Part 4: Aaron and Whitney

My corny side was showing because I was smiling from ear to ear as I left that showing with Whitney. Everything was working out in my favor. And I finally felt like the Lord was on my side. I had prayed over and over for where I was right now in life: I had clients pouring in to buy houses, and this new thing with Whitney was going to be amazing. 

She was so different than the other women I had in my past, and I was so ready for this journey with her. Her beauty was breathtaking, like Nia Long. Her body was unforgettable, like Megan the Stallion. But her mind was on Michelle Obama's status, regardless of what she had to do to survive her past. I knew this was God's plan to get her out of that situation into the arms of someone like me that won't hurt her or judge her. 

I couldn't have been a happier man. I decided to head home for the rest of the day. I could look upon some properties online and make a list of what to show each of my clients. 

I got home and decided to clean up a little before sitting down to work since Whitney was coming over tonight. I wanted everything to be perfect. I changed out of my suit into a Nike sweatsuit and headed back outside to check the mail. 

I got the mail and started to look through it as I walked back into the house. There was the regular junk mail. But a letter from the property managers at the apartment complex I used to stay at with Tyasia got my attention when I made it back into the house. 

I read the letter, and instantly anger filled my body. They told me how I would be fined because the property was in my name; Tyasia was destroying the apartment, not letting them in to do inspection or repairs, and disturbing the neighbors. Not to mention she was behind on the rent, and they were expecting a check for $5,000. I felt my whole body getting hot.

With that being on my record, it played a part in my job. I couldn't be the most success real estate agent out here but also be destroying other people's property. This was my final straw. I couldn't get a break from this girl. I guess people were right; you can't take a hoe out of the hood and expect her to act right. It was time that I cut all ties with her to have complete peace in my life.

I picked up my phone and started to dial Tyaisa's number, and then I stopped. Everything in me wanted to call her everything but the name her momma gave her and tell her to get the hell out of my apartment. I didn't care if she had to sleep in her spa. This was over. 

Something stopped me, and I walked over to my couch and decided to call my mom instead. "Hey, baby," she answered instantly. "Dang, momma, did you let the phone fully ring," I asked, laughing. "Oh hush boy," she said laughing. I sat quietly for a moment, so my mom spoke up. "What's going on, Aaron?" she asked me. "Mom I’m tired." I said to her, "I bet," she said in her smoothing voice. "Mom, how much do I have to take as a man before I can just say…." I pause in the conversation. Everything in me wanted to say; before I say to hell with it all this shit. But I knew that would cause my holy ghost-filled momma to hit me with her favorite line of beg your pardon. 

"What's going on, son?" she asked in a voice that let me know she was more concerned. "Momma I just got a letter about the apartment I let Tyasia keep. She is destroying my name momma. First it was her dogging me out to everyone in this town making me out to be someone I wasn't. Now she's messing with my name and money. These people are fining me $5,000 for some type of damages she caused. Momma, what in the world could she have done to cost $5,000 I don't have money to waste like that. I am just trying to have peace in my life." I said to her, 

"Aaron relax, honey," she said. "Hell Nah momma ain't no relax. Aaron, you want me to get your $5,000 out of that girl because I've had enough of her. I will get your money from her willingly or by force when I beat her down." I heard my sister say. "Terri, stop," I hear my momma say, speaking to my oldest sister. "Momma, you got me on speaker," I said. I listened to my mom moving around and then a smooth voice again. "Baby, if you are tired of this girl, then break the ties that keep her connected to you. I knew when you got hooked up with her that she would be no good for you. But the Lord told me there was a lesson you had to learn, so although I wanted to save you, I had to let the lesson be learned." she said to me.

"Momma I've learned my lesson now I just want her completely away from me. I want to be free. I want enjoy this new journey with Whitney." i said "mmhm… so you two are a thing now" my momma said. "What does that mean?" I asked her. "Do you want freedom from this girl because you really learned you lesson Aaron or do you just want to move on with this new girl." she asked me. "Momma aren't both of these things the same? I want to get Tyaisa out of my life in every way so that way I don't have to worry about Tyasia or her lies destroying what I am trying to build." 

My momma got quiet, and I knew she was thinking. "Baby, do what you think is right; make sure you pray on it, and you handle it in a way that matches the man I matched you to be. I love you, son," she said to me. "That's all, momma?" she said as I sat there, wanting her to give me more guidance. The call ended, and I seemed just as lost. 

I thought about everything for a bit longer before picking up my phone again. "Hello?" Tyaisa said when she answered. "What is going on with you?" I asked her. "Aaron?" she asked "Yes, it's me," I said back to her. "Baby, I've been trying to reach out to you. I know that God would eventually make you worried about me and then send you back to me and make you want me back," she said, sounding like she was smiling from ear to ear. "Tyasia, no one is talking about wanting you back. Don't put none of that toxic energy in the same sentence as God." I said to her, "Aaron, why do you sound so angry?" she asked me. "Because I'm pissed off. I’m getting a letter saying that you are destroying an apartment that's in my name, and now I owe them $5,000. What the hell is going on, Tyasia. You keep fucking me over." I said to her, "Aaron, I am sorry for what I did to you in the past; I have learned my lesson. Things have been hard. I am trying to run the spa and keep this place up. I've been missing you and trying to reach you. You changed your number." she said. "Because I want nothing to do with you! You messed up my life Tyasia when all I wanted to do was love you." I told her. "Then love me, Aaron. I'm here. Come home and love me." she said. 

"I am loving someone else now. I need you fully out my life." I said. "Someone else? Aaron, you don't mean that. No one makes you feel like I do. There is no one else like me." I had to laugh at her "you're right; there is no one else like you, and I thank God every day because of that. HE SENT ME A REAL WOMAN when I decided to heal and let you go. And I don't need to be tied up in any of your stuff while building my peace with her. So I am telling you now you got 30 days to pay that balance and put the lease in your name or get out," I said

"Aaron, where am I supposed to get that money? Where am I supposed to go?." she asked. "That's not my business. I said what I said, and that's it." "Aaron just come to see me. We need to talk face to face," she said to me. "There is nothing more for us to talk about." "We need to talk about us. I want you back in my life, Aaron. I need you. I love you, and I'm not about to give you up to just anyone." she said to me. "Tyaisa…. 30 days," I said and then hung up.

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