Part 4 Green Eyed Devil

The feel of his hand rubbing on my body as we laid across the silk sheets. The wet of his tongue as he ran it up and down my spine. I knew nothing about sex but if this was how good it felt I wanted more. He eased his hand under me and brought my ass up. He slid my panties to the side and I looked back at him. The feel of him entering my virgin pussy knocked the wind out of me. “Just breathe,” he told me. And I followed the more he stroked the better it got. “What’s my name?” he said and before I could answer there went the sound of the alarm clock.
I sat up in my bed smiling from ear to ear. After my encounter with Dr.Young and a nightcap with my vibrator sleep wasn’t hard for me to find. But I was shocked to be having a dream about him. I had never even had sex before. When I told myself I wasn’t going to be like my mom, that meant I kept my pussy to myself. The only feeling I knew was how my clit felt when I put my lipstick vibrator to it and that was good enough for me.
I jumped out of bed and started to get ready for my day. I went into the bathroom to find the message that I had written On the mirror. I looked at it for a while before I finally said. “This is personal. I’m a love me like no one else can.” I had new confidence in myself with last night not going as planned. I felt like I was meant to be here and I had a purpose. I held my head high and felt like I could face anything.
Once I was dressed I headed down the stairs and prepared to walk out the front door until I heard my mother call out my name. I rolled my eyes. How is it that she could get pissy drunk but still wake up early in the morning? I thought to myself.
“Ma’am?” I yelled back. Her silence let me know that she was expecting me to appear before her. I walked back to the kitchen and there she sat eating a bagel and drinking coffee in a red nightgown and robe and a full face of makeup. That damn sure wasn’t how I put her to bed last night.
“Ma’am?” I repeated as I stood across the table from her. “Have a seat,” she said, putting her cup of coffee down. “I have to head to the office,” I told her. But the way she looked up at me made me pull out of the chair and follow what she said. I sat down not taking my eyes off her. “So what happened last night?” she asked me. “He didn’t have your money so I handled it.” I also sent the guys to go get his mother and she should be to me by tonight. I'll get your money one way or the other.” I said to her, “Call that shit off and leave his mother alone.” she answered.
“What?” I said to her as I looked at her like she was crazy. “You heard what the fuck I just said Lauren. Leave his mother alone. I didn't tell you to send for her. Your ass still dont know how to do what the fuck I tell you.” she fussed. “You told me to get your money.” I said in defense. “And you failed to do that.” she responded. “I'm still working on it ma.” I said, raising my voice a little. “You're not because the person that owed me the money is dead. The only thing I see you helped at this point is to scare my workers. And make them question if their life is worth playing with my money.” “ain't that a good thing?” I asked.
She looked at me for a moment and then kept talking.”What else happened last night?” she asked as she got up from the table to clear her dishes. “What? me coming home to find you passed out drunk again.” I said looking down. “I’m grown,” she yelled. “With a drinking problem. That coffee had whisky in it. I can smell it. This is getting out of control. All you do is sit in this house and drink. While I handle the business. At this point why not just hand the business over to me. I'm sure granddad is looking down wondering the same thing.” i said
“It will be over my dead body that I give you my business.” she said with so much anger. My neck almost snapped when I turned to look at her. As she stood at the sink staring a hole in my head. “You keep drinking the way you are and that won’t be long,” I mumbled as I grabbed my purse and stood up to leave.
“Excuse me? Sit the fuck down I didn’t dismiss you yet.” she said leaning on the sink. “I got to go.” I told her. “Sit the fuck down lauren Im not going to say it again.” she yelled. I took a seat. “Now say what you said and this time bitch say it with your chest since your so big and bad.” she told me. “ i just don't understand, one day you're going to hand it down to me anyways so why not now. So you can focus on you.`` I said to her, “Who said I was handing down my business to you? She asked me and I looked at her confused.
“That's how it goes. Granddad handed it down to you. His dad handed it down to him so you hand it down to me.” i said “see that's your issue you think you know everything instead of staying in your place. I'm the head bitch in charge and until they tag my toe and drop my casket 6 feet I will remain the head bitch. There's no reason for me to hand over shit and especially not to you.” she said.
“Besides your always falling over drunk about a man who was trying to destroy everything you built,” I yelled. “Once again you think you know it all but let me fill you in, little girl. Von wasn’t trying to take shit from me. We had a plan to combine our empires. But we knew in order to do that certain things and people would have to go. That night was a setup. The men we both had there were extendible. Von was going to kill Diamond but you just couldn’t listen and do what the fuck I said and hide.
“So good men died so you could have the hood love story,” I said. She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. “You ruthless bitch.” I said without thinking. She walked across the kitchen to me and slapped me. I looked at her. I was so angry and my heart was beating so fast that I couldn't control it. “What? What bitch? Do something. Or are you going to wait and stand over my bed again with a pillow like you're going to suffocate me? I promise you Lauren you better learn your place and quickly because before there was a you. There was a Kira and I would hate to show you what type of ruthless bitch I really am.

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