Part 2: Tiana and Sean

" I told your hard head tail not to take that boy away from his daddy." my mom fussed at me as her, myself and Aesha sat in my living room. " I'm not taking him away." what was best for and mine. I'm not taking him away." I said. "Then what do you call it," she said back at me. "I mean in all due respect Ms. green Sean is getting married." Aesha butted in. "Little girl hush no one is talking to you with your lonely self. I don't ever see you with a man and you probably the one that came to my daughter with the info thinking that you were being a good friend." Aesha and I both sat there in silence because we knew better than to talk back to my mother. My mom got up and put her shoes on, "you know what Tiana you know it all and it's your life so be it. But a hard head made a soft behind and this is going to come back to bit you in the end. But I love you." she said before blowing me a kiss and then rolling her eyes at Aesha and walking out.

   "dang, your momma ain't never liked me." Aesha said and we busted out laughing. "you know Ms.Green is no joke." I said. "she sure ain't. But no matter what Tiana I think you made the right decision for you and Little sean." Aesha said. "I don't think I did. I acted off of anger and didn't really give him a chance to a explain. My mom might be right. little sean needs his father. I can't raise him to be a man when I don't know one thing about being a man." I said to her. "Tiana you better not be thinking about going running back to Sean no good ass. you can both be great parents to Little Sean without being together. Get a grip and think about your self-respect. He doesn't deserve you after embarrassing you like that." Aesha said.

   "But Aesha..." I started to say but she interrupted me. "No buts Tiana I am your best friend and I will ride with you until the wheel fall off. but you got to think about it even if your not pissed about him marrying another woman. my godson was here sick while that nigga was out getting engaged and wouldn't answer or return your calls all day. that's fucked up.”I looked at Aesha from the corner of my eye and mumbled “your ass wasn’t too worried about your godson being sick when you called me to spill the tea about Big Sean. Now were you?” Aesha looked at me she said. “Really Tiana?”

   I looked at her and walked into my kitchen. Aesha came in behind me. “Tiana listen we are best friends and no matter what you decide I’m with you. if you want to go bust Sean shit open to the white meat I’m down for it, if you want to be inspector gadget and find out who the ho is and where she lives and pull up on her I’m down with that as well. But if you decide to wash your hands of the situation and just need me to be the someone that is there to give you a shoulder to cry on I’ll be there.  I’m riding this wave with you no matter where it takes us. but as your friend understand I will not ride in silence I am going to tell you what I think.” Aesha said to me.

   “Aesha its not as simple as your saying I have a child who is impacted by all the decisions I make. I and Sean have a life together and had I not listen to you I wouldn’t be here right now.  I just need you to mind your business. at the end of the day, I love Sean. I’m in love with him that's not something I can just turn off.” as the words came out my mouth the tears started to fall from my eyes because it was clear that Aesha didn't get or understand how this was affecting my household and family. “if he wants to marry another woman and not the great one that he already has that gave him a beautiful baby boy. then fuck him, Tiana. Don’t cry. he will miss you when you are no longer there for him .stop letting him take advantage of you and your love. you are so worth so much more. I got to head to this appointment so I’m a get out of here but I love you. Call me Later.” she said as she hugged me and headed to the door.

   I had so many mixed feelings about Aesha had she kept her mouth closed I wouldn’t be here right now. I would have found this out in my own time and way, and Sean and I could have possibly worked it out. But I get that she was looking out for me. No matter what I and Sean had been through ups and downs that we had worked out. but this was the craziest and clearly, he didn’t value me. How could he lay in bed with me every night, not loving me or our family? How could he do this to me? How could he do this to little Sean? How? Why her and not me? I still had so many unanswered questions. That deserved an answer.

   I went into little Sean bedroom where he was napping at. I looked at my baby. he was so innocent to everything that was going on. He deserved to have the best life possible no matter what I had to risk. this little boy deserved to have both his parents in his life in one home. He will not be another static because daddy his daddy was absent.

