Part 2: Omar and Taleya

   Days went by, and you could tell that my house was very different. Vicky was talking to me, but she wasn’t really talking to me and with the way my heart and head was feeling I was honestly okay with it. As long as my Princess was walking around smiling I could take the shade Vicky was giving me. Not to mention Taleya hadn’t been calling or even trying to get Jordan, so life was pretty much okay. I knew in time Vicky would come around.

   One morning after I put Jordan on the bus to school I decided to work from home. When I came back to the house, Vicky was in the kitchen. I walked in and wrapped my arms around her waist. “how much longer are you going to be mad at me?” I asked her. She turned around and looked at me. “I’m not mad.” she said. “then why haven’t you been talking to me or seeming like yourself.” I asked her. “because Omar why didn’t Taleya know that you were married and why was it a big deal that I was white?” I backed up and took a seat at the dining room table. “it was never meant to be a secret that we were married you and Jordan are my life, but with the way the thing was going, I didn’t want to add fluid to the fire. it wasn’t like things were perfect anyway.” I said. “I get that but.” “But what Vicky? I married you vowed my life to you. I was 100% honest to you about Taleya.” I said, “yeah, and she is everything you described and more.” I started to laugh “that is her.” I said.

Vicky poured a cup of coffee for herself and I and came over to the table. “so how are we going to make this work? it took me a few days to calm down, but you are right we all have to learn to get along for Jordan.” Vicky said. “I don’t know. Taleya has been calling to spend time with Jordan, so maybe she is out our lives.” I said. “No Omar you can’t do that. We need to reach out to her. the three of us can sit down and talk and see what works for us and most importantly what works for Jordan so that we all are happy.” Vicky said.

Vicky was right the way everything started was wrong. Taleya appears on my mom’s doorstep one day asking to see Jordan. My mom contacted me, and when I got there, I had so many mixed emotions towards Taleya. I didn’t want her to be apart of Jordan life I felt like she didn’t deserve it at all. But after a conversation with my mom, I put my feelings aside. The next time I met with Taleya, it was with Jordan at the park. Then it quickly turned into Jordan staying the night with her once a week but I never really talked it over with Jordan or Vicky. I just packed Jordan bag and took her over to Taleya house one Saturday thinking I was doing the right thing and then that night when Vicky asked where she was I told her she was staying with Taleya.

“so what do you suggest?” I asked Vicky. “let invite her over for dinner, and we can all talk.” she said. “dinner where?” I said looking at Vicky like she was crazy. “here” she said. I looked at her for a few moments then I said: “okay, I’ll invite her over.” I said, “good because we need to lower our stress levels so we can have a baby.” Vicky said smiling “a baby?” I asked excitedly. “yes I am so excited after all this I see that no matter what you are an amazing father. you go above and beyond for Jordan, and I feel like I am ready to give her a brother or sister and you a son or daughter.” Vicky said. I jumped out my seat and spun her around. I had always wanted another child, but I wanted Vicky to be ready it was a lot of pressure to be a stepmom, so I wanted to make sure she was completely comfortable before adding any pressure on her. But since it was her idea I know, there was no better time. I kissed Vicky and told her “You’ll be an amazing mom because you already are to our daughter.” Vicky smiled. That afternoon when Jordan got home we talked to her about having a brother and sister, she was just as excited as us. That was all we need. Everyone was on the same page. Now we just needed to get life back to being stress-free. After putting Jordan to bed, I called Taleya. “hello” she answered. “Taleya its Omar,” I said. “I know what you want?” she asked sounding like she had an attitude. “well first I wanted to check on you I haven’t heard from you, and you haven’t been trying o pick up Jordan, so I wanted to make sure you were good.” I said to her. “mmhmm like you care.” she said back. “whether you believe it or not I do care. we might not be in the same place we were 7 to 8 years ago, but I still have a love for you because you are Jordan’s mother.” I said to her. “well I am fine.” she said. “that's good well we would like to invite you over for dinner.” I said. “dinner where and why?” she asked. “here at my mom. and because Vicky and I would love to all be on the same page and see Jordan happy with all of us.” I said. “ugh so that means I got to eat that white girl's food? You know that they don’t use any seasoning” Taleya said. all I could do was laugh “Taleya she can actually cook. so are you taking our invite?” I said. “if it helps with my daughter I will be there.” she said. “okay cool Saturday at 6 pm.” I said. “okay,” Taleya said as she hung up.

Saturday came quickly and there we all were sitting around the table. “Tayela I want to first apologize about how I came off the last time you were here.” Vicky said as she passed the bowl of salad. “no I need to apologize I should have talked to you the way I did.” Taleya said. I was excited this might actually work. “let just agree to put it behind us.” Vicky said. “agreed because I could use your help. I am not sure what Jordan like so sometimes she at my house without things to do.” Tayela said. “Well, we bake once a week,” Vicky said. “I like baking.” Jordan said with a mouth full of spaghetti and a smile on her face. “she also needs a new uniform for her gymnastic performance she has coming up so the three of us can go shopping for that. she loves pink and sparkles.” Vickey said, “I would like that I really want to be a part of her life.” Tayela said.

as dinner needed me and Vicky cleared the table as Jordan took Tayela back to her room to show her, her toys. “so this went better then I expected.” I said to Vicky. “yes everyone was more open and seemed extremely happier.” she said as she washed the dishes and I dried them. As we washed the dished Jordan came running into the kitchen. “daddy can I go to the movies with Mommy Tayela to see the Incredibles.” she said. I looked up at Tayela we were standing in the doorway. Tonight? its kind of late” I said. “there's an 8:45 showing I can have her back home after that.” Tayela said. I stood there thinking, Vicky whispered to me. “let her go this is the first time she is actually happy and wanting to go with her.” I looked at each of them and said: “okay you can go.”

after Tayela and Jordan left Vicky kissed me as soon as I closed the door. “whats the for?” I asked. “I’m just happy it all worked out.” she said. “about what?” I asked her. “that everything is working out.” she said. “oh really?” I said, “we got some time to let me show you how happy I am.” Vicky said pulling me to the bedroom.

when Vicky and I were done, I realized that it was almost midnight. I called Taleya, but her phone number was disconnected. I woke up Vicky up. “its midnight and Jordan isn’t home, and Taleya phone is disconnected. Vicky sat up in the bed. “what? call her again. matter a fact whats her number I’ll call her.” she said. vicky called “it's disconnected. get the dress we are going to her house.” Vicky said. we rushed and got the dress I sped over to Taleya’s apartment building. I knocked on the door. but there was no answer. “your way to calm bang on that door.” Vicky said as she started to bang on the door. across the all an older lady came out. “stop banging on that door.” she said. “ma’am I am so sorry it's so late and we are making all this noise, but I am looking for my 7-year-old daughter have you seen her.” Vicky said showing the lady Jordan picture on her screen saver. “I use to see that little girl once a week. when that young girl lived there.” she said. “use to live here?” I said confused. “yeah she moved out a few days ago. said she had found a better place for her and her daughter away from everyone so her and her daughter could be happy and together.” she said. My heart dropped, and I punched the wall. I was so stupid. I was so stupid. So kidnapped my daughter.” I yelled.



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