Part 3:  Amber, Dave and Rico

I stood there with my gun smoking and tears rolling down my face. This was not the person I wanted to be. I watched the blood pour from Dave's body onto the wood floors.

Rico turned around to see where the shot had come from. "do you love me now?" I asked him. Rico picked up the bag of money and started to head back towards the door. As he crossed my path I grabbed his arm and cried out "Rico." He looked at my hand and snatched away.

Inside I felt like I was the person that was actually laying on the floor bleeding. I had just done the unthinkable for this man. My head was racing and spinning trying to understand how. How the hell did I get to this fucking point? The room seemed like it was closing in on me.

I rushed out the house behind Rico and like a mad woman I stood behind his car in broad daylight with my gun out. I screamed "Rico" I could see him looking at me in the rear-view mirror. I pointed the gun "Rico don't make me".

Rico got out the car and stood in front of me, looking me dead in the eye. "You bad? Pull the tiger then. I already know I'm dying" he said to me. My hand was shaking. Rico snatched the gun and pushed me towards the house; "get your dumb ass in the house." As I walked inside Rico looked around to see if there was anyone watching us.

I came to the house and sat on the couch still shaking and put my head into my hands. Rico came in and slammed the door. "You better be glad this the hood. People around here hear gunshots and still mind their business. That probably why Dave wanted to meet here." Rico said as he laughed a little.

I jumped off the couch and got in Rico's face. "What the fuck is wrong with you. Your laughing like YOUR COUSIN isn't in there laying on the floor dead." I said angrily. "That's not on me, that's your body. I just was trying to get my money, and now I got it" Rico said back to me. I looked at Rico and began to cry. "so that's it. No explanation no nothing? You don't even care that I love you" I asked him. I need to know why. Maybe if he explained I could just walk away and the hurt would go away.

"Tell you what Amber?" Explain what?" Rico asked like I was annoying him. "The truth! The fucking truth Rico." I screamed out. Rico started to pace. "Amber the truth about what?" he said. "Rico about everything," I said to him looking at him confused as to why he was playing stupid. "Rico do you have H.I.V?" I tried to ask him in my most calmest voice.

Rico looked at me again now making eye contact. "Yes," he said. My chest started to feel like it had been caved in. I slapped Rico with all the might I had in me. The impact caused him to drop my gun he was holding and it slid on the floor towards me.

Rico turned back towards me holding the side of his face. "Okay, I deserved that," he said. "You deserved that? Nah that's not even half of what you deserve Rico. You had sex with me knowing you were infected and didn't say a word in two fucking years." I screamed. Rico smirk I couldn't understand what he possibly thought was even close to being funny.

"It kinda hard to tell a person your infect when they got your dick in their mouth on the first night straight after yall walk out the club." He said to me. I reached down and grabbed the gun off the floor, and once again pointed it at Rico. "You think this a damn joke," I asked him no longer crying but shaking with rage. "You put my damn life in danger, then you me being stupidly in love with you I put Dave's life at risk," I said emotionally "

Rico looked at Dave you ain't just risk that nigga life you took it and either way fuck that nigga." I cocked my gun. Rico reached behind him for his gun and the look on his face let me know he didn't have it on him. He was in such a rush that he dropped it in the bag with the money.

"So you're a walking death sentence and a pedophile?" I boldly asked him with the gun to back me up. That must of hit a nerve because Rico scared out "I didn't rape Tasha. That little girl told me she was 19. I would have never sold her the drugs or let her give me head in exchange if I knew she was only 17. I'm a dad I would kill the nigga that did that to one of my daughters." Rico pleaded for once sounding like he gave a fuck about something.

I just looked at him. "How was I suppose to know? She was in the club getting high with some of my other normal clients." All this was so much to take in. "So you sat in jail for two years thinking about how you were going to get back at Dave for him not getting you off for something YOU DID!" I said to him.

