Part 3 Adrianna, Brian and Stefan

I was living the life most chicks dreamed of. I literally had my cake and was eating it too. But this shit was getting messy and I had to admit this was way more than I originally agreed for. I had a loving, caring, providing, and pure-hearted man at home. With a drug selling, hood ass nigga on the side who was so romantic on the inside and maybe a little toxic that he wanted to marry me.
Silence filled the room. I wasn’t sure how to respond to Brian. I wasn't a hundred percent happy at home but it was never to the point that I wanted to leave Stefan. Especially not to be married to a drug dealer I was far from about that life.
as I looked at the ring and Brian looked at me. Finally, I spoke. “I don't understand.” I said to him. “What don't you understand Adrianna.” he said, “why do you want to marry me.” I said. “God told me you were my wife.” I damn near peed on myself at Brian’s response. I looked at Brian confused as hell. “God?” I asked to him. “Yeah God. Just because a nigga sell drugs and do some illegal shit dont mean he dont have a relationship with a higher Power.” he said As if he was setting me straight.
“That still doesn't answer my question. Why me? Why do you want to marry me? '' I said to him, getting a little loud. “Why not you!” he said. I sat down next to him and held his face and made him look me in my eyes. “Brian seriously what about me makes you feel like you want to marry me Brian. We have never been in public together, you know nothing about my family or me for that matter. I could be a crazy bitch. All we do is fuck an yes my pussy is good but shit crazy bitches have good pussy. Not to mention Im cheating on my husband with you so clearly I'm not faithful.'' I said to him.
“God told me you were the one,” Brian said. “How could God tell you another man’s wife was going to be your wife?” i asked hoping that he realized how crazy that sounded. “Adrianna I know this comes as a shocker or just odd. But I prayed for you to believe it or not. I’ve lost everything. My momma, my pops, even my baby girl. All I wanted at this point is someone to love and someone to love me back. I asked God to send me that person and if he did I would slow down in these streets, transitioning who I was. I told him I didn't care about her situation. If he sent her i would work with her through it all as long as she worked with me. Then I met you. You were struggling to get your car to start and it was like it was meant for you to meet. God knew I loved cars and that working on them was a no brainer for me. It was what I did with my dad and how I got into the game because so many big-time drug dealers came through my dad's shop.
When I started talking to you everything about you was refreshing. You didn’t know who I was in these streets and you didn’t expect anything from me. Even now you expect nothing from me but to make you feel good. you were and still are so beautiful and your smile has been imprinted on my heart and brain since day one.” he said.
Brian's words were moving. I didn’t even know he thought of me in that way. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but think he was crazy. In a matter of hours, he had gone from a scary stalker and now he was hopelessly romantic.
My phone started to ring and I searched the room for it and found it under the bed. I looked at the screen and it was Stefan. I showed the phone to Brian before I answered. My heart was racing. And Brian just stared at me. I answered and put on a sleepy voice. “Hello?” I answered, “bae you good?” Stefan said into the phone. “Yeah, I’m fine. Tisha called me crying after I got back from the store. She and Nate had been arguing again. She wanted me to come over so I told her to pick me up. We were sitting here talking so long that I didn't even realize that I had dozed off. I'm about to have her bring me home though.” I said to him praying he would believe me. “Man I'm so glad we don’t get the issues they do. They are always fighting. That has to be draining. But take your time I know Tisha like a sister to you. I just wanted to make sure we enjoy each other some more before I hit the road tonight. Stefan said. “Okay honey I’ll see you soon.” i said “i love you,” Stefan told me. “I love you too” I responded as I looked Brian in the face.
I hung up the phone and looked at Brian. Clearly, he was bothered because his mouth was super tight to the point I could see he was gritting his teeth. “See this is why we can’t get married. I am lying to my husband over you. I can’t add breaking his heart to that too.” I said to him. “And what about me? What about my heart?” Brian said. “Brian baby we have good sex and you feel a place for me. But you don't love me. I promise you don't, it's just what we have seems so good that you think you do.” I said to him. “So you think I am stupiid?” he asked me. “Huh” I responded confused. “You think I don’t know when I love someone?” he said with a look in his eye that got me scared.
“Brian i think we should go.” i said. “We are talking,” he said to me. “Brian you are scaring me please take me home.” I said to him. “Adrianna listen just take the ring and think about it. I promise when you are mine I will love you in ways you have never been loved before. I will treat you in ways he don’t.” Brian said as he stood up and walked towards me. I backed up from him until I hit the wall. “I'm not in a rush you don't have to say yes right now but promise to think about it.” Brian said. “I am a married woman.” I said, “you are a married woman that suck and fuck my brains out any time I request so why not be mine.” Brian said. “Because that's where I draw the line my husband has given me no reason to divcor him.” I said
“But he gave you reason to cheat. So how your attention and words don’t match. You told me you loved me. So was that a lie?” he asked. “Brian I have love for you, I really do? But I am in love with my husband and those are two different things” I said “so what do i have to do for you to be in love with me?” he asked. I didn’t know what the hell i had gotten myself into but just simply leaving seemed like it wasn’t going to happen.

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