Part 2: Marique and Dexter

Its hard to have lived your best life before going off to college when you have what I did on your mind. “these are my kids” rung in my head as if Sharlene was saying it over and over again It was days after and I was still stuck on it. I knew plenty of niggas that would love to be in my shoes and possibly have a baby on the way that they don't have to claim or be a part of. It was eating away at me. On the one hand, I was holding a secret from my best friend that could destroy our friendship forever. But on the other side, it was a great possibility i could be a father a Sharlene wanted to take that from me, and I didn’t want that because I didn’t want to be like my father. I was torn inside, and school, party and everything else was the last thing on my mind. I had to figure out how to fix the situation, and I had to accept that I had to come clean to Que and everyone else.

“Paco, Paco…. Dexter!” Tyla said before I snapped back to reality from m thoughts. “what up bae?” I said to her as I looked at her from across the table. “I should be asking you that you’ve been out of it lately. you acting real funny are you okay?” she said. “Just got a lot on my mind but I’m good though.” I said to her. “a lot like what? “ she asked reaching across the table to grab my hands. “I’m just thinking about my future. I am we are adults now and everything we do, every decision we make as a result.” I said to her.

“what are you worried about? is it cause you're leaving your mom to go to school?“ she asked. “that and some other stuff.” I said. “Like what? I hope not us? No matter the distance or what happens I think we can make it through anything. I mean we made it through 3 years of high school with you being the popular star basketball player. With all the girls and stuff that were chasing you if we made it through that we can make it through some time apart. I will be here every time you come home.” Tyla said. All I could do was think how this secret was going to effect Tyla. She thought we could make it through anything, but I wasn’t sure if she would stand by my side if I had a baby on the way. “we can make it through anything? you believe that?” I said to her. “of course I do. I love you Paco.” she said.

I sat there staring at Tyla it wasn’t until this very moment that I realize how much Tyla rode for me and how my decisions affected, her, me, Sharlene, Que, and even my mom. This was going to hurt Tyle, but it was going to hurt more if I didn’t tell her at all and she found out a different way. The waitress brought over our food. “can I get y'all anything else?” she asked.  “no we’re fine” I said to her. Tyla started to dig into her food, and I just watched her. Finally, she must have felt me looking at her because she stopped and looked at me. “what?” she asked with food still in her mouth. I was silent for a moment then I said. “Tyla I got something to tell you.” she stopped chewing completely and looked me in the eyes. “what is it?” she said. I took a deep breath. “ I might have a baby on the way,” I said to her. She sat there looking at me for a little while and then started to laugh. “yeah okay.” she said. “no for real I found out a few days ago that I might be a daddy. that's why I’ve seemed so different.” I said to her with a straight face. Tyle face changed she tossed her Pepsi across the table on me and then she got up and walked out. The waitress came back over with napkins to help me clean up. “do you want me to bring some boxes and the check.” she asked. I looked at her. I wanted to call her a bitch, but instead, I took my debit card out and handed it to her. When I was done paying the check, I went outside. Tyla was sitting on the curb next to my car. I went and sat down next to her. She looked over at me with tears in her eyes. “in the three years we have been together I knew you cheated on me and I dealt with it because I knew that came with the territory of having a popular boyfriend. but never in a million years did I imagine you would get another girl pregnant.” Tyla said. The disappointment and hurt on her face were stamped in m head. “ I never meant for this to happen especially not like this. It was supposed to be fun with her. Now I might be a father.” Tyla stopped me. “why do you keep saying might? you know what that doesn’t matter. I was supposed to be your go-to for that type of fun. I’m your girlfriend. I was supposed to have your child. Am I not enough for you? Do you know that I’ve been poking holes in the condoms you stashed at my house under my mattress for months now.” she said. I looked at her like she was a stranger “you been trying to trap me?” I asked her. “ I was trying to get pregnant because I was scared that with you leaving and going to Flordia you’d break up on me. Leave me behind, and I would be stuck here while you made it big. but no you don’t get me pregnant you out her getting some random bitch pregnant.” Tyla said wiping her face.

