Taylor and Stephaine Part 2

“That shit wasn’t even necessary.” i said to Taylor with a straight face as she laughed and we rushed out the building without me breaking my damn neck. “Man he good. I didn’t actually hit his ugly ass. And we both know my aim is good and I could have with no issue.” she said. “It don’t matter the shit wasn’t that deep to react in that fuckn way. I cant waut until you grow the fuck up and stop doing dumb reckless shit. Now what if he go tell his family. We don’t need that shit.” i fussed.
“Man relax he not going to go tell his family shit. Did you see how Ricky and Torrence laughed at him. He don’t want no on else laughing at him like that. Your always over thinking just relax.” Taylor said confidently as we hooped into her Land Rover. “Shit sometimes it seemd like im the only one in this shit that thinks at all. Your ass always going from zero to hundred real quick like a fuckn drake song and then we got to clean up whatever you did.” i said as I got in on the passenger side.
“I dont go zero to hundred real quick. Im just protective of us and our names. You know damn well every nigga that was up in that room plays a part in this drug life one way or another.” I interrupted her and said, “Not Torrence.” Taylor rolled her eyes “like i was saying EVERY nigga in there has connections to the drug life one way or another. How else do you think they got $1,000 as entry fee for a poker game. Normal niggas aint got money like that to be playing with. So with that being said them niggas dont like that we are teo females and we hold enough power if not power to sit with them. That nigga Nick meant all disrespect everytime he called us a bitch. If I had done nothing and just let him slide then the joke would have been on us that we are weak. Actually shooting him would of made us look to fuckin emtional. Both of those are bad for us because they will always say it because we are women. But scaring him, that shit puts him close enough to death for him to remmeber next time we are not to be played with. So miss me with that I don’t think shit.” Taylor said as she was driving.
“Or remind him to keep his piece with him for next time. Then its going to be a shoot out and someone is liable to get hurt because you already know scared niggas shot and don’t aim or pay attention to where they are pointing they gun.” I said to her.
I heard Taylor suck her teeth at my statement. “Step relax bg sis got you, your safe. I know you don’t like using your gun.” she said. “Bitch! You only older then me by ten mintues shut the fuck up.” i said and we both laughed. “And its not that I dont like using my gun I just much rather do it when its actually necessary.” i told her.
Silence took over the car until I asked “did mommy tell you what's up?” “Nah but she texted me 911” i looked over at Taylor confused Our family didn’t believe in the police because of the life we lived so if my mom was texting Taylor and not me and sending 911 it had to be something serious going on.
“So you know I’m telling mommy right.” I said to Taylor as I pulled out my phone and text my mom asking if she was good. Taylor glanced over at me and then back at the road. “Telling mommy what?” she asked. “That you shot at Nick. SOmething not sitting right about that shit with me. And you know hes connected to the mob. And if some shit pop off mommy going to be on my ass abut it. She going to be pissed because in her head I let you do the dumb shit and then because i didn’t open my mouth and tell her.” I said
Taylor knew I was right but she still shook her head no. “man you tell mommy then me, her and you will be sittin at a table with Nick and his daddy by tomorrow. You already know mommy going to call a meeting and then Im a have to aplogize and Im not doing that shit. Because I stand formly on what i did.” Taylor said with an attitude. “I dare you to tell Big Toya you not aplogizing after she tells you to.” I said laughing.
“Not even funny and that shit will make us look weak.” Taylor said. “And if that's what has to happen then so be it. I rather be safe then walking around with a hit out on your head. Remember your not the only one with that face. And as much as i love you sis Im not trying to die over no stupid did you did. Because when niggas get to shotting they not looking to see if im the twin with the different color eyes.” I said
Taylor was silent for a minute and I knew i had gotten under her skin. I looked down at my phone to see if my mom had gotten back to me but there was no response. Then like a little kid playing tit for tat Taylor said “well you tell mommy on me and Im a tell her about that nigga Torrence who you was damn near drolling all over.” “I was not,” I said in return as i looked up from my phone. “Yeah whatever,” Taylor said. “Dont force me to tell mommy about that cop bitch Aaliyah you been fucking Taylor. Then she will really know how you always got the drop on all the police info.” I said
“Is that a threat? If so first of all I dont care. If you tell her about that bitch she not my girl and aint no feelings involved. Its just way cheaper to let that bitch click this clit and fuck her with a strap then to pour out money to get info and her loyalty.” Taylor said as we pulled up at my mom’s
Our childish argument stopped as both of our attention went to the pitch-black house. “Something aint right here.” I said “hell nah. her cars are here. but mommy hasn’t been in that house with all the lights off since dad died and she always leaves the porch and living room light on. Especially when she know we are on the way. Something going on and we about to find out what do you have your gun?” Taylor asked. “Yeah,” I said as I put my phone in my purse and pulled my gun out, and kicked off my heels.
Taylor figured we should park on the side street and enter the house from the back. To creeped up to the house real silently trying to hear if we hear any sound coming from inside. As we got close Taylor pointed out the back door was cracked open still and the window was broken. She pointed her gun up as she pushed the door to enter first. I put my mine up ready to cover her. My heart was racing and the only thing i could think was i didn’t want to find my mom in here dead.
The back door leads right into the kitchen. Taylor stepped in and tried to turn on a light but nothing came on when she flipped the switch. I was aware that there was an electric panel in the pantry because I was the only one besides my dad that paid attention to that stuff when we did a walkthrough. I tapped Taylor and nodded my head to the pantry to let her know I was going that way. She nodded okay and turned her gun to cover me. I stepped into the pantry but before I could do anything Taylor screamed.

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