Part 2 Shanel

Sometimes I questioned when I became this person. I had just killed my little cousin in cold blood. I pulled up to my house and opened the garage door. Once it closed, I sat there for a while, thinking. What if I would have never introduced Jalen to this way of life? But if I had not, he and my aunt Tiny would have been out on the street; Uncle Derrell left them with nothing. My heart started to beat fast when I thought of how my family would take it when they found out Jalen was dead. Or worse when they found out it was me that did it. I instantly felt like it was closing in on me. I was burning up, and my hands were sweaty. “Maybe I should have let him go.” I said to myself.
I turned and looked at the bag of money on the floor of my back seat. I planned to give Jalen the bag full of cash and tell him to get the fuck out of town and never come back. I would rather his mother be able to hear his voice and not see him than bury him. But then Sincere sent Big Mike with me; on top of Jalen’s attitude when I got there, I had no choice but to do what I did.
“Soso, you got to claim down, it’s going to be alright. This is not your first go around.” I said to myself out loud as I tried to regain my composure. I took a deep breath and got out of the car. I walked over to the tool table that was in the garage and bent down. I pulled up one floorboard and then pulled out the safe that was inside. I unlocked it and put my gun in there. I put everything back to how it was supposed to be and then double-checked to make sure nothing was out of place before I headed into the house.
The door from the garage led right into the kitchen, which was right where I wanted to be. I dropped my purse on the island and headed right over to the bar we had set up. “Baby, that you?” Sincere said as I watched him from the corner of my eye came around the corner with his hand behind his back, letting me know he had his gun on him.
I finished pouring my drink before I turned and looked at him, and then took a sip of the tequila. Sincere walked over and wrapped his hands around me. “You good?” he asked, and I could not help but think he had to be joking to ask me something like that. “I just killed my aunt’s nineteen-year-old son in her apartment. How do you think I am? “I snapped at him. “See, this is why I told your ass I would handle it.” he said to me. “I told you I would handle it and that’s exactly what I did.” I said back to him. “Yeah, but now look at you,” he said to me. “Look at what, Sincere? I am fine. We both know that wasn’t my first time and as long as I’m with you it probably won’t be my last.” I said, as I turned back to the bar to pour another drink.
This was not my first time pulling the trigger and ending someone’s life. Sincere and I had been together; I had done some shit I thought I would never do to prove my love and loyalty to this man. But this one was hitting me differently. It was way too close to home, and I could lose it all. But when Sincere told me what his connect in the police force told him, I could not dare sit back and let one of Sincere’s goons handle my cousin. If Jaylen had to go, it was going to be a familiar face he saw last.
Sincere turned me around, and I stared into the hazel eyes of my coco brown, smooth skin, tattooed, mixed-breed Kryptonite. “It’s us over everything, right?” he asked with this look on his face that pulled me right in. I nodded my head slowly. “Then you know I got you always.” he told me. “What if my family finds out, Sincere? You know my dad and Jaylen’s mom are brother and sister. I could lose my family over this.” I told him. “As long as you got me, you got family, you already know that shit. Not to mention you know your aunt did not give two fucks about that boy she cared about the money and as for your dad well he knows his place. Everything is going to be good. I got it handled. Everything has already been cleaned up and handled. You are good. We are good.” he said to me as if that was supposed to comfort me.
“But…” I started to say, but Sincere put his finger to my lips. I put my head down, and Sincere lifted it back up and kissed me; I closed my eyes and let the soft embrace be my release. A tear rolled down my face and the wetness of most of his attention because I could feel him move his head back from me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at him. “Don’t cry baby, you know I hate that shit. I’m going to make you feel better.” he told me as his hand touched my face and wiped the tear from my cheek.
This time when he came back in for a kiss, it was quicker and was followed by an “I got you” then I felt Sincere lifted me up and sat me on the island. As he repeatedly planted kisses on my lips. I felt his hands start to make their way up the pencil skirt I had on. “Baby, no, not right now,” I said, as I turned my head and grabbed his hands.
Sincere paid me no mind. He took my hands and held them in one of his hands over my head and kissed on my neck. I let out a moan that was unintentional, but hard to restrict. Sincere pushed me back softly and gently until I was lying on the island. He eased my skirt up and was greeted with my uncovered, freshly waxed pussy. He smiled at the sight of her like he always did; he gently ran his hand across her, then separated my pussy lips apart to get a good view of my pink wonderland.
“Baby,” I said again as I rubbed his hand. He looked me in the eye “let me help you feel better.’ he said to me. He lowered his self to the perfect level and pulled me on the counter until my pussy and him were face to face. I watch him as he separated my lips and played with my pearl on his tongue. He knew it would make it hard for me to stop him once he was there. As he massaged my clit with his tongue and sucked on it. He took his mouth off me just long enough to tell me. “I’m a make it all better.”
