Yasir and Yasin Part 3

“Damn just hit it and leave,” Jaymal said as he laid in bed watching me get dressed. “You already know our agreement,'' I told him. “Yeah, I know what the agreement is but you would think that every once in a while you would just lay here talking to me, something. Shit just be more caring,” he said. “Caring? Nigga we are two grown-ass men. That both live a crazy ass life. We do what we do and we move on.” I said. “Yeah but…” “but what? Don’t tell me you're catching feelings.” I said to him. “I’m not catching shit but you damn sure better remember to keep in mind how I feel and take it into consideration,” he said to me.
“Or what? You gonna expose me? I know damn well you won't do that because that means you would have to expose yourself and we both know ya pops not having that.” I said confidently. ”nah i won't expose you but i will damn sure make it so that my dad stops supplying y'all with product and then you’ll have to face big mona and explain why her business is fucked up.” he said getting out of bed.
My mom loved me but I was sure she would body me herself if I fucked up the empire she had built. “You’d do that?” i said looking at Jaymel as he put his underwear on. “Don’t give me a reason to.” he said with a smile. This little Dominican nigga worked my nerves sometimes.
I looked down at my phone on the bedroom floor. I don't know who was blowing it up more, my mom, Yasin or Airy. I knew my mom wanted nothing more than to see what happened with Yasin. Yasin wanted to see if I talked to my mom. And Airy was pissed because I wasn’t home yet. “You and that phone” I heard Jaymal say. I looked up at him. “You got to run to go answer you bitch” he said. “Yeah unlike you my woman actually lives with me and not in the DR.” “yeah yeah yeah tell her I said hi.” Jaymal said as he turned his back to me and took a drink from his cup on the nightstand.
“So you mad at me now?” I asked before leaving. Jaymal said nothing. “Listen I gotta go but I promise I will hit you up later and I will definitely take into consideration what you said about your feelings.” I said. Jaymal turned around and looked at me. “Bye,” he said. I shook my head and walked out of the room and down to the front door and then out to my car. When I got to my car i have seen Yasin's text telling me to pull back up on him. That damn sure wasn’t happening tonight I knew Airy was going to be up to my ass about how late I already was. As i put my phone down i looked up and Jaymal watching me from the bedroom window. I sat there for a moment and then I pulled off.
It was ten minutes later when i got home. Before i could stick my key in the door and turn it the door flung open and there stood Airy with her arms folded. “You finally decided to come home.” she said to me. “Don't start, it's been a long night.” I said to her as I stepped in the house past her. “You always got a fucking excuse Yasir. I told your ass I was home waiting on you and you just left me sitting her waiting on your ass. Any other nigga would be rushing home to be with me.” She said.
She was right. Airy was a beauty. She had a face and skin tone that reminded you of Amara la Negro but her hair was jet black wavy and down her back. Her ass was fat as hell and was actually the first thing that got my attention. Her B cup breast and flat stomach were perfect. Which they should have been seeing how much she worked out and tired every flat tummy tea possible.
“Yo relax.” i said as I walked through the townhouse and up to our bedroom. “Aint no relax who the fuck have you been with Yasir? You cheating on me again?” she asked as I started to undress. “Man no,” I said. “You aint got to lie.” she shouted. “I'm not lying to you girl. Im not cheating.” I responded. “Then what the fuck was you doing?” she asked with her voice cracking as if she was about to cry but she stood in my face.
“I was with Yasin'' I finally yelled at her. “Mmhm you always with Yasin,” she said letting me by her. I walked to the bathroom and she followed behind me. “I was with him, call him if you don't believe me,” I said turning on the shower. “With him doing what Yasir?” she asked. “One of the little corner niggas was shorting us. He was charging way more for the product than he was telling us and cutting us out on money. Mom wanted it to be handle tonight.” i explained. “So why did it take so long. You handle nigga and be on with your day normally,” she said. “Because momma wanted Yasin to do it,'' I said.
Airy started to laugh. “Yasin? Good boy Yasin? She does know he is not about that life. Like the nigga is scary.” she said. “Watch ya mouth that my brother is speaking about. “I mean no disrespect bae but my mom better off using me. Shit, I'm about that life. We could have handled that shit and been back home in thirty minutes.'' I laughed at her. “Oh so you think about that life?” I asked. “I know I'm about that life. I was telling my daddy to put me on. But you know how domanican men our they think the woman are supposed to be in the background so he picks Jaymal over me all the time. Speaking of Jaymal he called to see if you were here.”
My heart started to race. “What did he say?” I asked. “Just if I had seen you and what time you left the house. You and your mom got a meeting coming up with him and my dad before they leave?” she said. “Not that I know of. Where are they going?” I asked her. “To D.R Jaymal's wife, Monica finally had their baby,'' Airy told me. I just stood there looking at her naked. “Damn bae you look good. Now that I'm not mad at you can I suck your dick before you get in the shower?” she said as she licked her lips and looked me up and down while walking towards me. I pushed her back. “Nah let me take a shower first I'm dirty,” I told her. “Alright hurry up. I’m horny” she said walking out of the bathroom and closing the door behind her.
I got into the shower and let out a big sigh. I was fucking up and playing it too damn close. My life as I know it would be over if anyone found out I was fucking a man on the side. But I’d be dead and six feet under if Airy finds out I’m cheating on her with her brother.

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