Part 3: Adam and Destiny

“I can help who's next.” the bank teller said. I stood there looking at this check for $20,000. until the lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said: “Ma'am it's your turn.” I turned and around and smiled. “I’m sorry thank you so much,” I said. I had been holding on to this check since the engagement party not really sure what do. “Hello, I would like to make a deposit.” I said when I got to the counter. “sure no problem just sign the back of the check please.” I flipped the check over and hesitated for a minute, I knew females that would have sign this check in the quickness and not felt bad at all but this was about more than money to me.

   I had been having so many mixed feelings about Ms.Carrie paying me off not to be with her son. Now don’t get me wrong there were tones of thing I could do with an extra $20,000 from buying textbooks, to paying towards my tuition for nursing school to just paying bills in general. But was this really enough to make me walk away from the love of my life? I signed the check and handed it to the cashier. a few moments later he said “alright Ms.Matthews the check has been deposited into your account. Please give it three to five business days to clear due to the account of the check.” he said handing me the receipt. I forced a smile on my face and said thank you.

   As I walked out the bank I felt worse then I did walking around with the check in my purse. I got in my car and took a deep breath and literally felt like I was going to throw up. As I tried to pull myself together my phone started to ring. I picked it up and it was a text from Adam: Can’t wait to see you in a few. the message said. My stomach instantly started to hurt.  but I ignored it and pulled off from the bank.

when I got to the store Adam was already there. he has been so hands with this wedding. all the other men that I knew that were married said all they did was pick their groomsmen out and show up. But Adam had been there for everything from taste testing to picking flower colors. When I walked in he greeted me with a smile and open arms. “there my beautiful bride to be.” he said, I smiled with my stomach hurting even more now that I was looking him in his face. “hi baby” i said before we kissed. “damn you look better then I remembered” he said. I smiled at the charm he was putting on. Adam and I hadn’t seen each other in the last two weeks because after the engagement party I decided I needed a break from the house and went to stay in a hotel.

“so do you know what you know what you want to put on our registry Adam.” said holding the gun like he was playing a video game. These were the things about this man that made me love him the most. His playful spirit and ability to make me smile. “well this place has some nice pieces for the house, so I figured why not get some nice stuff on someone else expense.” I said laughing. “see that's why I’m marrying you. You smart.” Adam said.  We walked around the store picking out stuff we like and having small talk. inside I was dying and my mind was screaming for me to tell Adam about the check but how could I come out and just say hey honey your mom offered me a $20,000 check not to marry you and I took it.

as we walked around I took a seat because the pain had gotten that bad. “you okay?” Adam said looking at me concerned. “I have this pain in my stomach.” I said. “how long have you had this pain?” Adam asked putting down the registry gun to check on me. “ I’ve had it for a few days now but it's worse today.” I said, “you been in that hotel in pain and haven't told me?” Adam said. “i figured it would go away.” I said. “But it hasn’t Destiny,” he said a little loudly. “ I will be okay.” I said getting up and then falling back into my seat. “yeah you will be because I am going to make sure of it you're coming home. whatever you and my mom got going on doesn’t matter because your health is more important and not to mention when we are married Y'all going to have to get along.” he said. “Adam baby I will be fine I promise you,” I said. “Destiny it's not a question I am telling you your coming home I been trying to figure out how I was going to get you back there because I don’t like you being in no hotel and the Lord answered my prayers,” Adam said.

adam was so serious about me coming home so he can take care of me that he made me leave my car and ride with him. When Adam opened the door I was standing behind him but I could see Ms.Carrie coming down the stairs with a big box. “Mama, what are you doing?” Adam asked. “I was moving those clothes Destiny left out of your closet and into the basement.” she said. “momma no one told you to do that.” Adam said. “well she hasn’t…” I stepped from behind Adam and Ms.Carrie’s face looked like she seen a ghost. “what is she doing here?” she asked. “she lives here momma, what do you mean?” Adam said. “But she hasn’t been…” Ms.Carrie said stuttering. “she is allowed to leave the house and take time for herself momma not you take your time and go get whatever you moved and move it back.” Adam said.

Adam took me up to our room and I got into bed. In a way, it felt so good to be home but in other ways, it felt so wrong to be here. “baby I want you to relax I am going to run to the store get some soup, ginger ale and anything else you may need. If you need anything while I’m out text or call me. okay?” I smiled thank you, baby. Adam walked out of the room and I heard it when he left the house. I laid in the bed thinking to myself. God is this your way of telling me that the guilt of this check eating away at me.

as I laid there, there was a knock on the bedroom door I rolled my eyes. Ms.Carrie came in the room “what the fuck are you doing here?” I said, “excuse me?” I said looking her up and down. “your like an STD my son can’t get rid of no matter how much I pay.” she said. “what are you talking about?” I said to her. “I gave you $20,000 you disappeared and now you back. why?” she screamed. “I left to get away from you and get myself together. I didn’t want to be back in this house your son made me come here because I got sick while we were out doing stuff for the wedding.” I said. “you shouldn’t be doing nothing for the wedding, there should be no wedding. you took my money that was the deal. Now live up to it or I’m a tell, my son.” Ms. Carrie said. “you going to tell your son you paid me to leave him? how do you really think that's going to turn out between you and him.” I said to her. “it will be fine because I am his momma and he will understand that I had his best interest at heart.” she said before she walked out the door.

How the fuck did I get myself into this situation. I thought to myself. I can give the money back but I already deposited the cheat so I am going to have to force her to take this check back. I picked up my phone “Hello, thank you for calling citizen bank. can I get your first and last name please?” the bank rep on the other end of the phone said. “Destiny Matthews” I answered “how can I help you today Ms. Matthews?” she asked. “I want to stop a deposit that I made today.” I said to her. “unfortunately we don’t have a way of stopping a deposit.” she said. “Umm okay thank you.” I said as I hung up. “shit shit shit.” I said as I started to panic.

Adam came home and catered to my every need. He would even let me lift a finger. we laid in bed and as I looked at this man I started to cry. I was in so much pain and I couldn’t keep acting like I didn’t know why.  “what's the wrong baby is the pain worse?” he jumped up asking. I nodded my head. “come on I’m taking you to the hospital.” he said. I kept crying until finally, I said: “Adam I got something to tell you.” I said . “what is it baby is it about the pain?” he asked me. yes”I said. “what is it?” he asked. “I’m in pain because…” I said stop. “because of what Destiny? you got to tell me what's going on so I can help you.” he said. I still didn’t say anything. “destiny talks to me?” Adam screamed. “your mom offered me a check for $20,000 not to marry you... and I took it.” I said.

Adam stopped in his tracks. “what?” he said. I jumped out of bed and went over to him. “baby let me explain. I didn’t use the money it's just sitting in my account she can have it back.” I pleaded. “so all this shit was a joke we were planning a wedding that you were even going to go through with. what the fuck Destiny.” Adam said hitting the wall. “just listen to me” I said grabbing on Adam. “Nah I’m good to get off me and get out.” he said “what?” I said. “get out take your ass back to the fucking hotel and use that $20,000 you got and figure your shit out but you don’t live here no more.” he said.

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