Part 3: Aaron and Whitney

“Denise? Denise? I know you hear me… Don’t get scared, baby.” I said and then heard the call disconnect.When I got Denise back home, we would have to talk about her and her surroundings. I had been watching her for days now, and she hadn't even noticed or picked up on it. It took no time once I was released from the hospital to use my connections to find Denise. She thought she was going to relocate and use a different name, and I wouldn’t find her. This bullet she put in me wasn’t going to be able to stop me. Unlike Chenelle, I was lucky.

To my surprise she was in an area I knew well because I moved weight here. I had gotten a room at the same hotel as Denise and had learned her schedule. She was going to work from 9 to 5 pm; she had found a church to attend, and when she had free time, she was viewing houses. 

It was killing me being so close to her and not touching her. But I didn't want to pop up on her and scare her. In my mind, I was working out everything. I was letting her ease her mind. But in the meantime, I wasn't taking my eyes off of her. It was nights I had even stood outside of her hotel room door and listened to her shower and even masturbate.

I was happy she wasn't giving that pussy to anyone else. That was until today. I saw her kissing that lame-ass suite and tie-wearing nigga in one of the homes he took her to. Everything in me wanted to put a bullet in him right then and there. I had fucked up in the past, but she didn't have to do me like this. I was going to get my shit together. I didn't share what was mine, and Denise was mine. 

As I sat in the rental car in the burger king parking lot across the street from the Apple bee's Denise was at, my phone started to ring. I answered it without even looking at the caller ID "hello," I said in my deep voice. "Hello, this is Aaron from Welcome to your home reality returning a voicemail I got from that number."

The sound of this niggas lame-ass voice made my jaw tighten. The nigga sounded corny as he looked. I couldn't believe this was the nigga my bitch thought she would move on to. 

"Yeah I called you. My name is Andre. I'm new in town and actually interested in buying a house. You were referred to me.'' I told him. "I would love to show you some houses in the area and welcome. I'm pretty booked for the next few days but I can set it up for us to meet first thing monday." he told me. 

I was cool with that. If Denise acted right, I wouldn't even have to meet with the nigga because we would be on our way back home by Monday. "Yeah that's fine." I said. "Cool, is this your cell number? I would love to send you a follow up text on what time Monday we can meet and where we can meet at." "yeah right do that I got to go." I said quickly as my phone started to beep, letting me know someone was on my other line. 

I clicked over, disconnecting the call with Aaron. "Yo?" I answered when I saw the name on my caller ID. "Dre, where the hell are you?" Chenelle asked. "Handling some shit," I told her. "Handling what? Because you're damn sure not here with me when you should be." she said. "Yo what the fuckdo you want?" I asked, getting pissed because Chenelle knew damn well she was not my bitch. "Dre don't fucking play with me. I got shot because of your black ass and now you just leave me hanging. I am here learning how to walk all over again, and you are handling shit." she fussed. 

"Man Chenelle what the fuck do you need. We both know that your dad is paying for you to have the best doctors to make sure you're fine. "I told her. "It ain't about what my daddy doing for me. It's about the fact that i wouldn't even fucking be here if it wasn't for you. But you're not here." she said, sounding like she was crying. At this point, she was pissing me off, and if I were in front of her, I would choke her out. 

Now I did feel bad that Chenelle got shot in her back and that it fucked with her ability to walk after surgery. But I wasn't trying to hear that shit that it was my fault. Chenelle was a spoiled bitch who felt like she was supposed to get everything she wanted just because her daddy had money to fix all her problems. I worked for her dad moving his weight. Chenelle knew I had a girl, but that didn't stop her from throwing that pussy on me, and at the end of the day, I'm a man. As annoying as she may be, I still had to give it to Chenelle that she was a bad bitch. Her ass was fat. Body built like a coke body and Face that gave you model vibes. Although she didn't look better than Denise to me because Denise reminded me of 90's beauty when bitches weren’t trying extra hard to be pretty and weren't wearing makeup to hide who they really were. 

"Aye Yo Chenelle on some real shit I got to go, so you got to get off my phone with this bull shit cause I don't got time for it." I said to her, ``Really Dre? That's how you going to do me? You better not hang up this mutha fucking phone on me." she yelled. "Or what?" I said, sounding like a lion in the jungle as I finally let her hear the anger in my voice. "Or Imma tell my daddy what really happened. That you were the reason I got shot and we both know that ain't going to work out too well for you, your money or that bitch that shot me," she said. 

Chenelle and I had an agreement that she wouldn't tell her father anything about what happened. She came up with a lie about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I broke her off with a little extra money. Now she was trying to go back on her word to get me under her control. I wasn't feeling it. "Make sure when you tell him that you also tell him how you begged for the dick even though I didn't want to give it to you and how you couldn't take it and was running from it once. I did. And make sure you get your all-black ready because if you send your daddy for me I'm not going down without a fight and you know how I am." i ended the call and sat the phone on my lap next to my gun.

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