Part 3: Kayden, Kiara, and London

“Kiara let me in or I’m going to scream so your neighbors know that you were sleeping with a married woman,” London screamed from outside of my place. she couldn’t have had the worse timing. Erica and I were just about to get it going when we heard London outside. I had just taken off her dress and was working her panties off when we heard London outside. We were trying to ignore her but it had been ten minutes now of her just yelling outside. I kissed on Erica while she sat partially naked on the couch. London screamed out again “Kiara I know you're in there you can’t hide from me. I stopped kissing Erica and took an extreme to exhale. “don’t stop,” Erica said. “I can’t ignore her anymore,” I said annoyed. “Fuck her just keep going baby please. she will go away,” Erica said as she grabbed me.
I went back to kissing Erica again. But it was cut short when London started yelling again and banging on the door. “You can’t ignore me, Kiara. So face me.” London screamed. I sat up and took a deep breath. “what is this the fifth time this month?” Erica asked. “man yes that girl is completely crazy.” I said. “she crazy but you fucked her.” Erica said laughing. “shit she’s your friend.” I said back to her. “yeah she was my friend. But she didn’t become this crazy until you fucked her.” we both laughed. “Kiara are you in there with someone” London yelled from outside.
Erica kissed me “Listen handle Ms. crazy and then meet me in the bedroom,” she said to me as she stood up and dropped her panties on the living room floor and walked away butt naked. I watched the beautiful site of Erica's naked body disappear into the back. when Erica was out of sight I went to the door. I opened the door just a crack. it was enough just so London could see me but not anything else that was going on. “London why are you here?” I asked as I rolled my eyes. London rubbed her hand on my face “baby I am here because I love you and you haven’t been returning any of my calls or texts. when I come by your office your security always says your not there.” she said looking sad. “London you have a husband that you still want to be with after you asked me to help you to leave him and I showed you how. Then i showed you how good I would be to you. so there is no way you love me when you played me and think I’m suppose to keep playing this game with you.” I said to her. “Kiara who said I can’t love two people at once. why can’t I have the both of you.” London said. “what the fuck? are you serious” I said to her while looking at her like she lost her damn mind. “Kiara think about it when we first got together we had the most fun and I was balancing you and Kayden. Why change that. He’s always busy just like before nothing has changed. let me come in and we can talk about it.” she said trying to come in.
I held the door tight so she wouldn't let herself in. “let me in” she said again. “Nah I’m good. I don’t want what your offering.” I told her. “what Kiara? do you have someone in there because this is not really you. someone has to be putting a battery in your back to treat me like this.” she said trying to look around and over me. London started to scream extremely loud. “Let me in Kiara.” “London lower your damn tone and stop making a scene outside my damn house. you're not coming in, you and I are done. I am no one's side chick or second best option. not to mention I got someone and we are happy.” I told her. “who is this someone? she, not me. she probably doesn’t even taste a good as I do.” London said. “London leave! what I do and who I am doing it with is none of your business. Don’t you have a husband you should be getting home to?” I said and then starting to close my door. London stopped the door from closing.
“this new bitch better not be Erica,” she said with anger in her eyes. I looked at her confused. “London is that a threat?” I asked her. “not a threat it's a fucking promise. if I found out that you actually are with Erica you going to hate to see what happens. so it better not be her or you're going to hate what I do to her.” she said. “bye London no one is moved or bothered by this scene you're trying to make or the threats you're trying to use to scare someone. Go home to your husband.” I stated then slammed the front door.
I took a deep breath. London started knocking on the door again. I locked each lock and put the chain on the door before walking away. London had hit a nerve with me by threatening Erica. Erica and I had really grown and I really liked her. maybe even more than I ever liked London. Her smile made me smile. I didn't have to ask for attention because she was always willing to give it to me with no distractions. she gave everything I was looking for from London and more.
I went back to the bedroom when I walked in the room Erica was seductively laying across my bed. “took you long enough.” she said in a joking manner.” yeah but I am here now.” I said smiling. “well come here then.” she said as she patted the bed. I sat on the bed and Erica started to kiss me. I couldn’t shock the thought of what London has said in my doorway. I was convinced that London might be really crazy. I mean since we last really spoke at Erica’s house she had been doing some crazy shit I had come out to her in my car in the parking lot at work and she was in there half-dressed with nothing but lingerie on under a trench coat the same way she was the first time we had sex. She throw herself at me. she had sent me texts threatening to kill herself if I didn’t talk to her and other texts saying that she would tell Kayden about us. The list of her crazy attention-seeking moves went on and on.
