Part 3: Annette and Teddy

Being in that basement with Egypt was like stepping into her world. It wasn’t until that very moment that I realize that Egypt was a victim in this situation just like I was. She played her part in the wrongdoing just like Teddy. But at the end of the day, she gave her heart to a man that would rather see her dead than admit to the relations they were having, and I know that had to hurt her as much as finding all this out cut me.

   Her life was complicated enough she was black and transgender in a time that most people was far from open to that type of lifestyle no matter how beautiful she was. all she was trying to do was live her truth. But to see her here hiding in fear and being scared with her because neither one of us knew what was going to happen next.

This made me see teddy in a new eye. A piece of me could have dealt with him cheating on me as stupid as it might have sounded. But to see how far he was going bothered me. It wasn’t like he was tricked. That video showed that he was utterly a willing participant. This was too much, and something had to be done. They were both wrong, but I respect that Egypt was willing to sit down and talk to me face to face.

I sat in the basement trying to figure out what to do. Because no matter what when I left this basement and went back out into the world all eyes were going to be on me. Everyone was going to want to know how I was going to handle this, what I was going to say to Egypt, etc. Truth be told as I sat and looked at this scared soul there was nothing else I could tell her that would make her feel worse than she already did. Not to mention my beef wasn’t with her. She didn’t owe me anything. I had to put all my anger towards Teddy. He owed me loyalty, respect, and must of all love. And the fact that he had his boys doing this to this girl was a clear sign to me that he was trying to hide something. At this point all I wanted to know was why. Why play me? Why put me in this situation? What had I done to deserve this? Why didn't he just keep his damn dick in his pants? Why with a transgender? It sounded terrible but I can deal with, but a down low nigga was not one of them things I was built to handle. As the banging and nose stop my mind started to go a million miles per hour. I should just walk away and leave they asses to handle this damn circus by they damn self. Let it be survival of the fittest and see who remains when the dust clear. I could throw up my hands and be done with it cause it was clear he didn’t love me, and at the end of the day Egypt was still a man, and I wasn’t about to fight no man. Definitely not over another man when there are other fish in the sea.

I’m pretty, still young, and smart as hell. I was above this, not to mention Teddy wasn’t a need he was just someone I loved and wanted. There were so many thoughts going through my head. I turned and looked at Egypt although we were no longer in that basement the fear was still written all over her face. My phone started to ring, and she damn near jumped out her skin.    

I reached in my purse and got my phone “is that him?” she asked. I looked at the caller ID and shook my head as I said “no” then I answered the phone.   “Hello?” “are you okay?” Juanita asked. “yes I’m fine.” I answered her. “so what happened?” she followed with. “we talked, and I got all the answers I could get from her.” I replied. “okay so are you on your way back to us? We are all still sitting here waiting on you” she told me. “no” I said quickly. “no what Annette? What's going on? You don't want to be around us right now? You know you don’t have to hide from us or be ashamed.” Juanita said almost sounding like she was my mother.  

   “I'm not running from Y'all or anyone else for that matter. I am going to see him” I said. There was a moment of silence, and then Juanita said. “him who? I thought you were coming from seeing Egypt already.” Juanita. “that's a she not a he and I did. Now we are going to go see Teddy.” I said. I seen Egypt's head quickly turn and look at me. “Teddy?” Juanita said. I instantly could hear the other girls asking questions in the background. “Yes, we are going to go see Teddy. I got questions for his fat ass, and they are going to get answered.” I said. “you don't need to be going to see him alone.” Juanita said. “I could feel Egypt burning a hole into the side of my head from staring at me. “ I'm not alone. I’m with Egypt. I got to go now though I will call Y'all later.” I said and then hung up quickly. When I hung up, Egypt looked at me and said Listen Harley Quinn I didn’t sign up for no suicide mission if you want to kill me go ahead. But I'm not willingly walking in the lion's den for that man who had it out for my head to actually be able to chew it off.” she said. “he’s not going to kill you or do anything to you.” I tried to assure her. “no he not going to kill you. He loves you; Y'all have a life together. , on the other hand, I’m just the man who wants to be a woman who aired his dirty laundry out. Nothing about me is missable. my parents and family disowned me so if I walk in there that man will kill me with no second thought and throw me away like yesterdays trash.”

   I pulled my car over and looked at Egypt. “listen if you are going to be a woman learn to own your shit and be confident. You put yourself in this situation. You knew the type of nigga Teddy was, and you went into the war zone. You fucked with his reputation and ego as a man. Not to mention both of you hurt me in the process. But none of that makes you trash. Hold your head up because I don't stand up for trash. now when we go in here, I got your back nothing is going to happen to you.” I said to her. Egypt took a deep breath”okay let's go.” she said.

   I put the car back in drive, and in no time we were pulling up to Teddy’s shop. He had a car repair shop to cover up his real hustle and help when e needed legit money for something. When I walked in with Egypt behind me. I notice Tedy’s boys focus and the way they were moving. When I turned and looked at Egypt the look on her face let me know he was seeing it as well. I grabbed her hand and kept walking back to Teddy’s office. When I got there, Teddy was already out his seat. Annette what the fuck are you doing with this thing.” he yelled. “thing? Really? do you really want to act like this Theador?” Egypt said which shook me because for someone who was scared for her life calling this man by his real name was not a good way to start out. before teddy could address her I screamed out. “everyone shut up and sit don I came here with questions, and they are going to get answered.” “we can talk, but that thing doesn't need to be here for us to do so it has nothing to do with our business,” he said back to me.

   I looked around the room confused trying to figure out how Egypt didn’t have anything to do with this, and then I realized Teddy’s gons had not lonely followed us to his office but was lined up behind us. “so are you done or finish being an ass hole. This has a lot to do with her. Our business became her business when you added stop fronting because of these mutha fuckers are in here.” I said to him. “I’m not fronting for no one. Let me educate you on something. You see these niggas they know me. even after that video was leaked they are still here with the upmost respect because they know me and they know I will put a hole in each one of them for trying me just like I should do this bitch that you in here play super save a hoe with.”

   I turned around and looked at his boys “get the fuck out” I yelled at them. Teddy laughed “see they don't move unless I tell them too. I control this I control everything and everyone around me.” he said. “you don't control me.” I said with an attitude. “oh no I do and if I don't walk out of here with nothing but the shit you brought on, and I'm not talking about the shit you brought with my money. I mean you brought with your own money…. exactly you can’t. You know why because I fucking made you just like I made that thing that's next to you — Y'all my bitches. Annette you my real bitch and Egypt that my bitch to give me a little taste of jail every now and then when I need it. she just way prettier then them niggas I make my bitch when I was locked up.” Teddy said with a laugh

   “Teddy are you serious? you going to disrespect me like this?” I said “you disrespect me bringing her in here. So now I'm a treat you accordingly. now both Y'all take your asses home, and I will deal with y'all when I want to.” he said. “and if we don’t?” I asked him still trying to be tough. “Y'all can be replaced,” he said to me with this is look in his eyes.

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