Part 2: Laila and Christian

As I drove home steaming mad just trying to piece together when did this become my life. Yes, I had moved up and on but it was never my full idea to leave my family behind. Sierra and I use to be best friends. We were all we had. If there was a party we didn’t need no one else but each other to have a good time. But the partying got old and I wanted better. I want more than what my momma had. I wanted more than just a house that I slaved on my hands and knees to get and keep and I wanted a man that was going to do more then lose his job all the time, stay drunk, then beat me and say he loves me and the kids, This was not what I imagine Sierra and my mom were always suppose to be on this journey with me but they refused to be the people I needed them to be to fit the lifestyle I had now.
I pulled into our driveway and stormed into the house. “Christian get ya ass down here,” I yelled as I slammed the door behind me and threw my purse on the couch in the living room. I stood at the bottom of the stairs with my arms crossed waiting for him to come down. After a few minutes Christian came down the stairs wrapped in a towel with water still dripping off his body. “what you doing all this yelling for baby?” he asked. “don’t baby me get down here we got to talk.” I said. “oh Lord what done happen now?” he said.
Christian came down and sat on the couch. “Christian I am going to ask you something and if you love me you will not lie to me.” I said standing in front of him.” “whats up Laila you acting crazy right now.” Christian seeming like he was getting annoyed. “did you fuck my sister?” I asked him boldly. christian rolled his eyes and said nothing. “well did you.” I screamed. “that shit ain't no secret you know I did.” he said back to me. “No, I’m not talking about before we got married. I am talking about did you fuck my sister last night Christian, my sister that was sloppy drunk and you were supposed to be taking home?” I said with an attitude.
christian got up off the couch and went into the kitchen. I followed right behind him. “is your silence a yes to my question?” I asked. christian still said nothing. “hello I am talking to you. I don’t think I ever said this conversation as over. “ I said. Christian went to the fridge and started taking out stuff to make a sandwich. “Christian! show me some damn respect as your wife and answer me when I’m talking to you.” I screamed as I slammed my hands on the counter.
Christian put the knife down that he was using to put mayo on his bread and said: “Laila claim your ass down and play your damn role like you been doing.” I looked at Christian like he was a complete stranger in my house because i had no idea who the hell this was talking to me. “don’t come in here trying to question me. Yes, I fucked your sister last night. I have been fucking your sister since we been married. But that's none of your business. Me fucking your sister is how we met so don’t act like you forgot that.” Christian said. “Christian I am your wife,” I said to him taking a seat at the island in the kitchen because my legs felt like they were about to give out on me after what he had just said. “Christian I am your wife you said you love me have you been lying to me,” I said to him. “No, I told you the truth I love you because of exactly who you are and what you do for me. But I think you got me saying I love you mistaking with being in love with you and that what I’m not,” he said.
“you mean to tell me eight years of marriage Christian eight years and you aren’t in love with me?” I said. “let me remind you of something you seem to have forgotten this marriage was a business arrangement. We both had things we were trying to achieve and together we made them happen. you were built to be the trophy wife and I needed one. if Sierra knew how to act it would have been her but instead I settled for you.” he said. “ye settled. I took you as my wife because you fit the image I need and in return, I gave you everything you want. Money, the house, clients, the store and a perfect marriage.” he said. “a perfect marriage where? your cheating on me with my sister and after eight years your telling me you don’t love me. No I didn’t love you when I first married you I was just trying to reach my dreams but I grew to love you and you mean to tell me you could even do that. Eight years and you haven’t even grown to love me.” I said
“Laila get out your feelings. this information should not be new to you. I told you I don't even want kids so what do you expect. loving you was never apart of the deal. hell really liking you won't even apart of the deal. We are together because in photos and on paper we look good together and we make money together. in other words, its good for business by us being together. Now straighten up you slacking.” Christian said
“Nah see your the one slacking and your dumb ass fell right into my greedy ass little sister’s trap. you probably don’t love me because you're in love with her, but since we acting like fools and popping up with news flashes let me give you one. Sierra doesn’t love you or anyone else she loves your money. she only fucked you last night because she needs leverage to get money out of me. so my dear it not me that need to tighten up it's you because Sierra’s about to tell the world you rapped her if the taxes on my momma house don’t get paid and guess what I’m not paying it.” I said.
Christian looked at me “what are you talking about?” he asked stuttering. “see I just came from my momma house I went there this morning trying to be a good wife because my husband was mad at me and fix the issues with my family. and low and behold I find out that my husband is still fucking my nasty ass little sister. But not only is he fucking her but if I don’t pay the taxes that are past due on my mom’s house then she going to tell the world you rapped her. see I was actually worried. But now after hearing everything you got to say I’m not. because it was you that fucked her. you that people saw leave the party with her last night and your name she said. if shit hit the fan all I have to do I act like the loving life who is so hurt over her husband not being about to be faithful.” I said to him with a straight face. “what are we going to do?” Christian asked me. “we? We aren’t doing anything. You better figure it out because you are looking bad for business right now Partner.” I said with an attitude as I got up and walked out of the kitchen.

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