as Erica kissed on my neck she got close to my ear and said. “I love you, Kiara.” The words shocked me hearing them come out of her mouth. “erica what did you just say?” I said. she lends back and made eye contact with me with a smile on her face. “I love you,” she said. “Umm are you sure? How do you know? I mean think about it what are we really doing here that would cause you to love me?” I asked. “Yes Kiara I am sure and I am okay if you don’t say it back. I didn’t say it to hear you say it back to me. I said it because it is clear to me that I feel like you are the one for me. Never thought i’d see myself spending the rest of my life with a woman but I see that with you” she said to me still smiling. “Erica you can’t love me this is just a situationship,” I said to her. “Kiara I know that what I said might be scary but I am not trying to rush you into anything. we are just vibing and enjoying each other.” Erica said, “maybe we need to just slow down.” I said to Erica. she looked at me confused. “please don't let London crazy action fuck up what we got going on.” Erica said. “I’m not letting her fuck up anything but I feel like we need time apart there's a lot going on maybe we both need to just think things out,” I said. erica sat next to me on the edge of the bed. “let me explain something to you. I’m a grown ass woman if I need time or space I would have just did that. this is not just a joke to me, a game, or pointless sex. this is my time and emotions involved. time is valuable and I'm not going to play with your because I don't want mine played with. the way you kissed me when that night when you told London you picked me had meaning behind it I felt. it felt real and passionate. at that moment I decided that I wanted to be with you and have those moments and kisses over and over again for forever. thats why I have been spending so much time with you and showing you that I would make a great mate.” Erica said.
“Erica I understand and I hear you I swear I do. But I need time and I need you to leave.” I said. Erica started to laugh.” your silly come here so I can help you take those clothes off.” she said as she pulled me closer to her. I pushed against her. “no I'm serious I need you to leave I need a break.” I said “a break what the fuck is a break?” she asked angrily. “ I just need some time to get me together,” I said. erica got up from the bed with an attitude. “so this bitch comes here and you get to acting stupid towards me.” she said, “it's not even like that” I said to her with a soft voice.” yeah whatever Kiara “ she said as she grabbed her stuff. Erica walked out of the room and a few moments later I heard my front door slam.
days went by and it seemed like I just wasn’t myself. I couldn’t get Erica out of my mind. the exact thing I wanted London to do: be my woman and be all about me was exactly what Erica was willing to do for me. here I was being stupid. I picked up my office phone and dialed Erica’s number. “hello” she answered. “hey how are you?” I said trying to plan out my next move. “ I’m good what up? what you want?” Erica said sounding like she was rushing me off the phone.”damn its like that huh?” I said. “just like that. so what do you want.” she said sounding more annoyed. “ I wanted to invite you to dinner maybe we can sit down and talk about what happens,” I said. there was silence on the phone for a while and then Erica said: “I guess I can do dinner.” “okay cool. I will meet you at that Dominican spot you like at 7 pm. “ I said. erica said okay and we hung up. I was excited and overjoyed. Normally black women didn’t make it this easy and the fact that Erica was being open-minded filled me with joy.
before getting to the restaurant I stopped and got some flowers for Erica. white roses were her favorite so I wanted to make sure I got her those to help get me back on her good side. when I got to the restaurant I grabbed a table and waited for Erica. I felt like a nigga that really fucked up as I sat there waiting for her to arrive with my hands all sweaty and my legs shaking in m heels. at around 7:15 I started to feel like I might have been stood up. by 7:30 I got up and started to make my way towards the door feeling sad and discouraged. I got ready to leave and then Erica came through the door.
I looked at her and said, “I thought you weren’t coming.” “me too.” she said back. “glad you changed your mind. let's have a seat” I said. we got to the table and I handed her the roses. she closed her eyes and smelled them, “Erica I brought you here to apologize. these last few days I haven’t been able to get you out my mind. you were right that day I pushed you away because of London.” Erica sucked her teeth and shook her head. “ I knew it.” she said. “but it's not for the reason you think. I’m not in love with London or anything like that. that day when you went into the room and told me to handle London she threatened your life. she kept saying if she found out that we were together she was going to do something to you.” I said
Erica’s attitude shifted. “so why not tell me that Kiara and we could have faced that crazy hoe together. not to mention I ain't never scared or worried about any crazy bitch. she could try me if she wants. I love you and she not going to stop that friend or not she can pick what side she wants to be on.” Erica said. I smiled. “I just didn’t know how to tell you. after hearing you tell me you loved me and how you felt about me, I didn't want to put you in a situation where you could get hurt. But this time without you has helped me realize I rather have you around and fight any hoe that tries to come between us then to be without you.” Erica laughed. then she stood up and lend over the table and kissed me. let's get out of here and finish what we had started that da

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