Part 2: Lamont and Crystina

It had been about 2 months since I called off the wedding and left Lamont at the altar. When I walked out of the church that day I was in a panic and was sure if I was doing the right thing. it took my best friend coming out and comforting me to help me stand by my decision. Now two months later I am happy that I did it.

   it took my parents some time to come around my dad was pissed about the money he had invested in the wedding for it not to happen. But after having a heart to heart conversation and telling them about Lamont real colors they stood behind me and my decision. They even apologize for pressuring me into the marriage with him. My mom explained that the real reason that it was important to them that I married Lamont was that he and I had a baby together and it was important to them that I was more than just another single baby momma. But just like most mothers do after she showered me with love and support, she got on my case as well. She told me that I should have been speaking out about all the things Lamont was doing to me no matter how I thought they would feel about it. it felt good to know my family was standing behind me and supporting me at this time because after a four-year relationship and having a baby; my son and I needed all the love we could get in all honesty.

   The only thing I was hating the most right now was that Caleb was suffering because of my decision. Lamont hadn’t been by to see him, hadn’t called to check on him or anything. He had literally stopped being a father because he was mad at me and that was far from fair to Caleb. I tried as a parent to reach out to him on a parent to parent level so we can co-parent but he left my facebook messages unread, my text messages unanswered and my voicemails unreturned. as a mother that was killing me. Lamont could hurt me all he wanted, but my baby that wasn’t even up for decision.

   as i sat at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of coffee as Caleb ate his breakfast there was a knock at my door. “who is it?” I yelled. There was no response. I thought maybe it was Lamont it would have been nice for Caleb to start his day with seeing his dad because he cried himself to sleep last night asking for him. Not to mention all of Lamont’s stuff was still packed up and in my living room waiting for him to come get them. when I got to the door I asked again “Who is it?” Finally they said “Kelly” I opened the door and turn back to walk to the kitchen. “Whats wrong with you,” Kelly said. “I thought maybe you were Lamont,” I said as Kelly took off her shoes. She came in the kitchen and stopped at Caleb and said “there’s Tete baby.” as she kissed him on the cheek.

   I smiled at there interaction because my baby was such a good kid, he deserved to have people loving on him at all times. Kelly came and joined me at the table after making her a plate of the breakfast I cooked. which I already knew she was going to do because she wouldn’t have been my best friend if she didn’t. “girl I knew the Lord led me over here for a reason. I was sure hungry.” she said. I laughed and said, “yeah he ain’t led you here your stomach did because you know I cook Caleb I full breakfast almost every morning.” Kelly laughed “ Yeah maybe you're right. But my question is why the hell did you think I was Lamont?” she said.

   I looked at her and shook my head. “no reason” As Kelly stuffed her face she said “mhm sure tell me the truth. you know I came over here to check on you.” “Honestly I’m great, I feel refreshed like I got a chance for a fresh start.  But I feel bad for my baby. Do you know that Lamont ass hasn’t been here or even made a admit to see my baby or call him? He hasn’t come to pick up his stuff.” I told her. Kelly put her fork down for a second and said “fuck him. you know what I think the best way to get over this break up fully is put your focus somewhere else.” Kelly said. Kelly was right. I had to stop thinking about what Lamont wasn’t doing for Caleb and focus on me being the best mother I could be.

   “But I just feel bad for Caleb,” I said to her. Kelly looked around confused. “why whats wrong with my nephew.” she asked. “Nothing…” Kelly interrupted “exactly nothing is wrong with him. He is still happy despite who his dumb ass daddy is.” she said. “But I feel.” I started to say. Kelly interrupted again. “That's the issue get your feelings out of it,” she told me. “But what do I do when Caleb is crying for his daddy and Lamont hasn’t made one try to see or call my baby. Honestly, if I would have known my baby would have to endure this I would have just married the fool.” I told Kelly.

“Crystina looks at me and you listen to me good. it is not your fault that Lamont is in his feelings and slacking as a father. You made the best decision for you and Caleb. Your decision should not have stopped Lamont from being a father. If he can’t put his emotions aside and to be a parent he will face the results for that because one day Caleb will know the truth. That you didn’t keep Lamont away from him that Lamont decided to do that on his own. He will have to explain his actions.” Kelly said to me.

She was right “Your right Kelly but I still want my baby to have that father figure in his life. that male role model that he needs. he deserves to have that. I mean look at him. who would want to miss out on moments in his life.” I said.  “Crys just because Caleb father isn’t present right now doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a male figure in his life. He has plenty love and men in his life; two grandfathers, and uncles that would go to hell and back in a new york minute for him. In time a man will come along and love and him unconditionally. and then maybe just maybe Lamont will get himself together too and come along and be a father.” Kelly said.

as loud and ghetto Kelly was at times this was why she was my best friend she knew exactly what to say when I needed to hear it the most. I’m so glad I had her. I looked at her and smiled. “thanks Kelly.” I said “Girl no thanks needed we are best friends i will always be here. I love you and my nephew no matter what you are going through. But I do have some good information for you. I seen Desmond and he asked about you.” she said looking at me smirking

Des was my blast from the past that every woman had that still got her happy on the spot when someone mentioned his name. He was 6’3 and 230 pounds with a very sexy build. he had deep waves, a clean shaped beard and smooth caramel skin with a sexy smile. he had dimples that made his smile even sexier. I asked “when did he get back?” trying not to sound excited. Kelly looked at me and smirked. “yesterday and I’m setting you up on a date with him. so get your good frontal out shave down there… pull out that sexy dress and go get your man.” she said. “kelly i just left my finance at the altar two month ago I can’t go out with another man.” i said to her. “Why can’t you? you wasn’t in love with Lamont anymore. not to mention from your reaction of his name you want to see Desc so just go for it girl. Do something that will make you happy.” Kelly said. “then who will watch Caleb?” i asked in a smart tone. “I will, now go.” she said.

