Part 3: Nikki and Justin


i hung up with Justin with a smile on my face. my plan was working. Everything was falling right where i needed it to be. With the two bullet i put in Nikki there was no way that she was going to make it out the critical condition she was in. “Jewel what are you up to?” the sound of Vernon’s voice came from behind me. I jumped, startled and trying to figure out how long he had been there and what he had heard.

“nothing just checking on Justin. Nikki’s in the hospital.” I said as i turned to face him.  “that would be understandable if you actually liked Nikki but you don’t. The idea of her and Justin being together kills you. So stop playing me for stupid. What are you up to JEWEL?” he said. “baby, he is the father of my children, if he loses his wife it could really affect him and then that could end up affecting my children. I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN! so right now me not liking her goes out the window, he needs a friend and i will be that for him. Plus how can i be a woman of god, a pastor's daughter and turn my back on him when needed the most because of my own personal issue with her. right now they do not matter.” i said as i looked into his eyes.  

Vernon looked at me sideways. “jewel what are your personal issues with Nikki? Please explain to me. because right now you seem like a bitter baby momma and your suppose to be happy with me. I never see he do anything to you or bad talk you; she does nothing more then love on these kids and pick up your slack when you don’t feel like because a mom. So what is it?” I looked at Veron “how dare you, I am always a mother to my kids. I love my babies.” i said to him. “Nikki stop your a full time mom to your kids now because you trying to prove some stupid point to someone thats not competing with you she was just trying to love someone that you said you didn’t even want no more; and in doing that she loved the kids too because they are apart of him. All I’m a tell you is don’t be up to no bull shit like earlier today. leave them alone and let them live their lives. after the stuff you pulled today alone you owe the both of them an apologize. i normally stay out of this because that yall kids. But today you really showed your ass. you made me look bad and that when I draw the line. if you love me like you say you do why are you so  bothered by the life he’s living.” i was a little offened by Vernons word.

“baby I do love you and I’m not bothered one bit by Nikki and Justin, they don’t got shit on us.” i said smiling and hugging Vernon while he looked down at me. “then what the fuck is it? because this shit is ridiulous and this not what i signed up for. I will not be made a fool of. you will not have my ring on and be showing signs that you are still in love with your baby father.” he yelled. i backed up from him. “vernon cut the shit! we are only married because you can’t be a minister and openly gay. you didn’t love me when you said I do, and you don’t love me now. you love that nigga that you run off to go fuck 3 times a week. so what i do with my baby daddy and how I act towards him is none of your business as long as I keep this ring on and don’t spill your little secret.

Vernon step towards me and grabbed my neck. “gay or not, as long as I am providing this life for you. paying all the bills putting clothes on your back, keeping a roof over you and your kids head so you can sit home on your ass and do nothing. you will show me some got damn respect and do as I say. rememeber without me you’d still be at your momma house sharing your child hood bedroom with two of your kids. you was struggling and it showed. Justin was even doing nothing for you. he was buying clothes and stuff for the kids and keeping it at his house, he would bring food over and it only be enough for the kids, you was down and out and you didn’t even lend a helping hand. then i came along and I made you! and when you let this gay man fuck I made you feel like a woman again. aint that what you told me. So shut the fuck up and don’t ever bring up what i do again.”

“vernon let me go.” i said as i pulled away from him. we locked eyes. “jewels get your shit together.” vernon said as he walked out the room. “once this bitch is dead and gone i will never have to deal with this fagget or this excuse for a life again.” I whispered as I rubbed my neck.

that night i decided to sleep on the couch. I really didn’t want to share a bed with Vernon and when Justin called crying and saying Nikki was gone and asking for my comfort I wanted nothing to stop me from being able to get to him. i sat up all night just staring at my phone. then i would start day dreaming of the way things would be. i would write vernon a letter telling him i was leaving him and going back to Justin. that we both felt like this lose had brought us closer together like we used to be and we were able to be one again and provide the best life for our kids. i would explain to him that his secret was safe with me and that we can say the divorce was mutual that way he would not lose his position in the church.

then i would comfort Justin and get him through burying this bitch and her kid. Once I stand by his side for that he will see that i still love him and realized that he still loved me. then me and the kids would move back into Justin house. They would take their respectful places back in their bedrooms and I would be the queen of the castle in the master bed room. i’ll have it all the house, the cars, the romantic things I see that bitch post on facebook, the family trips, full access to his heart and his trust fund that his grandma left him when she passed. i would be happy like when we first met and my kids will be happy to have their parents back together in one home. it will just seem like me and Justin took a 4 year break.

night came and went and there was no call from Justin. I got up and got the kids ready for their day. I dropped each one off at their appoint place. once i was alone i start to head back home. as i head back home i started to think and get a little worried. i picked up my phone and called Justin’s mom. when she answered i put on a show. “Hello Mrs. Terry; have you talked to your son today? he was suppose to get JJ this morning and take him to summer camp but he never showed up.” i said making it sound like i was so bother and he always did this.

