Part 2 Shavon and Quinton

It was 8:30 pm and here I was sitting on the couch waiting for my man to come like always. Quinton ass had told me he was going to go play ball with his friends until 6 pm since he didn’t get to go to the gym this morning and then he would be home and we could do whatever I wanted. All my heart really desired was to lay in his arms and watch a movie. But now the Scorpio in me wanted to punch him in the face because he never kept his word.
Since 7 pm I had been debating with myself if I wanted to blow up his phone or not. I couldn’t understand how we had been together since high school but yet and still this man still always wanted to try me and tap on my crazy button. This time around I refuses to give him that satisfaction.
I laid on the couch and flipped through the 100s of cable channels we paid for. After finding nothing to watch I picked up my phone and I went to my notes section. I went to a previous document and looked at it. On one side I had all the reasons I loved Quinton. He was fine, church-going, god-fearing, good in bed, history, sense of humor, and on the other side I had every reason why I considered leaving him; mistreats me, makes me feel unappreciated, doesn’t consider my feelings and emotions, drains me.
As I went through the list my phone started to ring and my daddy's face popped up on my screen. “Hey daddy,” I said cheerfully. “Hey, baby girl” he responded. “How are you, daddy?” I asked him “I’m doing just fine. My baby popped into my head so I just had to call you.” He said. “Aww, I love when you check on me,” I told him cheesing. “You know you're my heart. So what you doing?” he asked. On the couch waiting for Quinton to come home.” I answered. “You know I still don’t like the idea of you and that boy living together and y’all not married.” My daddy said. “I know but at least we are engaged now.” I said “yeah I guess so you are grown and have to live your life...” he responded.
I got silent on the phone “something on your mind?” My father asked. “No sir” I answered. “Now you know you can’t lie to me I raised you I know when something is bothering you.” He said. “Okay well I have a question” “okay shot” my dad responded. “If you found out that before you and mommy got married she was making a list; on one side she had all the reasons she loved you and on the other side all the reasons she would leave you how would that make you feel.”
“I wouldn’t feel no way I would be happy to know that she is actually thinking it out fully.” My dad answered. I sighed, “why do you ask?” My dad asked me? “I have just been thinking lately. Before I walk down that I want to make sure I’m making the best discussion.” I told him. “All I can tell you baby girl is to listen to your heart. Don’t wait because if it’s tough now it will only get tougher because marriage is work.” He told me. “Thanks, daddy.” I said, “okay well I’m a let you go I just wanted to check on you before I called it a night.” “I love you daddy and good night,” I told him. “I love you too,” he said to me before hanging up
As I laid on the couch looking back at my list there was buzz letting me know someone was at the downstairs door. I didn’t move thinking maybe it was someone ringing the wrong bell. But the buzzer went off again. I got up put on my slippers and went downstairs.
As I came down the stairs I saw Taryn standing at the door. I instantly turned around and started to go back to my apartment “not tonight” I said to myself. But Taryn started banging on the door. I rolled my eyes and went back down the stairs moving faster this time. “What!” I said loudly as I swung the door open. “Awww Von you not happy to see me?” She said sarcastically. “Didn’t my dad make a deal with your dad that I and my sisters would stay off you if you leave me alone?” I said to her with my arms crossed as I leaned against s go the door.
“I’m not here to bother you.” She said to me “then what do you want?” I said now annoyed. “Just thought you should hear it from the horse’s mouth that you gonna be a stepmom.” “What are you talking about Taryn,” I said annoyed. “I’m pregnant! And Quinton is my baby daddy.” She said. “Your lying!” I said to her. “Nah I’m not but I know you want me to be. Just face it I did the one thing you can’t do. I’m giving him a baby because your not woman enough to.” Taryn's words crushed me.
I closed the door in her face and dragged myself up the stairs the fact that I couldn’t have a baby was a secret between me and Quinton. I had been pregnant twice before when I was younger and he convinced me to abort them. Now as adults we had tired of and or again but now my doctor said I was so scared on the inside I wouldn’t be able to carry a child. It was clear now. This completed my list and I was done.

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