Taylor and Stephaine Part 3

I quickly hit the breaker and all the lights in the house came back on. If Taylor was in danger and I had to save her I at least wanted to be able to see what I was going up against. My heart was racing and all I could think was why my family and bitch don’t pee on yourself. I understood that the lifestyle I lived wasn’t going to always be cute and simple but this right here was some straight up out of the movies bull shit. We didn’t get our parents this house in the white people neighborhood for this shit to happen.
I slowly started to exit the pantry with my gun up and ready to go. As I peeked around the corner I seen Taylor with her hand up. And I could see the figure of someone standing behind her. I let out a deep breath and started to come around the door and stopped. “Ma,” i said dropping my gun and shocking m head. “Stephaine?” my mom said looking back at me. “Mom” Taylor turned around looking at her.
There my mother was in her nightgown with her Glock 43 pulled out on her own child. She quickly lowered it. Even in the heat of the moment, my mom was still so beautiful. The body wave wig she had on was only a few inches longer than real hair. Her cocoa brown skin was still nice and tight even at 45; to the point that most people thought she was our sister instead of our mother. The only imperfect my mom had was a scar to the side of her left eye, that she had gotten when my granddad slapped her when she was younger while he was drunk.
“What the hell is going on?” Taylor said mad. “Little girl doesn’t yell at me this my house,” she said. “I'm sorry but my own mom just pulled a gun out on me after texting me 911 so I need some type of explanation because you almost killed me,” Taylor said. “So I was upstairs in the bed starting to fall asleep when my phone went off. I looked at it and it said that there was motion detected. I sat up in bed thinking it was you to coming to visit me until I realized that it said that the motion was in the back of the house. Neither of you ever use the back door you let yourselves in through the front. I opened my phone to try to get to the camera to see what was going on but the camera was blacked out. Then I heard the glass shatter down here. The alarm didn’t go off and I remembered I forgot to turn it on.
I grabbed my phone text Taylor because was on the top of my recent list. And then I went to the closet and grabbed my piece. “ my mom said. “Then then what did you hide?” I asked her. “Hell Nah! This my house and wasn’t anybody about to have me in here scared. Your daddy always told me when you get scared or you freeze up that when you die. So I was about the action I was going to find out who was in my house cause clearly they had a death wish tonight. The power went out and then I heard this fool coming up the first stairs so I went down the back. Since they wanted to play in the dark I was going to use that to my advantage that I knew my house like the back of my hand.
I was in the den when I heard the dummy coming back down the stairs. I stood off to the side and when he came into the den I hit him open side his head.” my mom said. “Did you call the police?” i asked. Taylor and my mom both looked at me like I was crazy. “Why did you pull a gun on me and why didn’t you turn the lights back on you knew we were coming.” Taylor fussed.
“I was in the basement tying that fool up when I heard moving up here. So I came back up here thinking maybe he had back up. Shit i didn’t know it was y'all i couldn’t see shit.” she said. “So why didn’t you turn on the lights” me and Taylor both said. “Because I dont know shit about that, that's why i had your daddy.” she yelled.
“Well where this nigga at.” Taylor said picking her gun back up ready for war.” that's mommas baby. “My mom said smiling at Taylor. Talor and my mom always clicked and had an amazing relationship. Their attitudes and tempers were just alike. Where me and my dad, on the other hand, were the mellow ones and because of that, we had a great bond even up to the day he died.
My mom leads Taylor down to the basement while I stayed behind. I put my gun on the kitchen table and closed the back door and made sure the lock still worked. I looked over the broken window to see how I could board it up until we could get someone out here in the morning to fix it. While looking for supplies and trying to think I walked through the house. Everything was still in its normal place. My mom had jewelry on the livingroom table the guy didn’t touch, the TVs were still all on the walls. I could literally see nothing missing and the house was full of stuff he could take and pawned to get quick money if this was a robbery.
I damn near pissed on myself when I heard the sound of a gun go off in the basement. My eyes got big and i rushed down there. I got to the bottom stair of the basement was completely out of breath and clearly the only one concerned about the sound of the gun. My mom was sitting at the bar my dad had built in the basement lighting a cigarette and Taylor was standing in front of the white man that was sitting tied to a chair.
