Part 2: Sabrina and Chance

  It was Friday night which meant drinks with my best friend Cassie. with everything that had been going on in my house, I really needed this. After the dream situation, Terrence was not really my big fan and I couldn’t even blame him. I mean I laid in our bed moaning out another man’s name and when he pressed me about it I lied to him. The guilt was eating me alive so I need this not to just let down my hair.

I pulled up to Cassie’s house and knocked on the door. When she opened the door I smiled and showed her the two bottles of wine I had with me. “Good you got the wine and I got the crab legs,” she said. I followed Cassie in the house and once we had the food and glasses we went out to the backyard and we wasted no time cracking open the wine.

   As we ate Cassie looked at me and said: “Sabrina what's up with you, you don’t seem like your normal self.” “girl its nothing you know just married life stuff.” I said kinda brushing her off. “girl stop lying to me. I have been your best friend for years and the only time that you are quiet is when something big is going on and you are trying to figure some stuff out in your mind. come on now don’t play me I know you. Now, what's going on what did Terrence do.” she said.  I took a big sip of my wine and then said. “he did nothing I did.” I said. Cassie's eyes lite up. “what the hell did you do.” she said sitting up in her chair. my mouth got dry so I took another sip of wine. “ I got something to tell you but you can not judge me and you can tell nobody but God,” I said to her. Cassie tooted up her lips I am your best friend when having an ever shared something you told me.” she said. She was right though we had been best friends since the 4th grade and been through so much together she probably knew more about me than my sisters or even my parents.

   I took a deep breath. “so remember like two months ago we were supposed to have ladies night but you had to cancel at the last night because Lil Terry got sick and you had to go get him from big Terry house.” I said. “yes damn man wanted a divorce so bad because he felt he could do it on his own but he can’t even take care of our sick son.” Cassie said rolling her eyes and remising on the situation. “well that night I didn’t want to stay in the house I was tired of looking at Terrence and I was already dressed so I decided to go to a bar. when I was at the Bar I met a guy. the conversation between us was so magically. it was so good to talk to a man that wasn’t talking about his dick or just staring at my boobs.” I said. “okay and… I have seen you flirt and talk to other men all the time even when Terrence is around what do that have to do with anything. Well, when the club was over I went back to his place with him.” I said biting my nail. “Sabrina you didn’t!” Cassie said. “it was only supposed to be for coffee and to look at a business plan he had.”I told her. “But?” she said. “well one thing led to another and then we were kissing and before I knew it was on top of his desk and he was inside of me,” I said to her.

   Cassie lends back in her chair. “what the fuck. bitch this happened two months ago and you just now telling me. what kind of best friend shit is that.” Cassie said. “I didn’t tell no one and at first it was because I felt like if I sound it then I had to admit that it actually happens. But then when Chance shows up and my office and we had sex there again I couldn’t try to pretend that it didn’t happen.” I said. “so bitch you just out letting chance have a chance over and over again with your married ass.” Cassie said. “it was supposed to happen. But then it did and it felt so bad good. You don’t know how it feels to be married to a man that doesn't please you sexually.” I said and Cassie spits out her wine. “Terrence ain’t laying the dick down.” I shook my head. “the way I and Terrence have sex is so boring, before Chance I had had an orgasm in months.” I said. Cassie put her hand on her chest and said “bitch you better than me then. Shit don't feel guilty you deserved the dick then.” she said.

   “in the last two months, I have had sex with Chance well over nine times.” I said. “bitch how and when? At his office, his house, my office, sometimes I get hotel rooms that are close enough for both of us to get to on our lunch. I said. “and Terrence doesn’t know?” Cassie asked. “Nope.” I said. “wait so are you fucking both of them?’ Cassie said. “sometimes. I tried to not fuck Chance after the second time I put him on my block list and I went home and jumped on Terrence. But he was working so he told me I had to wait. I tried to suck his dick while he was sitting at his desk typing and he told me no. so I stopped because I stopped to second guess myself like maybe something was wrong with me and I wasn’t pleasing him. But that sure wasn’t the case because when he was finally done working and I was sitting on the couch reading he wanted to have sex then so I told him to take me right there in the living room. But he told me no let go up to the room. we went to the room and it was the same old normal routine. about 20 of his best stroke in the ministry position then I roll over let him hit from the back for about 10 more strokes and he is done.” I explained to her.

   “what the fuck? where is the foreplay, the head, the blindfold and etc.” Cassie said. “Terrence doesn’t give head at all. I can suck his dick all the time but he will not return the favor.” I said. “what kind of grown ass boy are you married to.” Cassie said. “that's what I’m trying to figure out. Now I fucked up because my grown as was having a wet dream about Chance and I was calling his name out in my sleep and Terrence heard me.” I said looking ashamed. “Sabrina you didn’t, “ she said shocked with her eyes all big. “ Shit I didn’t mean to but the things that man does to my happy place I couldn’t help but dream of.” I said to her. “so what did Terrence say?” she asked. “he pressed me about it and I play dumb and then sucked his dick. But he has been acting funny lately. so I had to change the Chance name in my phone and told him to slow down with the texts and calls. but look at this shit now Chance wants me to leave Terrence to be with him. Look at this text right here. Leave that clown he can’t do for you what I do. you don’t even know how to make your body feel the way I do. like this shit is crazy but at the same time him talking like this make me super horny.” I told her. “well bitch what are you going to do?” Cassie said. “well tonight when I leave her I am going to go and get some good dick and then I am going to go home to my husband.” I said. “and when your husband smells that man on you then what?” Cassie said. “he hasn't smelled him on me yet and I am sure he won’t.” I told her. “Sabrina I don't know what to say, one said of me if scream yes bitch get that dick, But the other side of me is saying bitch you playing with fire.” the only thing I can tell you is to be careful cause it seems like whatever you got in your pussy got both of these niggas in they feelings over you and you trying to play player might have you in a body bag. you know men handle things like this way different then we women do.” she said. “I hear you but for now let just eat because when the Chance call I got to go,” I said smiling.


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