Part 3 Laila and Christian

I was completely unbothered by the show Laila gave in the house. I care about her but her little emotions and feelings about the situation were bull shit if you asked me. I didn't care about her tears, or her moving her stuff to the guest room. She was making a big deal out of something that wasn’t that serious.
We had an agreement and she knew what time it was when I said I do to her. I was agreeing to give her everything her heart desired the house, the cars, and the fame. Everything she dreamed of as a kid but I never agreed to be in love with her and only be with just her. That was something she came up with in her own head and I couldn’t control her mind. But I needed to get away from her. So I got dress and left.
I sat in my car before pulling off from the house and made a call. “Where are you?” I asked when Sierra answered the phone. She informed me she was at home. “Meet me at my condo.” I barked at her. She whined about how she didn't have a ride. “You better figure it out and get there in the next 30 fucking minutes or else,” I said and then hung up not giving her a chance to say anything else.
As I drove across town my phone began to ring. “yeah “ I answered when I hit the button on my dashboard. “Hey zaddy” Kaye said. “What's up?” “I was wondering if you were still coming to see me today. We miss you?” she said in a really sexy voice. “We?” I answered back to her confused. “Me and your pussy.” she said and a smile came across my face. “I can’t come right now because I am handling something. But keep her ready I’ll be there.” “Okay Zaddy. I love you,” she said before hanging up.
If it could only be so simple as Kaye. she didn’t bug me. She wasn’t always wanting something or crying about something. She let me have my space and my peace. She understood her role. When I was in her presence she made sure my stomach was full and my nuts were empty. She was the real MVP that's why I made sure she lived just as good as Laila and I. When you act right you get rewarded by me.
I pulled up to my condo and parked then headed in. I wasn’t even there for ten minutes before the doorbell rang. I opened it and it was Sierra. I didn't say anything, I just walked away from the door and she followed me in. “Hi baby,” she said and I was sure she was trying to do a temperature check on me. “Man don’t Hi baby me. What the fuck is wrong with you Sierra? why the hell do you have to bring this drama to my life right now?” I said as I sat down on the couch. “Drama? Your life? Are you serious right now Christian I’ve been rocking with you alll this time. You tell me you love me but yet I keep getting fucked over.” she said.
“Because you do the dumb shit.” I yelled. “What dumb shit do I do please explain.” she said with her hands on her hips. “Man sit your goofy ass down and fix your attitude.” I said. “Nah Im good right here explain nigga.” she barked. “I said sit down.” I yelled. Sierra's eyes got big and she sat in the first chair she saw. “Now what was the point of you telling your sister about what we did last night?” I asked her. “Because I felt she needed to know,” she said rolling her eyes. “That's not a fucking answer sierra.”
“It is the fucking answer. Laila walks around like the sun rises and sets on her ass and because you made her this person. She needed to be humbled. She needed….” I cut her off “you needed to keep you fucking mouth close.” I told her. “I’ve been queit long enough while I watched her get the life I deserve.” I laughed a little. “What the fuck are you talking about.” i asked her. “You love me but you married her. She gets to be seen with you in public, your last name, the house, the cars, everything. While I sit back and get nothing but secret nights and trips to the clinic.” she said.
“You know why I chose her so dont start the bull shit Sierra. And what the fuck is this shit about you needing money to pay the taxes on your mother house. Where is the money I gave you to pay it.” I asked. She didn't say anything, she just looked the other way. “Are you smoking up my money again Sierra?” I asked her, but still she said nothing. “This exactly why I picked your sister and not you. Fuck around and marry you give you access to the amount of money I have and you would of been dead with in a year from smoking it up.” I said. “I'm not getting high any more” she finally yelled.
“Sierra, I saw you last night. I took you home.” I reminded her. “But I wasn’t high. I’m pregnant. I haven't been getting high since I found out,” she said to me. “Pregnant by who?” I asked her. “The same person that got me pregnant the last two times. You!” she said. “Get rid of it!” I said looking her straight in the face.” “No,” she said to me. “What did you just say?” I said getting off the couch and walking over to her.
“I am not getting rid of my baby, not this one. I got rid of the other two because you made me this one. I am not doing it. I deserve a piece of you just as much as Laila does. I am the one that believed in you when no one else did. I am the one that was reading your books and giving you feedback before you were brave enough to push them out there. Me and I were your cheerleader and support when no one else was. Plus I’ve already been taking the money that you gave me ” she said. My anger got the best of me and backhanded Sierra. “Your fucking stupid. You were just drunk the other night and you want to sit here and talk about a baby. News flash Sierra you will never have me because you are on the level to even deserve me. Now do what the fuck I said and get rid of that fucking baby or Im a get rid of you.” I said to her,
“You just put your hands on me?” Sierra asked, holding her face. “Get the fuck out.” I told her. “You put your hands on me.” she said again. “Get the fuck out now!” I repeated. Sierra stood up and nodded her head as she looked at me with a look I had never seen before. “You're going to regret this.” she said to me as she walked to the door and left with the front door wide open.
I sat back down and shook my head. These two sisters were going to be the death of me.

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