Part 3: Brandon and Ja’la

I thought I loved Brandon before but seeing him beat death and hearing his mother talk about how she wanted us together made me sure that I loved him. When they brought Brandon in, he kept for the rest of the night. all I could do was think how I couldn't wait to tell him that I loved him, that I wanted to be his one and only and how happy I was that we still had a chance to make things right with us. as the night went on I set Ms. Connie up with two chairs and a cover so she could get comfortable. once I knew she was okay I got myself comfortable as well.

   Ms.Connie eventually fell asleep and I was up with nothing but my thoughts. so I pulled out my phone. I had plenty of missed calls and text messages from Tristin but this was not the time or the place for him. I opened up facebook and that was probably the wrong thing to do. there were people saying rest in peace to Brandon and other hoping he pulled through. It was crazy how people would just post stuff on the internet. I tried to scroll past it all, until I seen the post Paris put up of her and Brandon kissing, saying how she knew her baby was going to pull through and she was holding him down until then. “bitch” i said and then looked around to see if I woke up Brandon or Ms.Connie. I logged off facebook quick.

I decided to text Lala and let her know that Brandon was okay out of respect that he was shot at her party. When I sent the message my inbox posted up and I seen Tristian name lighting up. so I decided to see what he had sent me. his texts were sweet. he was checking to see if I was okay. he even offers to come to sit at the hospital with me, or to bring me food, clothes and anything else I might bring. it actually made me smile to know that I was on someone's mind that way.  I sent him a text back. Sorry to respond so late. things have just calmed down here. Thank you for checking on me and the offers. Brandon is fine so I guess you can say I am fine too. I am sorry I ran out on our date. but please know and understand that I had a great night maybe even one of the best dated I have ever had. I hit send. I looked at Brandon and exhaled. Sleep was clearly passing me by so decided to play candy crush.

the next day was a rocky one Brandon was far from happy and he was taking it out on everyone. I woke up to the sound of him yelling into the phone. “man I am in the hospital if you don’t bring my daughter up here to see me you inconsiderate creator you.” I sat up in my chair and stretched. Brandon looked at the phone “that bitch hung up on me.” he said. “watch your mom Brandon.” his mother said. A nurse came into the room; “Mr. Smith we are going to get you up and going for a walk” she said.  “No you not, I’m not walking anywhere I was shot last night. what in your right mind makes you think that I am about to walk anywhere,” he said. “Well this is Dr. Cage’s order.” she said back to him. “if he wants me up and walking tell him to come to see me himself,” Brandon said. “Brandon calms down, she’s just doing her job.” Ms. Connie said. “Brandon lets just do it. I’m here and I’ll help you.” I said getting up and going to his bedside. “No I’m not doing it I’m in pain,” he said loudly.

the nurse walked out of the room. In about ten minutes she came back with the doctor. “Hey Mr. Smith, how are you?” Dr. Cage said cheerfully as he entered the room. “Doctor I am good, but in pain and your nurse is trying to make me walk.” Brandon said. “well I order them to get you up and trying to move. because we had to pump blood back into you to replace what you lost move is good for circulation. not to mention getting you to walk will help us determine if you need physical therapy or not. “ Dr. Cage said. “fine so be it I will get up.”

The nurse started to get Brandon up and I tried to help. “Ja’la move man. you in the way.” Brandon said to me. I backed up like a kid who just got their feelings hurt. when the nurse finally got Brandon out the bed I went and tried to close the back of his robe. “Yo Ja’la I’m not going to say it again get out the way man,” Brandon said. “Brandon stop, she’s trying to help.” Ms. Connie said. “if she wants to help to get me some clothes and stuff from my house because right she in the way.” he responded. I didn’t say anything. I stood there for a few minutes and then grabbed my purse and phone.

I got an uber back to my house. I shower and change clothes. then I got my car went to Brandon’s house and let myself in with the key he kept taped to the inside of the mailbox. I packed his bag full of stuff and then headed back to the hospital. when I got back Brandon was back in bed and from the sounds of it back arguing with Mya. I sat the bag on the bed with him and had a seat.

