Part 2: Rico Dave and Jayden

“We suppose to be brothers, is this what brother do to each other? y'all letting me riot in her while Y'all just out there living it up.” I yelled as Dave and I sat at a table in the visitation room. “Rico relaxes man, we here for you and we are trying to figure some shit out for you but shit doesn’t happen overnight and some shit is completely out of our hands,” Dave said to me. “Overnight? I have been in this hell hole for two months; not two days or two weeks, two fucking months. i have been in here long then these bitches stay in relationships.” I said looking Dae dead in the eyes. “bro you to chill. it's a process I know this not where you want to be right now but we are trying to make it as easy on you as possible, you got money on your books, each of us got money on our phone so you can call, and we taking care of your mom.” Dave said. “Nigga if you put that law degree to work Y'all wouldn’t have to do any of that for me,” i said to him. “Ric you sounding super ungrateful right now,” Dave said

   I looked at that nigga like he had three heads. “you say it like I’m supposed to be happy or you doing me a fucking favor. We family! Unlike Jayden, I and you are blood. our moms are sisters you suppose to look out when the family is down.” I said. “and that what the fuck I’m doing but you not about to sit here.” Dave said. “what about my kids then my nigga. what about my girl are they good?” I asked. dave looked away. “what bro? what going on? what are you not telling me?” I asked. “bro I didn’t want to be the one to tell you this but your older two kids are okay. But your younger two and Yandy are MIA.” Dave said. “What the fuck you mean MIA that bitch got my money,” I said getting angrier. “Bro meaning like she is gone no one has seen her, she not working at that shop no more, your kids haven’t been to school or the daycare.” Dave said. “find that bitch she got my damn money” I yelled. “Nigga lower your voice. I have been looking for her. her momma doesn’t know where she is; the apartment is completely empty. Shorty is gone.” Dave said to me. “when I get out of here I am going to kill her when I find her if that bitch doesn’t get my money.” I said.

   Dave put his head down and shook it. “what?” I said. “you ass going to be in here for good talking like that.” he said to me. “how the fuck would you feel if you got locked up and a bitch ran off with your money.” I said. “An I wouldn’t have left my money with no bitch I would of put it in a place that only I knew about, and if I did leave it with a bitch I would silently plan on how to handle her, I would go off the deep in yell and doing shit,” Dave said. I slammed my hands down on the table. “well that you and this is me.” I said. Dave looked around “chill the fuck out Ric before the crackers come and drag your ass the fuck up out of here and to your cell.” Dave said. “How the hell do you expect me to be calm in this situation, every time I get a damn court date they change it and I am stuck here waiting. Now you telling me my kids and my money are gone. you niggas not doing shit to help me.  you a lawyer I should have been out of here. And where is Jayden ass he doesn’t even have the nerve to come and see me face to face? what type of brother is that?” Rico said. “Ric watch your mouth I am not about to sit here and let you talk bad about me or Jayden. You and Jay went even in a good place before you got in here you pulled a gun on that nigga. But since you been in here that nigga has gotten out his bed to take your baby mom to the hospital when Rico Jr was sick and no one would give her a ride. He’s also the one that takes your kids to school every morning since you not home to do it. so don’t ever doubt his loyalty just because he won’t step in here to see you because he is still holding you down even when you did him foul.” Dave said.

   “you always trying to be a peacekeeper and defend that nigga. Man if it wasn’t for y'all leaving me this shit would have never happened and I wouldn’t be in here.’ I said pissed off. Dave's face went from peaceful to annoyed. “Ric listen you are a grown ass man, you gotta take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming other people.  YOU wanted to stay in this lifestyle, YOU was driving around with that shit in your car, YOU tired to turn a hoe into a housewife and trust her and then left her with all your money. That was all YOU; not me, not Jayden or anyone else. just you Rico.” Dave said. “No it has a lot to do with you because you niggas fucked up the business and left me,” I said. “I’m about two seconds away from getting up from this table and walking away from you. I will not take the blame for this shit or listen to you say we left you when we still here.” Dave said. “Nigga don’t threaten me. I don't need you for shit, it ain't like you doing shit anyway.” I yelled.

   Dave stood up “yo your sad bro its so fucking easy for you to blame everyone else but the person who got you here, your self. Be a fucking man. But I know your not so since you don’t need no one figure this shit out on your own and don't look for me because I’m not coming back.” he said. “nigga who you think you talking to? I am a man. I been doing grown man shit since my mom came and got me from your parent's house when I was a kid. So don’t tell me shit about manning up. I have been had to do that because unlike you and Jay I had no mommy and daddy to fucking baby me.” I said. “we are grown ass men now you got to stop going back to the excuse that your damn daddy wasn’t around that shit don’t matter no more you have kids you are a dad. Jay and I both lost of fathers at a young age to the street that's why we were so determined to get out once we had what we needed. “ Dave said

