Part 2: Tia

A few days had went by and my dad still laid in a hospital bed with me and my sister by his side everyday. We were there as early as we could be and the nurses had to kick us out at night. Every time I looked at my dad I was reminded that he was here because of someone that was brought into our family but was family and didn’t know what it meant to be family. I was angry but I was holding my peace because my only focus right now was my dad.

Not to mention i wasn’t even sure at this point if any one was strong enough to hear the reason why my dad was there. Last thing I need was my grandma laying side by side with her son because she had a heart attack from this news. So each day I bit my tongue and prayed that the lord would fight this battle on my father’s behalf. And as long as Kiki and Darryl stayed away like they had been doing since they left the hospital that night it would be easy to let things happen in god time.

    “Baby I’m losing faith” I told Blaze. “What you mean?” He asked “I’m losing faith that god will pull my dad through this. I’ve been praying and praying. But it’s like he doesn’t hear me or he’s not real. And I’m starting to feel like how and I serve and worship a god that would bring me to this point to do this to me, my family, the people my dad has affected this is far and to know we are here because of family makes it even worse. I’m trying to do the right this. But if my dad doesn’t make it out I can’t promise you that I won’t make Darryl and Kiki’s life a living hell.” I said

      Blaze came across the room and hugged me as I stood in the mirror. “Remember all you need is a little faith for god to do something amazing.” I turned around and looked Blaze in his eyes that was the first time I ever hear him speak about God at all. My face must have been tell Blaze what I was thinking because he went to say. “I don’t have to be running around carrying a bible and quoting scripture to believe. Your dad showed me that, that’s why I have faith he will make it out. Now let’s finish getting dress so we can go to the hospital.” Blaze said.

     We got dress and got up to the hospital Jazella was already there. She had text me this morning and told me to sleep in because I had been at the hospital with daddy the most. When I walked into the room it was cold. Kind a like how the cold folks says it feels when death was approaching. “Any changes?” I asked jazella she shock her head. “He still show no signs of anything.” Jazella said as I heard foot steps behind me.

       My grandma and Khala entered the room and Blaze grabbed seats for them. We all sat there in silence for a while and then my grandma said. “Y’all grab hands. Let’s pray.” We circled around the bed me and Jazella each grabbed one of my dads hands and then connected with everyone else. We bowed our heads and my grandma started to pray. “Father we come before you humble. We know that you are a all knowing and all powrful god. We asking that you come into this room and let your will be done. Move in a night way. Shift the atmosphere and the situation. In your name we pray, amen” we all followed behind her and said amen.

       The room went back to silent as we sat there just waiting on God to come in the room. Eventually out silence was broken by a knock at the door. “Can I come in?” My dads doctor asked. “Sure come on in here honey.” My grandma said. “Well I was wondering if I can speak to you Ms.Rucker in private. “Sure” my grandma said getting out of her chair. “Not you ma’am we need to speak to his eldest daughter. She has been listed on all his paper work.” I looked around the room and then back at the doctor. “No need for privacy this is family and whatever you tell me I will tell them so it’s better they hear it from the horse mouth.” I told her.

     “Umm okay well. At this point it has been a few days with Pastor Rucker being in this state. Between the bullet he took and the trauma to the head he suffer when hitting the ground things aren’t looking good. And at this point all these machines are keeping him alive you can say. It is in my medical option that we take him off the mechines.” I was stuck and unable to speak. “Are you saying that we should let our daddy die.” I heard Jazella say. “At this point he…” before the doctor could finish I screamed “get out!” The doctor tired to say a few more words and my grandma said “give us some time.”

      I heard the doctor foot steps as she left the room. My head was down and my leg was shaking, but I seen when Blaze grabbed my hand. “Tia and Jazella I know this is a lot for you guys but I need y’all to listen to what that doctor is saying” my grandma said. “Listen to that doctor and let her kill my father?” Jazella said. “Baby if it’s his time it’s his time. We all have a appoint tine that we can not miss.” My grandma said. “So this is your god coming in the room and showing he’s all powerful and doing something amazing.” I said lifting my head with tears rolling down my face.

        “Tia I know your hurt…” I stopped my grandma “grandma I’m not hurt I’m mad as hell we are only here because your sorry excuse for a daughter let her husband put a hit out on my father. And for what? You know what why she did it doesn’t even matter because at the end of the day truth of the matter is there nothing in this world that should ever cause you to want to see someone take your own brothers life.” Jazella looked at me confused. “Tia what are you talking about.” She asked. “Darryl put a hit on daddy and Kiki 9 times out of 10 knew.” I said. “No, no that can’t be true. Their family.” Jazella said Blaze spoke out “it’s true the day I told Tia I was going to find out what happen and left her I went to the streets where people know and street me and asked some questions I was told a young boy by the name of baby E pulled the trigger but your uncle Darryl put the plan in motion. I got people looking for baby E but it looks like whatever money Darryl gave him he’s using to hide.” As Blaze ended his sentence I noticed my grandma was looking away and tears were coming to her eyes and khala was crying too.

     “At least I know you two can cry.” I said. But neither of them said anything back. “Say something, you have nothing to say about your daughters attentions grandma?” I screamed as I got out my chair. “Bae claim down.” Blaze said. Khala looked over at my grandma as if she was looking for an ok before speaking. “What are y’all hiding?” Jazella asked. “We knew.” Khala said softly. “You knew what?” I asked. “We knew about the hit. We seen it when Darryl put it on social media looking for someone to do it. Mommy told Kiki to have him take it down and he did and we thought it was over.” Khala said. My heart hit my feet and slide to the floor. “You mean to tell me you knew all this damn time that their was a hit out on my father. One that your daughter made and either of your said anything? You are suppose to be his mother and baby sister and neither of you said nothing. Nothing to us so we could be able to keep him safe. Did you atleast tell him?” Jazella said loudly. Both my aunt and my grandma shook their heads.

       From the floor I said “this whole damn family is disloyal. You are now sitting here crying because me and my sister have to make a decision to pull the plug on our father. You don’t get to cry sacs your damn tear.” I said. “Tia we feel bad! But we can make this decision as a family and then help each other through it.” My grandma said. “Family? Grandma there’s no family here. And you two get no say so in what happens with our dad from here. You kept silent about the hit that was placed on him now you can stay silent.” I said to them. “Tia be respect she is still your grandmother and I’m still you aunt.” Khala said. “And that is her son and your brother and his blood is on your hands now. And I hope your unable to sleep at night knowing what you did. Now y’all can leave.” I said. They both sat in the chair looking at me. “She said leave.” Jazella said. “Y’all will not treat…” Khala was talking and I interrupted her. Don’t you dare say anything about how to treat any one. Now leave or I will call security and ask for you to be removed this is my family and I get say so over him. You are welcome here.” I said and turn my back to them

     “Momma let just go” I heard Khala say. Slowly I heard their foot steps exit the room. Jazella ran around the bed to me and fell to the floor and put her head in my lap and cruised. What are we going to do?” I sat there in silence because I was completely unsure.

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