she answere back “yes he’s been at the hospital with Nikki and the baby all night. Nikki’s in acoma. with all that going on he probably got tied up. I can send my husband over there to take JJ if you need.” she told me. “Damn” i said in the phone  without thinking. “watch your mouth little girl.” she said to me. “i’m sorry Ms.Terry i’m just surprised to hear that. I mean Im not a fan of Nikki’s by any means. but that still sad to hear. You know my kids actaully like her, its going to kill me to tell them.” i said sound sad. “well maybe their dad should tell them. Larry and I can pick them up later and take them with us up to the hospital.  that way they can see their new baby sister too.” She said to me. “she had the baby?” i asked “yes emergency C section” she answered. “wow, well then of course i guess i got to let them go see her at least. I will have them ready by 4:30. but i got to go Mrs. Terry i have to try t run these errands really quick. I told her. “Okay Jewel see you at 4:30.” she said as we hung up.

“damn it” i said slapping my stirring wheel. “if this girl becomes super bitch and survives being shot at close range I’m going to jail if she talks. i said out loud. I opened my glove compartment and took out the gun I shot Nikki with. “I got to get rid this, that way if she do talk its her word against mine. but what do I tell Vernon when he ask where his gun disappeared to?”

as i stat in the car talking to myself my phone started to ring. I looked down at the caller ID and it was Justin. I answered quickly. “Hello” i said nervous.  “where you at.” he asked sounding funny. “Justin are you okay?” i asked him. “Where are you Jewel.” he asked again. “I just dropped the kids off. what's wrong? why do it sound like your crying.” i asked him. “don’t worry about it. Just meet me at my house.” he commanded. “when?” i asked “Now!” he said as he hung up.

i exhaled she died that the only reason he be calling me and sounding like that. i thought to myself smiling. “now it's my time to win my man back.” i said in a sexy voice. i put my sunglasses on and headed towards Justin’s house. when i got to Justin’s house i looked around. “when I get in here we changing all this shit, i hate her taste.” i said to myself before getting out the car. i got to the front door and knocked. there was no answer but Justin’s car was in the driveway. i knocked again. still no answer. i turned the door handle and it was open. “justin you in here?” i scream as I entered the house. “yes in the kitchen.” he answered back.

when i walked in the kitchen there he was sitting at the kitchen island drinking.. “Justin are you okay? i asked as I approached him. “No but i will be” he answered. “what can i do to help you?” i asked him as i rubbed his back. Justin reached in his lap and pulled out a gun. “Glad you asked. you can tell me what you did to my wife.” he said as he got up from his seat.

i back up with my hands in the air. “justin what are you doing? put that gun down. this is me you're talking to, me jewel. we use to be best friends.” i said to him. “Jewel what did you do to my wife?” he said again raising his voice. I could see the anger in his eyes this was a Justin i had never seen before. so my face change too. “so you really love her? you going to stand here and point a gun at me, the mother of your kids over her? she don’t even know you like I do. Justin put down the gun we can get you through this. She dead, you will get over it like you got over me. I am here for you. just put the gun down.” i told him. “Jewel that is my wife! what the fuck did you do?” he scream now point the gun right at my head.

“I didn’t do it vernon did it!” i screamed out. Vernon came from behind a corner. “I knew you was a dirty bitch and up to no good. Justin thats why I called you when I noticed my gun was missing. something didn’t seem right from the way she was moving yesterday.” Vernon said as he stood next to me. “Justin baby you got to believe me Vernon did it.” i cried out. Vernon snatched the gun from Justin “man let me do you the honors.” he said. Justin looked at Vernon not until she answers why questions. because see Nikki’s not dead. and she told me you did it. which i could understand because your the only one with a issue towards her.” justin said.

i laughed “fuck all of you! you sitting her about to kill the mother of your child over some bitch you brought into our lives. Justin you made her my target. you gave up on your family. you did fight for us.” i told him. “Jewel what the hell are you talking about he left me. so i did what i could and was the best father i could be to my kids since you didn’t want this relationship no more. a year and a half later you and Vernon was married.” he said to me. “you were suppose to stop me. you were suppose to fight for me. show me that you loved me.” i screamed out. “I did that when we were together and you still tore our family apart with out thinking or even trying to fix whatever you were made about. so i let you go. then you moved on. when Nikki came along I did the same damn thing. she loves me in a way you didn’t. she loves my fools. she loved me when i was at my lowest from the thing you did to me. she built me up and made me a better man, she loved our kids. then you did this. your crazy!” he said.

“but Justin…” i said “but nothing Jewel. I’m going to check on my wife. I’ll let the police handle you.” he said as he turned his back to me. I locked eyes on the knife on the island. i run pushing past Vernon and grabbed one. “Justin stop turning your back on me” i scream as i ran towards him with a knife. then stopping in my tracks because i heard the sound of the gun go off and the burning through my chest.” I turned around and looked at Vernon we was laying on the floor with the gun pointed up at me.

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