   “Whatever I thought you niggas was my brothers but its clear to see that all I got is my god damn self.” i said. “fuck it then Rico lett see how well you survive in here without us then.” dave said as he walked away from the table. “fuck you then you bitch as nigga. I don't need no one; not in here and damn sure not when I get out.” I yelled.

a guard came and took me back to my cell. when I got there my cellmate Connor was in there laying down in his bunk. “how was your visit?” Connor asked. “Man fuck that visit.” I said to him. “damn that bad? shit at least you have someone that comes to see you and make sure you still alive in here.” he said. “man just because they come don’t mean shit is all good. I don't have no happy Brady bunch family shit as you white people got.” I said. “shit doesn’t be fooled us white people got problems too. shit I'm in here for stabbing my cake head daddy because he was beating on my momma and the hoe said I was a problem and couldn’t control my temper. she stayed with him while I headed up in her.” Connor said. “yeah that's fucked up but my brother has turned they back on me that all the family I got beside my mom. they and I have been through hell and back.” I said. “so get you some new brothers then. shit Tommy and they are my brothers they keep me safe while I’m in here. Don’t any on try even though I am a skinny white boy because they know I’m down with Tommy and them. Tommy make sure I eat good, and I got the best lawyer..” he said. “yeah that ain't going to work for me. even though I was in the drug business I stayed clear of gangs and that's what that shit is in here a gang with one head nigga in charge. and the only role I play is head nigga I answer to  no one.” I said, “yeah well gang or not I like knowing that I am safe while I do my time.” Connor said. “shit I been safe and unbothered the two months I been in here and that without Tommy. They know better than to try me. These niggas know me outside of her and they know I’m about that business.” I said.

I could see that Connor was going to take my no for an answer so before he could say anything I said “let's go to the rec room and watch some tv.” I said to Connor. it was still visiting hours and outside of time so that was probably where everyone was when we walked in the rec room the only people in the rec room was some old heads that were playing cards. “do Y'all mind if we changed the channel?” Connor asked them. the old guys waved us off so we turned the channel. wasn’t anything on but the new, soaps and basketball high lights. so we figured that's what we would watch. that was until three young niggas walked into the rec room and changed the channel. “didn’t you see us watching that?” I said to them. The dark skin Mario looking nigga turned around and said “nigga don’t no one care about what they bum ass laker were doing. they talking about us on the news.” I looked at Connor ”these dumb ass niggas want to watch  the news and hear them say the same shit they already know about whatever crime they committed that they dumb ass wasn’t good enough or smart enough to get away with or they ass would be in her with us.” I said with a laugh. “bitch watch your mouth. do you know who you talking to?” the young nigga said. “nigga do it look like I care? Now you watch your damn mouth before you fuck around and get it wired while you in here.” I said to him. then I looked at Connor and said: “I swear its piss Rico off day.”

that when I felt the first hit. I had to give it to the little nigga he made spit fly out my mouth. he even let me get to my feet and go head to head with him.  but as soon as I started beating his ass his homeboys grouped in. By the time the guards came in and broke us up I realize that I wasn’t fighting alone that Connor little white boy Connor had my back.

For that one night we spent a month in the damn hole; no sunlight, no fresh air, no human communication, no nothing. when we got out they didn’t want me and Connor bunking together anymore, the guards felt like we were the reasons for the fight when we had been here for some time now and never had one issue until these young dummies got here. but there was nothing we could do. the guards had the power so you played by there rules.

with Connor no longer being my partner I spent a lot of time alone but that was okay with me. I needed to lay low so that when my case did finally make it to the courtroom they wouldn’t have anything extra to bring up. one day as I sat eattig Tommy, Connor and some other niggas walked up and took a seat at the table I was at. “can I help you?” I asked trying to figure out why they were bothering me while I was eating. “yeah you can, so how I see thing you owe me a debt?” Tommy said. I looked him up and down cause I wasn’t sure if he had got me confused with another nigga but I knew for sure he had the wrong one. “Connor what the fuck is this nigga talking about?” I asked looking completely past Tommy. “Don’t disrespect me. When I talk to you, you talk to me. Now like I was saying you owe me a debt because Connor here is mine and he was involved in some bullshit when he decided to help you. which had him away for a month. no only was my product not getting sound while he was away but the product he was holding was taking when they separated you guys. good thing the guard that found it owed me one or Y'all would have spent much longer in the hole. So that we are clear you owe me because you fucked up my business with your childish games with them young boys.” Tommy said to me.

“I’m sorry to hear about the difficulty that you had but that has nothing to do with me.”  said. “but you see it does, the way I see it worked was missed because of you now your going to work for me and be a part of my family until I say other wise,” Tommy said. I finished my last bite of food and said “that ain't going to happen. Connor, it was nice to see you and then you, for having my back if need anything I got you and you only because you had my back. “ I said getting up from the table. As I walked away from the table I heard Tommy saying “that nigga going to repay his debt one way or the other.  

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