Part 2: Nikki and Justin

   Standing in this hospital was the last thing I expect to be doing. Just thinking about the condition I found my wife in has been the scariest thing I ever had to experience. after the gender reveal and all the drama I thought that me going to play ball would give Nikki time to calm down. I never in a million years thought I’d be standing here while my wife and child fought for their lives because someone entered our home and shot Nikki.  

   as I sat with my hands covering my face and my legs shaking the elevator door opened and I could hear the sound of my family talking and rushing. “Justin what happened?’ my mom said as she approached me.  “momma I don’t know. I left her at the house while I went and played basketball. I wasn’t even gone that long. and when I came home there she was laying on our bedroom floor in a pool of her own blood.” I said almost in tears. “ I told your ass not to leave her!” my mother yelled and swung at me.

   My sister jumped in the middle of me and my mom. “mom he’s an ass but here, right now is not the time to be doing this.” Nikki’s down slowly sat down in a chair. “Mr. Daniels I’m sorry.” I tried to plead with Nikki’s father. tears started to fall from his eyes. out of the 2 years, we dated and the other two we had been married I had never once seen Nikki’s 6 foot 5, 200+ pound father cry.

“after your baby momma jumped my baby you promised me that you would whatever it takes to keep her safe.  So why are we here? You complete dropped the ball on this one Justin and you’ve let me down, my daughter down and your unborn child.” for some reason it seemed like the words ripped through me. each one hurting like someone stabbed me. “but I wasn’t there.” I yelled out. “but you should have been there.” my mom yelled back at me.

as mom said the words I seen a doctor from out and stopped at a nurse who pointed him in our direction. “Mr.Terry?” the doctor said. “That's me” I answered. “I am the head doctor working on your wife and baby right own. Both are in critical condition. the bullet that your wife took to the chest is causing major issues. the bullet she took to the abdomen damaged the amniotic sac and is putting the baby in distress. if we do an emergency c-section we could lose your wife. if we focus on the bullet in your wife’s chest we could lose the baby. So we need you to decide who to save.” the doctor said.

Nikki’s dad screams out “save my daughter. they can try again to have another baby. but save my daughter.” the doctor looked at him “sir, I respect your wishes but the decision has to be made by the husband.” he said. Nikki’s dad looked at me. “save my daughter.” he said with tears in his eyes. I closed my eyes. “Justin…..” “Mr.Terry….” “boy…” I could hear my mom, Nikki’s dad and the doctor calling my name for a name. it seemed like everyone was talking to me at once and the walls were closing in.

I just needed a moment. I closed my eyes and seen her face. my beautiful wife holding our daughter, the baby she had always desired and smiling from ear to ear. “Save the baby,” I said as I opened my eyes. “What?” Mr. Daniels screamed. I looked at him and defended the decision I had made. “Nikki wanted to be a mother to her own child more than anything in this world. with a bullet in her chest and stomach, this may not ever happen if we lose this baby. no matter if Nikki lives or dies her dream will be fulfilled and she will be a mother. A great one at that. When I found her she wasn’t holding her chest, she was had her hand on her stomach.” I told him.

the doctor looked at me and walked away. I and my family sat in the waiting room for what seemed to be hours. then my phone rung. I looked at the caller ID before I picked up. “Jewel I don’t get time for your bullshit right now.” I barked out. “Justin relax. I was calling to check on you. I heard your wife was in the hospital and figured you needed a friend right now… you know we use to be friends once upon a time. we can at least remain that.” Jewel said.

I exhaled “yeah I’m up here now, waiting to get results on her and the baby.” I told jewel. “damn have they told you anything yet? she asked. “only that both Nikki and the baby are in critical condition. she took a bullet to the chest and another one to the stomach.  I said sadly. “damn how did this happen?” jewel asked. I was a little confused because Jewel didn’t even like Nikki, but like she said I needed a friend. “honestly I don't know. I came home and found her in the house laying in a pool of her own bleed in our bedroom. there was no sign of forced entry.” I told her. “do you think she did this to herself?” jewel asked. “Nikki no way. But I don’t know who did it. the only people with keys to our house is me, Nikki, our parents and the kids. this is all just so crazy. Its all my fault I should have stayed home with her like she asked me to instead of going to play ball. but I had to be so self-center. Now I’ll give anything to be at home with her and she is okay.” I said. “Justin don’t beat yourself up about it. things will be okay” she said with a calm tone that sent this chill down my back. I don't know if it was the lord confirming that it would be okay or the angel of birth entering the hospital. “Jewel, if I lose my child and/ or wife thing will not be okay or ever the same,” I told her.