"I sat in jail and suffered bitch. Don't act like you know my damn story. This five stacks is nothing compared to what I went through in there. I was alone. The only person I had was my mother and she was out here. Dave wouldn't even bring her to come see me. Then she got sick and he didn't even check on her. I was trying to be the head of the house from jail while going through my own shit in there. And Dave knows and didn't even hold me down like a family was supposed to do. My mom could've died if I didn't come home." Dave said to me.

I felt for Rico I never knew about all of this. But I have to know, "how were you able to come home early anyway?" Rico took a seat and took a deep breath. "I witnessed a murder before I went to jail and when they came and talked to me about it they offered me a deal. If I testified against my friend the could cut my time and send me home on papers. Between getting jumped almost every day, getting raped then finding out I had H.I.V, and my mom being sick; I took the deal.

But now that deal caught up with me. My friend's brother is at my head for ratting his little brother out. I've literally paid him every dime I had stashed away before I went in and now he still wants more. This five stacks is so he doesn't kill everyone I care about; my mom, my kids... I had to do what I had to do. I thought Dave ass would just pay up, I'd get the money and could just disappear. Never having to explain all of this to you or anyone else."

Before I could say a word Rico got a call. He pulled the phone out his pocket "Shit." He said before answering.


Yes, I got the money...

We can meet tonight...

Alright, 9 is fine...

Rico hung up "Yo this Oprah shit is over I got to go," Rico said as he got up. "So you're just going to leave? What about him?" I said pointing at Dave on the floor. "See he's your problem, not mine, that's your bullet in him. It's my job to go save my babies and that's what I am about to do." He said and turned away. I grabbed Rico and pulled the pregnancy test from my bra. "What about the life of the baby you put in me?" Rico pulled away from me. "Bitch you can't blame that on me, you been fucking me and that nigga. He could be the father." He said to me.

I started to shake again. "Rico it's your baby I'm sure of it. I made love to you, not Dave." I cried out to him. He started to laugh at me. "I wouldn't dare calm that baby. Bitch you're an unloyal ass hoe. That bastard baby could belong to anyone. Even if you have it, its life is damned living with the disease that you probably now have too."

Before I knew it my gun went off again. I had literally snapped. When I had realized what I had done Rico was laying in front of me with a hole in his chest. I started to panic and pace the floor. But that was interrupted by the sound of a phone ringing.

I checked Rico's pockets but it wasn't his. Then I looked over at Dave. I walked across the room and patted his pockets in search of the phone. But looking at the hole I had put in Dave's stomach.

Before I could pull the phone out Dave's head turned towards me. He eyes open. he seems as if he was gasping for air and to keep his eyes open. "Bitch" he muttered. I jumped back with the phone in my hand. I hit the wall behind me and slid down to the floor in a sitting position. I looked at Dave.

Then his phone started to ring again. I looked down it was Jayden. I cleared my voice and answered the phone.


"Hello?" Jayden said back to me like he was confused or trying to figure out the voice.

"Hey Joc what's up? Dave sleep." I said to him.

"Amber? Ummm okay... Well, have that nigga hit my line when he gets up."

I hung up. "Fuck, fuck, fuck" I screamed and stomped. What the fuck was I about to do. I started pacing back and forth. I looked at the man I loved and then the man that treated me the best before lay in blood before me.

" I got to get the hell out of here," I said. I put Dave's phone back in his pocket. Then I grabbed his gun. As I looked t him for the last time, tears started to pour down my face. "Dave I'm sorry" I walked over to Rico and wiped my gun off and planted it next to him. Before I walked off I kicked him. "I loved you"

I got to the door and peeked out. It seemed all clear so I moved quick. I grabbed the bag of money out of Rico's car and got into mine. I pulled off. I drove and I cried. I lite and cigarette and cried more. I thought to myself I just have to start over.


    As I drove mine began to ring. It was Dave's mom. I already knew what she was calling to tell me. I started to shake. I pulled over and lite another cigarette. She called me again. I didn't answer. I screamed out into the empty car "Leave me alone. I know your son is dead. I killed him and Rico. But I still have one more life to take."

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