I just looked at her because she was right me and Des never broke up on bad terms, he just moved away following a job. My parents forbid me to go with him because we were unmarried. I loved Desmond and lost him because I wasn’t brave enough to disobey my parents.

the next night I dropped Caleb off to Kelly house to spend the night. I went shopping earlier and bought a strapless red body shaping dress.  I got as sexy as i could and headed to the restaurant Kelly told Des I would meet him at. I arrived before him so I grabbed the table. It was about two or three minutes before i heard a familiar voice from behind me approaching the table. “i see you're still as beautiful as when i left” Desmond said. I hopped out my chair “Des!” i screamed “Hey beautiful” he said as we hugged. we sat down and I looked at this man I once loved.

we talked over dinner. He explained to me how he had moved back because his mom was sick. his dad had already passed some time ago so he didn’t want to leave his mother here alone and sick. I always admired his relationship with his mother. We kept talking and I fished for information he told me how he had tried dating while he was away but had four years of failed relationships . then he asked what was new with me. i told him about  the wedding and Caleb. he was so happy to hear i had a child.

   “We got to take little man out. you know I’m a big kid at heart. he laughed.  I agreed. we kept talking and filling each other in on the things going on in our lives. I was literally smiling from ear to ear. We were so into our conversation that one of the restaurant's employees had to come and tell us that they were trying to close. Des walked me out to my car and we exchanged numbers. he called me that night to make sure I got home safely and then we sat on the phone talking all night. I could not deny I was so happy. it had been such a long time since I felt the butterflies that Des was making me feel.

after about 2 months of dating Des, I finally felt comfortable enough to bring Caleb around. Just like I expected Des and Caleb hit it off. It was so good to see my baby was getting that male bonding time. We started to do more outing as a family once I saw how comfortable and natural Des and Caleb were with each other. It was like I was watching my dreams finally come true.

On one of our outing, we saw Lamont. Desmond had wanted to take Caleb to the local skyzone to jump around. As Desmond and Caleb played I sat off to the side admiring my boys. when Lamont walked up on me with his daughter Andrea. “Crystina who’s that nigga out there with my son?” he said. I turned and faced him, “Well hello,” I said laughing. “Crystina I’m not laughing who is that.” I stood there looking at him. “I’m glad that you are being a father to at least one of your children. How are you, Lamont?” I said. “Shut up and go get my son,” Lamont demanded.

“Your son?” i asked. Desmond must have heard Lamont and seen us talking because he made his way over to me carrying Caleb on his shoulders. “Baby everything okay,” he asked as he approached me and grabbed my hand. I nodded my head looking at Lamont. Lamont turned and looked Desmond up and down “So this supposed to be my replacement. this nigga ain’t me He probably don’t even have as much money as I have.” Lamont said. “you sound stupid.” I said. “baby relax” Des said to me. then he looked at Lamont and said “I’m not the replacement I’m the upgrade. While you out here failing to be a father to your son because you in your feelings I’m here loving them both and it don’t take money to do that.” Desmond said. Lamont said to Des “my nigga I don’t know you and you don’t know me but you need to put my son down and watch what you say.” Des looked him up and down and laughed.

size wise Lamont was smaller and shorter then Desmond. When Des was done sizing up Lamont he stuck out his hand and said. “Let me be a man. Hello my name is Desmond. Crystina boyfriend.” then he smirked as he looked at me. Lamont tooted his nose up at Desmond’s hand. I could see that Lamont just might be stupid enough to try Des in here in front of all these kids so I stepped it. I pushed Desmond’s hand down and said “Baby it's cool not everyone in here is an adult. So I got this. Lamont, you’ve been gone for months and not even a phone call to see how my son was doing  and we all live in the same city. Now you see another man doing the things you should've been doing and now you want to try and be billy badass and demand things. Well I am sorry to inform you but it doesn’t work like that. Caleb likes Desmond and has a bond with him. All of us are happy and you not about to mess that up. i gave you chances to be a father. I didn’t even try and I didn’t force you to. What I am not going to do is stop you from being a father to Caleb because I never want him to hate me for keeping you away from him. But if you can’t get along with Desmond and respect our family then we will have to do with co-parenting with the white man's directions and guidelines.”

Lamont stood there looking stupid. I grabbed Desmond's hand. then he asked me “baby you ready to go?” I looked back at Lamont “is this conversation over?” Lamont said nothing. so I looked at Desmond and said “yes baby I am ready.” he turned away and walked off. Just the three of us with smiles on our faces. when we got to the car I glazed out the window smiling because I was on the road to the happily ever after I wanted for Caleb and me.

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