   as I told her those words the doctor came back out to the waiting room. “jewel I got to go the doctor is coming.” I said. “Okay, Justin remember I am here for you call me if you need anything,” she told me before I hung up without saying another word.

   the doctor walked up and as bad as I wanted to stand to hear the news he was going to give us my body wouldn’t let me. his face had my body numb and I couldn’t pull myself to rise out my seat. “Mr.Terry.” the doctor said. “Yes” I answered with my voice trembling. “the c-section went fine. we were able to get your daughter out and she is beautiful. she weighs 3 pounds and 5 ounces.” as much as I wanted to be happy I still couldn't be I need to know what happened to Nikki. IF the Lord loved me he would take her away from me. “because your wife was about 30 weeks ago everything is looking good for baby Terry. she’s a fighter and so is mom. the baby is currently in the incubator and you should be able to see her tomorrow. as of tonight, we will keep a close watch on her. we want to make sure she doesn’t have any lung issues, jaundice or any infections.” he told me.

Nikki's father interrupted him. “and how my daughter?” he asked. “well Nicole struggle. we put her in a medically induced coma to do the c-section and to remove both bullets from her. as of right now she is still in a coma.” he said. I hoped out my chair. “where is she?” i asked. “she is set up in room 136.” before the doctor could finish saying anything i raced off looking for my wife.

i got to the room and paused outside the door and looked up at the ceiling “lord i thank you.” i said before entering the room. i walked in and the site of my wife laying there with all those tubes and things connected to her hit me hard. i slide into the hospital bed with her and held her head against my chest. with tears streaming down my face i said  ‘baby I am sorry, I’ll never leave you again. Please pul through through this. Pull don’t leave me.”

hours passed and our parents departed from the hospital and it was just me and her. I sat up watching her all night. just looking for any sign that she was still here with us. a nurse came in and sat with me. “she is still alive and has a lot of brain activity. this too shall pass. I will be back.” the elderly nurses words was the hope i need to hold on.

as morning came there was no sunshine on this summer day and that completely fit the mood and the atmosphere I was in. as i starred out the window watching the rain a nurse entered the room. “sir, would you like to see your daughter?” she asked. I looked at Nikki who showed no sign of waking up and said “sure.” with a smile I had to force.

I walked out the room and followed the nurse into the nursey. when i laid eyes on my unnamed child tears welled up in my eyes. i had rejoiced about the birth of all my children but this one was a little different. i looked at the nurse. “can i hold her?” i asked. “we can’t take her out the incubator just yet until it is cleared with the doctor, but i can let you touch her.” she said as i smiled.

she opened the door and i reached in and touched her “your the definition of beauty just like your mother.” i said to my child. “so what are we naming her?” the nurse asked. I looked at my daughter then said “Samya Nicole Terry.” the nurse smiled  “beautiful”

another nurse rushed into the room breathing heavy. “Mr.Terry your wife is awoken.” she said “Daddy will be back,” I said to Samya as I closed the door and race off.  when I got to Nikki’s room and walked in a weight was lifted off me when I turned the corner and seen her eyes open looking at me.

i raced over to the bed and laid my head on her lap. “I’m sorry! i am so sorry!” i cried out to her. she didn’t move but when i stood up and looked at her i could see the tear flowing down her face. i wiped the tears from her face “baby I will do anything to make this right and make this up to you.” I could see that Nikki’s eyes kept going down the her stomach “baby we have a beautiful baby girl. i named her Samya Nicole.” i told her. she smiled. “Baby i thought i was going to lose you. i was so scared. i can’t imagine what life would be without you. I am going to find out who did this to you and they are going to pay.”

the monitor that Nikki was connected to started to beep implying her heart rate was increasing. “Baby what wrong?” i asked. I could see her mouth was moving but no words were coming out. “baby relax it's too soon for you to speak.” I told her to try to get her to calm down. she grabbed my hand and pulled. and i brought my ear down to her mouth. “jewel” she whispered.  Nurses and doctors rushed in to check on her. as they came in they move me out the way.

i was stuck and so confused. I went into the hallway and told the nurse to call Nikki parents and fill them in on the good news that she awoke. i informed her that they would come and sit with her. but in the meantime to tell my wife that I’d be back. i put my hood up and headed to the exit. “jewel what the fuck did you do?” i said to myself.

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