“What the fuck was that?” I said looking at both of them. “Nothing just trying to wake this nigga up. Clearly mommy hit his ass good.” Taylor answered. “So you shot him,” i said looking confused at my trigger happy sister. “No… not yet atleast.” she said laughing and then my mom joined in with her.
“No body is shooting anybody in here. What if someone heard the gun shoot. We are calling 911 and letting them come get his ass and be done with this.” i said my mom put her cigarette in the ashtray and walked over to me. “My baby… its so cute that you rather be a lover then a fighter. I admire that difference in you and your sister. All your life you have been the nice twin wanting to see the good in people, give people the benefit of the doubt and handle stuff peacefully. But baby I need you to step into the light. You are a drug dealer. A big one at that. Im sure this nigga coming in here wasn’t m mistake. Which means that he meaningfully destory my peace. So no we are not calling the cop because everyone connected to this house hold has been or is currently connected to drug in sometype of way. And if the police find that out and add in that this is a white man the fact that he broke in to her won’t mater.” my mom said.
“But we don't have to kill him. We can just rough him up or scare him like you did Nick you know. Taylor.” i said. “Nick who?” my mom said looking at both of us. “ don't even matter mommy. “Wake up little nigga” Taylor said slapping the robber in the face with her bare hand. “Take a seat with momma baby girl this is your sister specialty.” my mom said.
As she took my hand and guided me over to a seat at the bar i could hear my heart beating in my ears. I knew my mom was one cold-hearted chick but it came with the lifestyle. But I never saw her nor Taylor in this light before. It was like they were both thirsty. I couldn’t help but this was how my mom and dad were when he was alive and they were handling business and we girls were too young to really know any else besides staying out the way.
I took a seat next to my mom and looked at her. She was smiling at me and then she looked over at Taylor with the same smile. But this wasn’t her normal loving motherly smile. “Throw some water on that fool i did hit him in the head wih my gun pretty hard.” she said. My eyes got big as I watch Taylor go get the water and come back and threw it on the guy waking him up in a panic.
Taylor gave him a delish smile as she stood over him. “Welcome to hell.” The guy looked around the room at the three of us. “Why did you come here?” Taylor asked straight out but the guy said nothing. “So he not gonna talk Taylor said looking over at me and my mom. “Make him,” my mom said and Taylor turned back smiling like that was all the permission she needed. I looked at my mom shocked.
Taylor swung and hit the dude in the face with the butt of her gun and I could swear I heard a bone crack. He slowly turned back to her with a cut on his face. “Im not telling you shit bitch.” he said. “Wanna bet?” Taylor said hitting him with a two-piece combo.
“You can do whatever you want to me but your mother is still a dead bitch” he said smiling. My mom and I both stood up and walked over to the guy. “What did you say,” Taylor asked this time getting down to the guy's level to make eye contact with him the hitting him in the mouth a few times. “Shes a dead bitch” he still musters up to say and then smiles with a mouth full of blood.
The closer I was to him and the more he talked I was able to hear something. “Did the italian send you.” I said grabbing his face. “He do sound like one of them fuckers.” Taylor agreed. “You will never know” he answered. “It doesn’t matter who what he is or who sent him. He dies tonight. Now talk and it will be a simple death. Dont talk and I will spend hours torturing you.” my mom said squatting down. “Im fine with that because soon enough you’ll join me.” he said. “No niggas has ever lived to tell the tell of him threatening me you know that right. But I damn sure can ell the stories of what happened to themm niggas after.” my mom said to the guys as she was still squatted down to his level.
The guy spits and it landed on my mom's face. Taylor and I looked at my mom as she stood up and wiped the bloody spit on her face and then flung it back on the guy. I stood there frozen as I watch everything move so quickly. Taylor and my mom both emptied their guns into that man with straight faces. When the sound of the guns stopped ringing my mom looked over at Taylor. “Call your your Uncle Matthew this the type of shit we kept him on payroll for tell him we need a clean up at the house. I got some calls to go make.” my mom said as she walked off and went upstairs.

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