Part 3: Diamond, Dominique, and Julian

I stood there shaking with Julian's blood covering me. I could hear my heart beating in my ears and it felt like it was about to pop right out my chest. I turned and saw Gisele standing on the side of me but it was like my body was frozen. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t. Seen Gisele talking and panic look on her face but i couldn’t gather what she was saying. Gisele walked away and came back with her phone to her ear. My mind was racing this all had to be a bad dream. Because it seemed like everything started to go in slow motion.
I started to hear the sound of sirens coming and before I knew it the doorway of my home filled with cops and paramedics asking me questions and moving things. I was still stuck in shock. I had lived in the hood all my life and not once had I seen someone shot right before my eyes. Even as the police officer removed me from my home I looked at Julian's body as they worked on him. When they got me out of the house and to the driveway. My neighbors were outside and watching the craziness at my home taking pictures and whispering. but I still couldn’t talk. Everything was so unreal at this very moment.
As they placed Julian on to the stretcher I looked over at Gisele who was giving a statement to another officer. As I took a few deep breaths everything started to feel real again. The sound of my heart beating faded and I was able to hear the officer that was standing in front of me. But although I could hear him I was not focused on him because they were wheeling Julian right past us. My eyes followed him all the way to the ambulance and I watched as they put him in.
“Ma’am i need you to focus and talk to me.’ the cop said. I turned to him and said ‘take me with him.” the cop looked at me confused “what?” he asked. I raised my voice and pointed to the ambulance “take me to the hospital with him.” I said. “Ma’am we need to talk first.” the officer said back to me. “Do you realize what I have been through in these last hours? I am going to the hospital with him and either you are going to take me, or your going to get the fuck out my way.” i said cloudy with anger.
The way I was talking to the cop must have gotten everyone's attention because Gisele walked over to me and grabbed my hand and said “calm down” she said to me. “Is he alive?” I asked her. “Barely.” she told me. “Then I need to go to the hospital with him. I will not let him be alone or die alone. No matter what he has been way too good to me for me to let him go out like that. This shit wasn’t even supposed to go down like this.” I said to her. “Okay let's go.” she told me, leading me over to her car.
The cop grabbed my other free arm and I turned and looked at him. “I'm not done talking to her,” he said. “Did you not hear what she…” i stopped Gisele from talking by putting my hand up to her that she was holding. Then i said to the cop “unless you're arresting me I guess we will be finishing this conversation at the hospital because that's where I'm going” i said. I saw as the cop rested his hand on his gun. “But…” the white cop said with anger in his voice and I stopped him. “but what? Are you going to shoot me? Out here in front of all these people? Fine, do what you have to do. I’ll still end up at the hospital with him, ``I told him.
The cop looked around and I can tell from the way his face was turning red I was pissing him off. He looked at me and I turned my head to the side. “So what is it going to be?” I asked. “What did I say?” he said to me. “I’m not your sir. I’m a grown-ass woman. So once again we can talk at the hospital well I make sure he’s okay.`` I said.
Gisele and I walked away. She took me to her car and we followed the ambulance. As soon as we got there they rushed Julian into surgery and told us they would be out to give us updates as they could. From behind us, I heard “now can you talk.” I spun around to the cop that I was talking to before at the house and rolled my eyes. “Listen ma’am as much as you don’t want to talk to me. I don't want to be here bothering you but this is my just tell me what happened.” he said. Then he mumbled, “don’t know why we have to worry about our sleeves when y'all want to act like animals and Kill yall sleeves.”
Gisele must have heard the comment as well because before i could open my mouth she said “what the hell did you just say?” the cop looked at me ignoring Gisele and said can i just get your statement, please. “What you can eat is your manager because us people or animals as you said have nothing to say to your racist ass.” I said to him.
“Ma’am my captain is way too busy to come down here. just to give me the damn statement please. You people always have to make things harder than they have to be for us .” he said getting loud and then catching himself. I stepped closer to the cop and Gisele grabbed my arm. “Diamond,” she said “you don’t even have your gun pointed at us but you're showing your turn colors. That man who's in there is fighting for his life because mentally he wasn’t in the right place. Despite how you feel about us people he makes more money in a year then you have probably seen in your life. He is a husband, a father and a damn good one at that. People love him, he matters he’s not just a name or number you're about to write on that statement and then throw in a folder. But since none of that matters and in your head he’s an animal. I can’t give you shit” i said
The hospital doors came flying open and Domonique came rushing in and up to the desk. “Excuse me… can someone help me.” I heard her say. I walked away from the cop and my feet guided me over to her. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say when I approached her. As I got to her she was banging on the desk and yelling “excuse me can someone tell me what the hell is going on with my damn husband.” “domonique,” I said with my voice shaking and cracking. She turned around and looked at me, she had tears running down her face and her makeup was a mess.
“What are you doing here?” she asked me. “Dom, Julian was…” she cut me off as I was talking. “Don’t you dare call me Dom, we aren’t friends. are you about to tell me my husband was with you when all this happened?” she said “so you're not the wife?” the cop said from behind me as if it was funny to him. I turned and gave the cop the dirtiest look.
“Diamond what happened to my husband?” Domonique asked me to bring my attention back to her. “I've been asking the same thing.” the cop said “shut up.,” i said turning back to him. Then looking back at my sister. “Listen one second me and Gisele were talking about what happened at the hotel between me and you. And how I ended it with Julian. Then Julian appeared at my door. He was talking to me wanting me to take him back then next thing i know he shot himself, Domonique.`` I said to her as I tried to grab her hand.
She pulled away from me and covered her mouth for a moment and then said “your lying Julian would never. He didn’t want you, he was using you. You did something to him.” she said. “Domonique I had nothing to do with him pulling that trigger I swear.” I said.
“You know I used to pray that one day I could make up to you everything that went wrong in our childhood. That all the stuff i did to you and said to you when we were younger you would forgive me. I wanted us to grow a bond, start fresh, get to know each other and love each other unconditionally. And then you get to be an aunt to my children. I wanted my sister because we are all the family we have left. But now that man in there is all I have. And…. I hate you! How the hell am i supposed to tell my kids that their aunt is the hoe and fucked their father. And that hoe caused their daddy to be here.” she said with anger in her tone.
“Domonique,” I said with tears in my eyes. She put her hand up. “Please don’t you say my name again or talk to me. You better go talk to Jesus because if my husband dies only god himself will keep me from making sure you dont join him.” she said to me and then walked away.

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