Part 2: Royalty

The first time me and Joe had sex it was painful but worth it. He kissed me passionately and looked into my eyes and called me his princess the whole time. I was happy i made the decision to make sure he stayed. After that it was like me and him had a connection that even my mom couldn’t break or understand anytime we were together alone we took the opportunity to have sex and every time it felt better and better and Joe taught me something new.
By time my 17th birthday rolled around Joe was even telling me i was better at giving head then my momma. For my birthday he brought me tons of presents and a hug cake. “Joe you didn’t get me that many gifts for my birthday” my mom Said as they both sat at the kitchen table and watched me open my gifts. “Mercedes relax. She only turns 17 once.” Joe said then smiled at me.  My mom stormed off from the table. “Finish opening your gifts and cut your cake beautiful let me go talk to your crazy ass momma.” Joe said then gave me a kiss on the forehead.
I opened all my gifts and then took them in my room. I could hear Joe and my mom arguing. “Mercedes your a grown ass woman acting like your competing with your daughter what the hell is wrong with you.” I stood in the hallway laughing because after mistreating me for so long for these men i had the upper hand with one of her men and it was eating her up. I went back and cut my cake and had piece. Joe eventually came out the room and back to the kitchen. “Is my mom coming back out?” I asked. “No she wants to sit in the damn room and pout so be it.” Joe said as he cut his self a  piece of cake. “Well when she goes out later me and you can really celebrate. “ i whispered to him with a smile. “We’ll see” he said.
Before i could say anything i started to feel like i had to throw up i backed up from the table and ran to the bathroom. When i came out the bathroom Joe was waiting in the hallway. “Are you okay?” He asked. Before i could say yes or no my mom opened her room door and said “joe lets go dancing. Me and Joe starred at each other for a while then he said sure lets go.
Joe and my mom got dress to go while i sat on the couch watching tv. “Royalty we will be back late so make sure my kitchen clean and you get to bed. You got school in the morning” my mom said as she stood with Joe at the front door all hugged up. “Yup” i said with an attitude. “Excuse me?” My mom said. “Mercedes lets go.” Joe said. I looked at her “make sure you do what i said Royalty or I’m a beat ya ass 17 aint to old.” She said. “Okay” i said pushing her off. She stood there looking at me for a while then she went out the door.
I got up and went in my room and slammed the door behind me. “How could he. Its my damn birthday he should be here with me.” I said pacng back and forth in my room. He loves me i screamed knocking everything off my dresser. One of my perfumes broke and cut my arm. I looked down at it. Then applied pressure.
The next few days i was different no matter how nice Joe was to me I wanted nothing to do with him. “I made breakfast Royalty.” He said as i got ready for school one morning. “Im good.” I said. “You haven’t been eating here? Are you okay? Are you eating at school?” Joe asked. I grabbed my book bag “don’t worry about me. Your woman is in the room sleep.” I said. “Royalty stop you know i love you.” He said. “Then prove it!” I said. “Im here thats me proving it” he said. “No prove it by leaving her and being with me.” I told him. Joe sat looking at me in silence for a few seconds until my mom started to call his name. As he went to answer her i left the house.
When i got to school i felt weird but i figured it was because of how pissed off i was with Joe. I went to all my glasses but it was when i got to gym that things took a turn. I remember running around the track like everyone else and then everything got blurry. When i came to i was lay in the ambulance headed to the hospital. When my got there she was pissed i could hear her coming down the hall way to my room.
“Really Royalty you had to pull a stunt like this you know damn well we don’t have  insurance so how are we suppose to pay for you being here.” My mom was screaming and fussing but i was looking past her at the door waiting for Joe to walk in. But he didn’t walk in the doctor did. “Well it seems that you passed out because your malnourished.” He said. “Nah cant be the case i need my child.” My mom interrupted him and said. “You maybe feeding her but are you feeding the baby she carrying too?” The doctor said. “Royalty what is this man talking about?” My mom said looking at me. i shrugged my shoulders to let her know i didn’t know. “You got the change person doc you need to go back and check your records.” My mom said. “Ma’am we checked and double checked Royalty is about 8 weeks pregnant.” The doctor said. “Im a beat ya ass what little boy you been out here fucking?” My mom said as she raised her hand to hit me. “I am a mandate reported maam i have to report any abuse.” The doctor said. “Tell! I don’t give a fuck someone else can raise her gonna ass and this baby.” My mom said. “Royalty do you want this baby? Do you know who the father is?” The doctor asked. “If she knew what was good for her she get rid of it and i still want to know who your grown ass was let touch you” my mom said.
There was so much talking going on my mind was racing. I never planned to get pregnant i just wanted to be loved. “Royalty don’t you going to have me in jail. Answer my damn question. Who have you been having sex with!” My mom yelled. “JOE!” I yelled back to her!

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