the night because I would normally grab on her during sex. I reached for her trying to see where she went as I said “ baby please don’t stop. come back. I’m sorry it just felt so damn good.” Erica said nothing but then I felt her grab my hand that I was waving around trying to find her. Then something went around my wrist. “Handcuffs?” I said smiling. We had played with a few different types of toys in the bedroom but as simple and basic as handcuffs were this was the first time we were using them.
Once the handcuffs were on I felt the table move and then I was greeted on my lips with a kiss. Then a line of kisses leading down my stomach leading to the other set of lips I had. Erica kept going eventually sliding her fingers inside of me and hitting that perfect little spot as she gave me head. The restriction made the orgasm that was coming even better. The tension built more and more, and when I finally orgasmed it was so amazing.
When she was done feasting on me she helped me off the table without saying a word. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the silent treatment but the amazing time we were having took my mind off that. She led me into the dining room and sat me down. She feeds me fruit and chocolate as she sat on my lap. The feeding got more and more sexual she put chocolate on my lips and licked it off. As we kept going she started to grind on my lap. The feelings of our clits rubbing together as we passionately kissed were perfect. I lent my head back and moved down in my chair to a perfect angle. Erica pulled the blindfold off and as I opened my eyes to look at her I was surprised to see it was not Erica at all.
“London! What the fuck are you doing in my house?” I said when I realized what I thought was Erica was London the whole time. “What's wrong baby are you not happy to see me?” London said with a crazy smile on her face. “What are you doing here and where the hell is Erica?” I asked “baby don’t worry about the trash I took it out. Let me grab your plate and show you what I cooked.” She said as she hopped off my lap and went into the kitchen excited. I stood up “I don’t want shit you cooked. London takes these handcuffs off me and gets your crazy ass out my house.” I said trying to free myself.
London came out of the kitchen still smiling. “But look I made you a special dinner. You don’t really want me to leave I know you don’t you just don’t want Erica to know and it okay you have nothing to worry about I promise,” she said. “London did you not hear me; take these cuffs off me and get the hell out my house,” I said pissed off. London looked at me and then said. “Okay I’ll take the handcuffs off so you can eat, let me get the keys,” she said walking back into the kitchen. She came back out of the kitchen shaking the keys so I could see them and then said. “But if you do something stupid there will be consequences,” she said placing a gun on the table. I looked at the gun and then at her. “London what the hell are you doing? Why are you doing this? And where is Erica” I asked.
London sat down at the table and started to eat from the plate she said was for me. “I am showing you a better side than the trash you been dealing with, the trash I warned you about,” London said smiling. “London how did you get in here? Does Kayden know where you are?” I asked. “Baby no worries Kayden is off on a trip like always there is nothing or no one to interrupt us. She said. At this point, my anger was tearing into fear. But I was still concerned about Erica. She had texted me at about 3 pm saying she had gotten into my place just fine and she was setting up everything. All I could do was wonder and pray that London hadn’t done anything to her. But with how crazy she was acting right now I wasn’t too sure.
“London baby, where’s Erica? She said earlier that she was here I don’t want her to walk in and interrupt us.” I said trying to convince her that I was going along with what this was that she had planned out. “Oh don’t worry she won’t. I handled that. Like I told you I would.” she said smirking. “London what the hell did you do to Erica?’ i yelled. “Ugh, you so concerned about that hoe that you're fucking up our night. You don’t even realize you wouldn’t even know her if it wasn’t for me,” she said. “London!” I yelled again. London picked up the gun. “Get your ass up, you want to see what happened to the bitch I’ll show you,” London said with anger in her voice.
We walked back to my guest room and London opened the door. There Erica was handcuffed and unconscious. She had what look like a black eye and a busted lip but I couldn’t tell if she was breathing. “Erica “ I yelled as I moved towards her. Then I felt the butt of London’s gun hit the back of my head. “I told you not to do anything stupid.” I heard her says as I laid on the ground of the room floor. “You want this bitch so bad so be it. You going to die with this bitch today. Get up.” London said. I held my head as I pulled myself up “London you don’t want to do this.” I said. “Shut the fuck up and get on the bed with that bitch,” she yells as she shot one bullet into the ceiling.
I muscled up the strength and pulled myself onto the bed. When I got on the bed I took Erica's arm into my hand and tried to take her pulse. “She’s not dead I gave her a dose or some meds I bought online that make her unconscious for a few hours,” London said sounding annoyed. As I looked at London I could see the shadow of someone in the doorway behind her.”London what the fuck are you doing?” Kayden said as he stepped into the light of the room. London seemed shocked when she spun around and seen him she hid the gun behind her back. “umm baby what are you doing here?” she asked. “Did you really think I was that stupid London? I saw how you reacted when we ran into them. I wasn’t 100% sure if you were into women or which one you were into but when you started acting funny. I paid action. You normally nagged and complained about me having a business trips but lately, you wanted me to go on more of them. So I knew some shit was up. SO every time I said I was on a business trip I was really here following you as you stalked them. London I’m not going on any further in this relationship with another secret murder between us. You cheated before and got attached and when they wouldn’t play by your rules, and you could have all of us like you wanted, you went and did some crazy shit like this.” Kayden said.
“Baby it's not like that this time.” London pleaded. “You said that when it was Willie and Rashonda and then you called me to help you clean up a murder scene. He wouldn’t agree to be your permanent side nigga, with no other woman in his life so you killed him and because I love you I stayed with your crazy ass after helping you clean up the mess. Do you know how much it haunts me that there are two families out there that think that their loved ones died in a house fire. when you killed them and the fire was to cover it up. Well, let you have me feeling like that again.” Kayden said. London pulled out her gun and pointed it at Kayden. “So after all we have been through, what are you going to do leave me? Nah, see you don’t get that option. Just like I killed them I will kill you too.” she said. Kayden took his gun out “London don’t make me do this. I may have taught you everything you know about guns but not everything I know.” Kayden said.
This was some straight movie bullshit. “What the hell is going on here?” I screamed. London spun around “sh

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