Part 3 Green Eyed Devil

Part 3

Because of the things I had done, hearing someone threaten to kill me was nothing new. But hearing it from the mouth of my own mother was a different type of hurt. Her saying she should of killed me behind that nigga that was married and trying to take over her empire blew my mind in a way I couldn’t explain.
It scared the hell out of me to know I had thought about killing my mom on more than one occasion. I really felt like her making me into a professional killer was the worst thing she could have ever done. I left my mom's room feeling lower than dirt. I was old enough to get my own place and separate from this toxicity I called a mom. But a piece of me stayed because I wanted to win her love back.
I went to my room and grabbed one of my guns from the collection I kept stashed. I went into the bathroom. I stood the mirror and looked at myself. I took a lipstick from the draw and wrote. All I wanted was love. Then I turned the shower on stepped in and sat on the floor of my shower still fully dressed as the water ran over me and tears rolled down my cheeks as I held the gun to my head. I had been here more than once feeling like being dead would be better then living, or being my moms slave. There had to be more to life than this. When would I be able to truly be happy or feel loved?
My mom was supposed to love me. If not for the fact that I was her child. But because I stopped Diamond from killing her. But instead she looked at me with some much hate and acted like I destroyed her life.
As I got older I understood that by killing my own father I killed the love of my mother's life. And I accepted that I was wrong for that. But shit so was she. For years she told me nothing about the man. She had me thinking that to be a boss like her in this lifestyle you couldn’t have love. While the whole time she was getting fucked and her emtions played with to the point she almost lost her empire.
I pulled the trigger of my gun and nothing happened. I opened my eyes and looked at the gun. There was a bullet but somehow the gun jammed. I placed it on the floor and pushed my wet hair back out the face. And rocked myself a little bit as more tears fell. Maybe this was a sign.
I didn't come this far to take this punk ass way out. Especially not before getting the empire I was entitled to. I pulled myself off the shower floor and gathered myself. I took off my dress and bathed. When I got out I tried to call it a night but my mind wouldn’t let me rest. Everytime I slowed my eyes My mom's words played over and over in my head along with the faces of the people I had kiled. So I got up and got dressed and headed out to this upscaled lounge to have a drink.
I sat at the bar sipping a martini when the smell of Tom Ford filled my nose. I turned to see the most handsome dark skin man take a seat next to me. I scan the bar not sure why with all these empty seats he picked the one right next to me. I looked him over as he ordered his drink. His mixture of hood but classy had me giving him the side eye. His waves were spinning, his beard and cut were prefect. The fact that he was in here let me know he had money. But the diamonds that were shining in his ears assured that.
He licked his juicy lips and a piece of me wondered how they felt. His muscles showed perfectly through the black button up he had on, also with a tattoo peeking from the bottom of his sleeves. I looked him up and down as I bit down on my bottom lip. He was reminding me of Don from black ink in Chicago.
“Like what you see?” he asked. “Excuse me.” I asked snapping from my daze. “You like what you see?” He repeated “I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare.” I told him as i looked away blushing. “But you didn't answer my question. Pretty eyes” he said with a smirk. His statement had me wondering if I had forgot to put my contact in. But I blinked and felt like.
“You alright” I said giving him a side eye, he laughed which caused me to look at him. “What's funny?” I asked “your guards instantly went up when i asked my question. Which lets me know that you have either been hurt or experienced someone close to you being hurt and you are trying to avoid that being your faith as well. The fact that you're fine ass is sitting all by yourself at the bar sitting lets me know you had a long day. And your drink choice lets me know that you see yourself as a bad guy because only villains drink martini’s”
“Okay Dr. Phil.” I said to him. “Actually it's Dr. Young but you can call me Oxyn” he said extending his hand. I shook his hand as I looked him up and down again and then straight in the eyes. “You're a doctor?” I asked. “I'm a therapist to be exact.” he answered “oh so that's why you tried to read me like that?” I said to him. “Tried?” he asked as if I offended him.
I didn't say anything, I just turned back to the bar and ordered another drink. “Excuse me bartender can I get another please.” “yeah put it on my tab and bring it over to my section.” Onyx said. “Your section?” “yeah that's where we will be sitting.” he told me. Something about the way Oxyn was taking control had me wanting to follow his lead. “But I didn't tell you I was going to your section.” I said “i know I told you '' he said as he stood up and extended his hand.
I looked at him for a while before I finally took his hand and let him lead me to his section. We sat talking for two hours. I told him about my real estate business and the clients I sold houses to and even about my love for photography. “Well I'm due for some updated photos for my business. Maybe we can book a shoot together. That gives me a chance to get to know you more.” he said as he licked his lips.
“I mean what else you want to know? All my dirty secrets?” I asked “Maybe” with a wink. “You are not about to turn me into one of your patients.” I said. “What I’m trying to turn you into isn’t my patient.” he said and looked at his lips as he talked.
“Excuse me.'' I said. “We both know you heard me. '' he said “i turned away trying to hide i was blushing again. “Listen, I gotta go work in the morning, you know.” I told him grabbing my purse. Onyx stood up and reached into his pocket. He handed me his card. “When you're ready, call me,” he said. I looked at the card and then back at him.
I started to walk off and he stepped in front of me. “You are not leaving without giving me a hug,” he said. “Are you asking me or telling me?” I responded. “I told you before i don’t ask” he said and then pulled me in. The smell of his cologne filled my nose and his strong arms wrapped around me made me want to melt.
When he released me he looked me in my eyes and a piece of me hoped for a kiss. “have a good night Lauren.” he said I walked away from him putting an extra sway in my hips just in case he was watching. I looked over my shoulder and he was. I got to my car and let out a deep exhale as I looked at his business card and felt how wet my panties were. Onyx was fine. But irefused to be like my mom so men were no.

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