Brandon got off the phone and opened the bag. “do you want me to get you some warm water in the  little wash bucket they gave you.” I asked. “Nah I’m a get up and go into the bathroom,” Brandon answered. after he took everything out the bag he looked at me in disgust. “you didn’t get me any t-shirts to put on?” he asked, “I didn’t see any in the draws at your house.” I said. “mhm yeah whatever if I was your little boyfriend Tristan you would have stopped a store and got some.” Tristan said as he got the walker next to his bed and went towards the bathroom. “Brandon you're ungrateful butt going to be miserable and alone if you don’t learn how to talk to people,” Ms.Connie said.

Brandon sucked his teeth and went into the bathroom. my phone started to ring when I pulled it out my purse it was Tristan. I looked at the bathroom door and then at my phone. I got up and went into the hallway and answered the call. “hello.” I said. “Hey beautiful, I got your text and just wanted to call and hear your voice,” he said. I started to blush. “I need to hear a friendly voice right now,” I said to him. “Well glad I can be that friendly voice. I also wanted to know I’m not mad about how much of a pure-hearted person you were when you left with Brandon.” Tristan said. “well thanks for being understanding that means a lot.” I said. “no doubt the fact that you are so pure-hearted and caring is one of the things I really like about you Ja’la.” he said. “really?” I asked a little shocked. “yes really. there's a lot of things I like about you. I’d love to take you out again and we can discuss those things about you that I like and find attractive.” he said.

before I could answer I heard a loud bump. when I looked into Brandon’s room I saw the bathroom door open and Brandon laying on the floor. “Tristian I got to go I will call you back. “ I said. I rushed into the room and tired to help Brandon up. “get off me.” he said pushing me. “Brandon I’m just trying to help you,” I said. “I don’t want your help, go back and finish whatever it was that you were doing.” he said “Brandon,” I said “Ja’la on the real why are you even here. you can go your useless I don't need you.” he said. It words cut deep.

“Brandon!” his mom yelled. “mom I’m just saying” he replied to her. the nurse came in the room to help Brandon. when they got Brandon in the bed and check him out when they left. Ms.Connie walked up to the side of Brandon bed and said “Listen we know you're mad about what happened, we get it. but taking it out on the people that are here for you is not the solution. get it together or you going to run the wrong people away.” “man I don’t need no one especially not her. Ja’la can go she’s not wanted or needs here.” Brandon said as he looked at me.

I looked at Brandon and then walked out of the room. I walked out into the hallway and started to pace back and worth. trying to understand what the hell I did for Brandon to be treating me like this. Matter fact why I was I even putting myself through this. I had someone showing me that they were willing to give me every I want, needed and more. but I was chasing Brandon like I wasn’t the prize that he should be chasing.

as I paced back and forth I heard Ms.Connie raise her voice. “you ungrateful bastard. that girl has been with you since you got shot. she left her date to ride in the ambulance with you. she was here before I was, and stayed the whole time with me. even filled out the paperwork for you when I couldn’t. that girl loves you from the bottom of her damn heart and out dumb and mad to see it. when you should be mad at the people that not here or better yet mad at yourself that your a grown man with a child and you thought going to a house party was a good idea. Brandon, you need to check yourself, because if that girl walks out on you, you will never find another girl like her again.”

I didn’t hear Brandon say anything. a few minutes later Brandon’s mom came out into the hallway with me. “come here Ja’la.” she said. we had a say in some cars. “baby girl when I told you I knew you loved my son. I should have also pointed out that loving someone is not suppose to hurt honey.” she said. I looked at her with my eyes full over tears. “Ms.Connie he’s mad and going through a lot so I understand.” I said. “baby girl don’t make excuses for my son he knows right from wrong and the way I’ve watched him treat you today is completely wrong despite what he’s going through. from the way you are looking right now, I know this is not the first time my son has mistreated you. I’m a tell you like this baby girl doesn’t let my son or any other man use, abuse or walk all over you. Your, not a doormat, Stand for your worth. if they don’t think you are worth treating you correctly move on baby. you will hurt but you will heal and most importantly you will learn. one man’s trash is another's man's treasure, believe me, honey.” Ms. Connie said before giving me a hug.

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