I looked at her stunned not sure what to say “so who is the little bitch?” Tyla asked. “I can’t tell you that, ”I said to her. “so you can tell me about the bastard baby but not whos carrying it,” she said. “Tyla i told you cause I  respect you,” I said to her. “Nah if you respected me you would have only been fucking me.” she said. “cut the shit Tyla, yes your right I fucked up. But at the end of the day, you were trying to put me in the same position by trapping me. I can’t deny I was wrong. I can deny that at all. But if this is my child, I can’t deny or try to hide it from you or anyone else. Tyla looked away and shocked her head. “ I know you're mad at me. Can i at least take you home give you some time to cool off and then when you are ready to hear me out we can talk further.” I said to her. “ I guess,”  Tyla said real snappy. We got in the car, and Tyla didn’t say two words o me she just looked out the window with tears rolling down her cheek. I was lost for what to say to her. When i pulled up in front of her house, she jumped out of the car before I put it in park and slammed the door. I drove home with even more stress on my brain. Tyla knew I wasn’t sure where we stood or if she was ever going to speak to me again and I had to respect that and how she felt. for I was the only one to blame. For the day I sat in the house alone. Tyla wasn’t answering any of my calls or texts, and I was ignoring all of Que’s. My mom was trying everything she could to get me to talk and cheer up. She thought I was getting scared cause it was getting closer and closer to time for me to leave. But after seeing how Tyla acted, I was in no rush to tell my mom cause I had no clue how she would take it. Eventually, my mom convinced me to go out to eat with her. Since i only had a few short weeks until I felt for school, I figure why not. When we walked into my favorite restaurant Ruby Tuesday, the waiter took us to the back room. When we walked into the room, there was all my high school friend and family. Even Que and Sharlene was there. “I know you said you didn’t want a graduation party so I figured a small going away party would be fine. Especially because you haven't seemed like yourself.” my mom said. I hugged her and went to mingle with my guest. Everything was going so well, and even though Sharlene was sitting in the same room as me, my mind wasn’t on the baby. Tyla eventually showed up. But she looked and seemed different. There was this look in her eyes I never saw before. But i was happy to see that even though she wasn’t talking to me, she cared enough to show still up when my mom called and invited her. After my while my mom got up. “as you all know we are all here because Dexter is leaving for college soon. As a single mom I made some mistakes raising him. But thanks to all of you being that village of help for him and me he turned out pretty good. Everyday i prat and prayed over my son that the streets wouldn’t take his life as it does with so many other young black boys in this community. I’m glad to see that God kept him protected.” as my mom was talking Tyla interrupted and said, “you should have prayed he didn’t become someone’s baby daddy.” Tyla yelled out.

I instantly got angry and super protective. This was not the time or place for this. I looked over at Sharlene, and she was looking at me with her eyes all big. “Tyla gone head. Don’t bring that drama in here.” I said to her. my mom walked over to me and whispered. “what is this little girl talking about?” “nothing mom she is tripping,” I answered her. Tyla got up and out her seat and walked over to where my mom and I was standing. “ I’m tripping really? So you don't want your mom and everyone here to know that you told me you were having a baby? wait let me be correct you said you might be having a baby.”  Tyla said. “Tyla you can leave cause this not the time or place for your games and lies.” I said to her. “lies? Games? I only showed up to see if the baby momma was here since you would tell me who it was.” she said.

“Dexter what is this girl talking about?” my mom said. “mom Tyla is a liar she doing all this because I broke up with her messy self. All she is is drama. I found out she was poking holes in the condoms we were using trying to get me to get her pregnant against my will.” I said to her. Tyla mouth dropped. “how dare you? I told you that after you told me you had a baby on the way.” Tyla said. “so you were trying to get my son to get you pregnant?” my mom asked. “yes but…” my mom stopped her. “No buts, how can I believe you when you were trying to play so foul with my son's life. See Dexter I told you to be careful with this fast tale ass girl.” my  mom said. “you don’t even know me.” Tyla said. “what I do know is your going to leave out of here right now.” my mom said. “you know what I will gladly leave cause I can do better then ya lying son.” Tyla said. I stood there watching Tyla leave and feeling so bad. She was telling the truth, but that was not how I wanted my mom to find out.


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