   I picked up my phone and texted Sean. Dinner tonight long horns on Erie Blvd. He texted back quickly okay I will be there at 7:30 pm. I looked back at Little Sean. “mommy going to get daddy back home.” I said out loud.

   I got dressed and dropped little Sean off to my mother for the night. I got to long horns and it was only 7:20 I went in and grabbed a table for the two of us. I texted Sean and let him know I was there. He texted back and let me know he was pulling up. When he walked in I stayed seated at the table. “Give me a hug Tiana,” he said. “Nah I’m good hun.” Sean pulled my arm until I was out my seat. I gave him a half hug and sat back down. “sit down we need to talk.” I said.

   “yes, we do,” Sean said as he took his seat. I sat there trying to figure out what to say. then Sean said, “Tiana I’m sorry.” I rolled my eyes. “Sorry for what Sean?”I asked with an attitude.  “I am sorry for it all. the lying, the cheating, the hurt that I have caused you and our son. The way I acted and spoke to you the night you put me out. Understand that I love you. Everything I am doing is to better us.” He said. I looked at him like he was crazy. “you marrying another woman was to better us?” I asked. “Let me explain. I never planned to marry Rachel. I had been seeing her and fucking her for a while now that I will admit but I never planned to marry her.” he said.

“Well, shit like this just doesn’t happen Sean. So you might want to explain a little more.” I said. “Tiffany has money, Tiana, I been fucking her for her. the 40 hours a week I’m working at the factory is not cutting it. But I didn’t have the heart to tell you that when you were so hung up on being a stay at home mom for little Sean.” he said. “So you made a poor ass decision for the both of u instead of talking to me,” I said getting loud then I looked around. “Tiana I did what I felt I could do to remain the man in my household and keep my woman and my son taken care of,” he said. “Then how did you marrying the hoe come along?” I said. “baby I promise it was like from Chrissy and Jim Jones shit. I show up to have lunch with her and it was an engagement party. I was stuck. She paid for everything even the ring.” he said. “So if it was all about the money why would you post a picture for our friends and family to see and report back to me.” I asked. “baby I didn’t she did. I walked off and left my phone on the table, and you know I don’t believe in locking my phone. when I came back and looked at my phone the post had already done numbers.” he said as he grabbed my hand.

as Sean was talking his eyes got big. then I heard a voice from behind me. “Sean whos this?” I turned around to see this curvy white girl standing behind me. “Umm, Tiffany what are you doing here? this is the mother of my son Tiana.” Sean said quickly. I had avoided seeing the picture that was floating around of Sean and Tifucking around on me with a white girl. The shit made a little bit more sense now though because there was no way that a black girl would have brought her own engagement ring.

Tiffany looked me up and down like I was beneath her then stuck out her hand “Nice to meet you” she said. Sean looked nervous and he asked again. “Tiffany what are you going here.” “well when you wouldn’t tell me where you were going and was ignoring my texts and calls” I mumbled under my breath “he has a habit of that.” they both looked at me and then she went back to say. “I figured I would use the locator on your phone and see where you were. and now you are. so what are we talking about?” She said as she pulled up a chair. “We aren’t talking about anything,” I said with an attitude. Sean butted in and said, “We were talking about little Sean.” Tiffany smiled “oh my god I can’t wait to meet him.” she said. “Over my dead body,” I said as I walked away from the table.

Sean got up and followed behind me. “Tiana, Tiana what let me talk to you.” he said grabbing my arm.  “to say what Sean?” I said spinning around. “I can fix this just give me some time.” he said. “time for what. So you can marry that white bitch? she doesn’t even look better than me. and her whole body looks fake like she's been trying all her life to be a black girl. I can care less at this point Sean. I came here trying to get you back. But after seeing her. I wish you the fucking best. But my son will not be apart of anything you have going on with her and that's my word.” I snatched my arm back and walked off.

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