Part 4: Amber, Dave and Rico

"Ms.Dorothea we have your son out of surgery" the nurse came out and informed Dave's mom. "Thank God," she said with a sigh of relief. the nurse looked at her and said: "he is stable at least but during the surgery, he slipped into a coma." The nurse's words broke her down. Like it wasn't bad enough that she found her son and nephew bleeding out in her deceased mothers home but now her son is laying in a hospital bed in a coma and she has no idea why or who did it to him. But I had a good idea that it had something to do with that bitch Amber that was currently nowhere to be found. I held Ms.Dorothea in my arm "Jayden who would do this to my baby?" the question broke my heart.

I and Dave had grown up as not just best friends but brothers from diapers. When my mom lost her battle with cancer Ms. Dorothea said no son of her best friend was going into the system and took me in. She gave me everything that Dave had. So today was my turn to be here for her. I just wish I could take her pain away. 
As I heard her and told her everything was going to be okay the elevator door opened. I was honestly expected to see Amber step out. Maybe then she could seem my head could convenience my gut that she was innocent. But instead stepped out an older lady that looked like she was fighting for that last bit of life she had. "Hi my name is Clara Peirs I got a call that my son Rico well Remario Peirs was here," she said as she looked at the nurse at the front desk. I watched as the nurse told her to hold and then grabbed and doctor.
The doctor came over and spoke to her and you can tell he was delivering bad news. The scream Ms.Clara let out when the doctor said "Ma'am I am sorry we did all we could do but your son was pronounced dead 20 mins." made the whole room jump and look. when Ms. Dorothea turned around laid eyes on her sister she ran to console her. 
"Clara I'm sorry. Clara, I'm so sorry," she said as she held her tightly. Ms. Clara screamed into her sister's chest "not my son! Not my baby!" The way Ms. DOrothea was loving on her sister and showing her support you would have never known that these two ladies hadn't talked in years. 
AS if these ladies day wasn't bad enough out the corner of my eye I see a cop walking towards them. "This fucker," I said as I walked towards him to stop him. "excuse me," he said as I starred him down. "Nah not right now my guy," I said to him. "Are those the mothers of David Lott and Remario Piers?" he asked. "yes it is but right now ain't the time," I answered him. "Well the sooner we get questioning out the way the quicker we can find a killer." the police officer said. "yo are you stupid. These ladies are hurting right now and you think I'm a let you question them right now. you cops don't care about people or have any respect for what they are going through." I said to him. "Sir, Mr...."I interrupted him "Smith... Mr. Smith." "Okay, Mr. Smith well your Marin Luther King speech is nice but not needed I'm just trying to do my job. Heres my card. When they are ready to have them call me." he said as he handed me his card before walking off. "Ass hole" I mumbled as he walked away from. 
I walked over to the ladies and I tapped Ms. Dorothea on the back. "Mom I'm a be in the room with Dave,"I told her. Clara lifted her "Dave's here too" she asked" Ms. Dorothea looked down "Yes, I found him and Rico both at momma's house shot." she said sadly. "So my son dies and your's lives? this is just like before, everything goes well for Dorothea while I sit by the side and suffer." Clara said angrily. I looked at her confused. "Clara this is not about me and you I called the police at the same time for both boys. one didn't get better care than the other," she said to her. "Then why didn't you call me? and why did my son die while you lived?" Clara asked. 
"This is why this right here. Because no matter what I do I will always be your enemy instead of your little sister. I know your hurting and I am so sorry my nephew is gone. But I have a son laying in a coma and a daughter in law that I am beyond worried about because no one can find her. When you are able to see it's about these young people and find out who did that then we can bond together as sisters and be there for each other." Ms. Dorothea said as she walked away. 
I stood there with my face twisted trying to understand what was really going on before me. As Ms. Dorothea walked off Ms. Clara screamed out. "Fuck you Dorothea!" it was kinda funny to see an old lady cuss as hard as she did. But at the same time, it was painful. When we were kids Ms. Dorothea and my mom raised me, Rico and Dave not to put anything between family. And right now these two needed family more then ever and they couldn't seem to get it together. 
Ms. Dorothea turned around " Clara what is wrong with you? Whatever our differences are don't matter right now. you are my sister. that is your son and my nephew they just pronounced dead. In the room down the hall lays my son and your nephew that they have in a coma. We need each other. I loved Rico and me..." 
Ms. Clara cut Ms. Dorthea off in the middle of her speech. "don't you dare stand here and lie. I don't say you love or care about my son. We all know that you couldn't stand Rico or the air he breathed all because he was your stepson not just your nephew." 
I swear this was some shit that he watched on tv. My jaw hit the floor. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to stay around for more tea, go to the room with Dave, or break up this heated conversation. 
Ms. Dorothea mouth tighten as she said "so that what you still stuck on. Well since we are bringing up old news let me make some things clear. I never hated him, you did! for the first 10 years or so of that boy's life, you were gone. ANd yes big sis I understand that you were hurting because my husband rapped you. But had your ass not always been drunk and high you could've kept a job and kept your under the influence ass off my couch where Darren could take advantage of you." she said as she stepped closer to her sister. 
"Dorothea you still a damn fool. Over 20 years later and you're still sticking up for the fucked up things Darren did. I hope his money is worth it because you're going to burn in hell. But just so I can make myself clear; if you're going to tell my sad story at least tell it right. I didn't walk out on my son I left him with his father while I got myself together. And when his father died I came and got him." Ms. Clara said back while looking Ms. Dorothea straight in the eyes. 
"No, you came back for a check. you found out Darren died and came back with your hand out. You didn't care about your son or how he had been for the last ten years. you wanted to know what money Rico was going to get out of it since he was Darren's son. when I refused to give you any of Rico's inheritance you took him away from the home and family he knew and disappeared. 
I raised him for 10 years. I loved him like he was my own. No, i never told him or Dave that they were brothers because that was not my job that was for their father to handle. But I made sure them boys were loved, well taken care of and never felt like one was better than the other. And when you took Rico from us I searched high and low for yall. 
I was willing to let you move into my home just so I can know that Rico was safe. When Darren died them boys was all I had because my sister had already left me because of something that was out of my control. So don't you dare tell me that I don't care or that I didn't love Rico." Ms. Dorothea said fighting back tears. 
"You raised MY SON for ten years because you felt bad not because you had to. had you been a better wife and taken care of home and your husband, your husband would have never touched me." Ms. Clara said stepping closer to Ms. Dorothea. 
"Clara your hurt, go home. I got to go check on my son. when you come to your scenes call me. so we can bury Rico the right way and sure them grandbabies are good." Ms.Dorothea said as she turned to start walking away again. 
I followed her Ms. Dorothea down the hall to Dave's room. I could feel Ms. Clara burning a hole in the back of our heads until we were out of her site. when we got to the door Ms. Dorothea said "Any update on Amber?" I answered her quick. "No ma'am." "I need you to do some research my guts keep telling me something isn't right. I'm hoping she isn't somewhere dead, hurt or in danger," she said to me. "Yes, ma'am I will get right on it," I told her as I pulled my phone out. "Thank you, baby. Lord knows I am in no mood to have to tell anyone else parent's about the well being of their child." I just shook my head.
I started to walk down the hall and dial a number. "Jayden one more thing," she said. I turned around "yes ma'am" I answered. "Find out who put the bullets in MY SONS because I want them to know and feel my rath as a mother." 
As I started to walk away I mumbled to myself. "If she lucky she is lucky she is dead already because my gut says she did this." I took out my phone and dialed a number. 
"Hey Daddy." 
"Not right now Brandy. Where the fuck is your sister?"

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