I tried my hardest to sit there and wait for this to be over, but this boy tongue game was crazy, and I was weak when it came to it. With my legs resting on his shoulders, I grind my pussy on his mouth as I grabbed his head. I bit down on my lip with my eyes closed. Letting out a moan every so often.
As my thigh tightens after Sincere neck and I began to reach my climax. The sound of someone banging on the door took from my of joy. My heart dropped as I popped up with my eyes big. “It’s the cops,” I said to Sincere in a whisper, pushing him away from me. “Relax,” he said to me as he ran his hand over his beard and mouth. “Are you fucking serious?” I said to him, still in a low tone, as I jumped off the island and pulled my skirt down. “There is no way that’s the cops. Answer the door. I am going to the bathroom.” he said to me.
It was funny how he was so calm, but I was seeing my life flash before my eyes. I got myself together the best I could and walked slowly to the front door. My heart was beating so fast I could hear it in my ears. “Who is it,” I said as I stood at the door shaking. The person on the other side of the door said nothing but continued to bang. I reached for the knob, trying to control my hands, shaking.
When the door opened, I instantly wished it were the cops instead of Sincere, loud as baby momma Maria. “Where my baby daddy.” she asked in her Puerto Rican accent with Sincere’s daughter Amora next to her. “Hey baby girl,” I said, smiling and looking at Amora. Maria pulled Amora back. “Hello, did you hear me, where is my baby daddy.” maria said, bringing my attention back to her. “He’s busy what do you want with my man?” I told her with an attitude. “I want to talk to my baby daddy, so bitch go fetch him.” she said to me and snapped her fingers. “I’m a fetch something alright,” I said, getting ready to jump on Maria’s ass and beat the hell out of her, but Sincere stepped between us. “Yo! I know damn well y’all know doing this shit in front of my baby.” he said, picking Amora up.
“Her ass always coming here with the bullshit and I’m tired of it she’s going to respect me.” I told Sincere. “Bitch respect you for what one day I’m a come here and you 're going to be gone.” Maria said back. “Shut up, you bitter bum bitch. Your ass is worse than new edition you still holding on and my man has made it clear he doesn’t want you.” I spoke. “Yo, what I want is y’all to stop!” Sincere said, raising his voice.
“Maria, what do you want?” it is late. Why isn’t Amora in bed?" Sincere asked. “Your daughter was crying for her daddy” “no, I wasn’t,” Amora said, calling her mom out on her lie. “Her ass just wants to run the streets,” I added in from behind Sincere. “Bitch, mind your business,” Maria said, pointing at me. “Yo, you can’t just be popping up over her.” Sincere told here. “Oh, so now youe daughter not welcomed over here?” Maria asked. I rolled my eyes at the bullshit. “Man don’t play with me like that; we all know Amora is welcomed here any time she wants. But as adults, there’s a way we handle things.” Sincere told her. “Exactly, “I added. “Shanel, please take Amora to her room and put her to bed,” he asked me, handing me Amora. “Sure, I’ll go by the mother; she can’t,” I said, walking away. “Bitch” I heard Maria yell, and I laughed.
I carried Amora down the hallway, and to her room, I had decorated in unicorns. I got her undressed and into some pajamas. I told Amora to get into bed, and she did it with no gestation. “Mommy Soso, can I ask you something some said as I tucked her in. “of, baby,” I said to her as I took a seat on her bed. “Why don’t you and my real mommy like each other?’ Amora asked in her four-year-old voice. I quickly answered back and said, “it’s a grown-up thing, baby; you don’t worry about it.”
“So, does that mean you don’t like me?” Amora said. My hurt shattered a little because despite how I felt about Maria, Amora was my world. She was my child in my eyes as if I pushed her out. “Amora, baby, I love you with everything in me. Why would you ask that?” I said to her. “Because my mommy said you and my daddy don’t love me or care about me and one day y’all are going to go away forever because y’all do bad stuff like kill people.” I instantly got a knot in my throat and wanted to choke the fuck out of Maria for putting these thoughts in Amora’s head.
I gathered myself quickly, remembering she was watching me. “Amora, no matter what anyone tells you, me and your dad love you so much and will do anything and everything for you. We are not going anywhere we will always be here for you. Now get some sleep baby church in the morning,” I told her and then kissed her forehead. “I love you mommy Soso.” she said as I got up and walked towards the door. “I love you too.” I told her and then turned off her light. When I got in the hallway, I let out a deep breath and then mumbled to myself. “Well, since my family member had to die, I wonder how Sincere would feel if I killed his baby momma.”

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